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C9 Engagement

"I'm not leaving. She's a guest and she sleeps in a hotel!" After saying this sentence with a serious and stubborn expression, Jin got up, picked up the tray on the table, and directly went to the kitchen.

Song Guo was helpless.

Two days later.

11 There were three to five people exchanging business cards in the studio, the studio was a minimalist style. Due to Song Guo's personality, the studio did not have any other employees, and on the opening day, only the captain of the Criminal Police squad, Ru Feng, and a few other people who had been helped by Song Guo were there. Of course, there was also Su Sou …

When Su Sou returned, Song Guo went to pick her up. Although Jin Ming stubbornly didn't want to leave Song Guo's home, when he remembered that Su Sou was her friend whom he hadn't seen for a long time, he still obediently stayed in the hotel.

Su Sou had a carefree personality, which was the complete opposite of Song Guo.

"These people are really boring." Susu stuffed a lollipop into her mouth, her face filled with boredom.

"I already said that you don't have to come. This kind of thing is basically a trap, similar to sharing resources. Since I've been chased out of the research room, I should have an explanation."

After Song Guo left the research room, the people who had asked her for help all felt it was a pity and called her one after the other. However, Song Guo was too lazy to respond and just didn't answer.

She called those people over to tell them that she, Song Guo, was still doing this.

"Fruit, you really are witty." Su Sou pointed her thumb at Song Guo's nose.

"When all the servants have left, I will bring you to eat delicious food." Song Guo smiled.

Only after dealing with a famous manager in the entertainment circle did Ru Feng walk to Song Guo's side.

"It's really a pity that Miss Song left the research lab." Ru Feng was the captain of the Criminal Police squad. He was tall, had a strong build, was well-mannered, and had sharp eyes. He was normally unsmiling, and looked like a completely righteous person.

Song Guo only had a good impression of him in the squad.

"Where? As long as you can do what you like, it would be the same no matter where you go." Song Guo smiled.

"Mhmm, it's good that Miss Song can think like that. It's getting late, so I have to go back to the team. There might be a lot of things I need to trouble Miss Song with in the future."

After exchanging a few pleasantries, most of the people left.

Su Sou always sat on the sofa and ate Cookie. The studio wasn't big, so it was directly facing the sofa on the left side, which was the main entrance.

Seeing Song Guo walk towards the sofa, Su Rou pointed at the door.

"Isn't that your swaggering little sister, Song Shan Shan?"

Song Shan was wearing a famous dress and was holding a bag in her hand.

"Sis, I just heard that you were chased out of the research room today." Song Shansan saw them looking at her and walked straight into the studio.

She took Song Guo's hand and led her to a seat.

Song Guo obediently listened to him.

"I thought it was some Miss Luck who was standing in the wrong place. So it was you, Shan Shan." Su Sou put down the cookie in her hand, clapped her hands, then smiled at Song Shan Shan.

"You! "You actually said that I'm a Miss Luck!" When Song Shan heard this, she became furious and pointed at Su Sou, unable to say anything else.

"How is it?" Su Sou impolitely smiled and said.

"Alright, what brings you here today?" Song Guo didn't want to be entangled with Song Shan. There must be something on her mind today.

"Oh, it's nothing. I'm just getting married. Dad told me to come and inform you." The expression on Song Shan's face suddenly became proud.

After saying that, he even intentionally flashed the ring on his finger.

"Got it." Song Guo's face was expressionless.

"Hongyi, I told him I wasn't in a hurry, but he just didn't want to listen. He insisted on getting married soon. Perhaps he was disappointed with his sister last time." Song Shan continued to add oil to the fire.

Song Guo didn't care too much about it, but Su Sou couldn't bear to listen any longer.

"Really?" "I thought Li Hongyi had a conscience and thought that since he already has AIDS, he shouldn't hurt Guo Guo anymore. I even thought of thanking him later, how …" Su Sou had a troubled expression on her face.

Song Guo didn't expect Su Sou's words to be so venomous, but she thought that Su Sou Sou was doing it to help her, so she didn't say anything.

Song Shan's face turned pale.

"You're lying!"

Su Sou was stunned for a moment before she slowly covered her mouth.

"Shan Shan, you don't know."

Song Guo had always admired Su Sou's acting skills, especially now.

"Guoguo, didn't you tell Shan Shan?" Li Hongyi found out about AIDS, that's why he's never been in the same room with her. " Then, Su Sou looked at Song Shan Shan with an exaggerated look.

"It's okay, it's just an engagement. You two didn't sleep, right?"

Song Shan's face was expressionless, but Song Guo didn't answer.

Song Shan couldn't tell if it was real or fake, but this matter was related to her own life.

She didn't even have time to say anything before she ran away on her high heels.

Su Sou looked at her back with a complacent expression.

"I'll let you do it!"

Song Guo said with a smile, "You have a lot of ideas."

Su Sou's smile became increasingly brilliant.

In the evening, Su Sou and Song Guo returned home to find the door open...

Song Guo and Su Sou looked at each other.

"Am I the one who closed the door this morning?" Song Guo said.

"Yes." "If I remember correctly, it should be …" Su Sou nodded her head, but her eyes unconsciously stared at the gap between the door and the door and frowned.

"I've taken out all my money to rent a studio, there's nothing to steal from my family. "Let's go in …" Song Guo often stayed alone in the morgue, so she naturally had much more courage.

Su Sou, on the other hand, was exceptionally timid.

"Then I'll go in first?" Song Guo asked. Su Su Su nodded and then pulled on Song Guo's sleeves.

"Be careful."

Song Guo nodded and gently pushed the door open.

When she walked into the living room, just as Song Guo was about to turn on the lights, she suddenly felt someone behind her. Before she could turn around, Song Guo was hugged warmly.

The fragrance of the fruit hung on the tip of Song Guo's nose, and her hair was slightly trembling on Song Guo's shoulder.

"Guo Guo." A deep cello like voice rang in her ear, and a warm breath hit Song Guo's cheek.

"Why are you back …" Song Guo relaxed, listening to Jin Ming's heartbeat.

"Isn't today the fourth day?"

Jin Ming held Song Guo even more tightly.

"I heard that there's a thunderstorm today, so I came back."

Song Guo rolled her eyes when she heard this.

Currently, outside the door, Su Sou didn't know what was going on inside because she was a bit worried that she didn't hear Song Guo's voice. She bravely took off the high heels in her hands and carefully entered the room.

"Pa ~ ~ ~"

All of a sudden, the lights in the room were turned on, and Jin Ming held Song Guo in one hand and pressed the switch with the other.

Sookie stood at the door, not knowing what to do.

"I... "She was worried about Guo Guo, so …" Su Sou seemed to want to explain something. Suddenly, he realized that something was wrong!

Then Susu immediately raised her high heels and shouted at the expressionless Jin Ming.

"Who are you, let go of Guo Guo!"

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