Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C10 Both Sides Were Not People
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Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C10 Both Sides Were Not People
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C10 Both Sides Were Not People

"Boss, are you okay? Why did Mr Gu come to you?"

Ye Xi came in as soon as Gu Jinyu left. He saw Qin Yi's expression when he came in.

"It's okay. He just came to ask if I know the man I met a few days ago." Qin Yi smiled bitterly when he said that. He felt like he was mocking himself.

Ye Xi:... "

"I didn't know. I was shocked. When I saw Mr Gu come out, his expression didn't look good. It scared me." Ye Xi felt that he had really broken his heart because of Qin Yi. Qin Yi had gotten the person he loved, but he still couldn't say it. He had to keep it a secret.

He was afraid that the reason why he couldn't say it out loud was because of Shen Wenqing. However, this Shen Wenqing wasn't Gu Jinyu's lover at all. Should he say it out loud?

However, he had promised Shen Wenqing that he wouldn't say it out loud.

Ye Xi felt that he really wasn't a person from both sides. If he didn't say it out loud, he would feel terrible looking at his boss. If he said it out loud, he would feel sorry for Shen Wenqing.

"Pay more attention. I'm afraid this matter won't stop for a short period of time."

"Yeah. Public Relations have gone crazy." Recalling the tragic scene when he went to the public relations department yesterday as well as the crying of the department manager, it was really...

Now he suddenly felt that it was not bad for Gu Jinyu to go out and build a studio by himself.

He did not understand how Qin Yi fell in love with Gu Jinyu.

After Gu Jinyu put on his makeup, he immediately started filming. First, he filmed Gu Jinyu's own scenes, because Gu Jinyu was really strong. It took him almost an entire morning to catch up.

"Jinyu, as expected, you are the one who worries me the most." The director looked at Gu Jinyu with a smile and reached out his hand to pat Gu Jinyu's shoulder. Halfway through, he remembered that Gu Jinyu had a germaphobia of cleanliness and awkwardly pulled his hand back.

"That's right. Director Feng, do you think that my title as the film king came for nothing?" Gu Jinyu's tone was really arrogant and arrogant, but no one could refute him.

Fong Hao was used to Gu Jinyu's personality. He laughed a few times and said, "You haven't changed at all. I might be planning a movie about the same gender after the movie ends. What do you think? Are you and Shen Wenqing interested?"

Gu Jinyu looked at Fong Hao in surprise. "Why do you have such thoughts? "You should know that even if you make the movie, you can't do it here. Why do you waste your manpower and resources to make such a movie?"

Fong Hao rubbed his chin and thought carefully. "Don't you think this theme will be very popular in the future? Also, if you two act, it's fine. I believe that with your influence, the ratings won't be low even if you don't broadcast it in the country. "

"Then you have to think it through. It's not cheap to hire me to act."

"Don't worry, I won't lose your pay for the film."

Xu Lin waited for them to finish their conversation before he handed the coffee to them. "Mr Gu, I saw your show this afternoon. I think we can close it later. There will be an advertisement shooting later."

Hearing that, Gu Jinyu shouted, "Ah! Why do you have so many jobs? Go back and talk to Ms Gu Yue. She took so many jobs because she wants to tire me out."

Xu Lin:..."

Fong Hao:..."

Should they say that Gu Jinyu doesn't know what's good for him, or should they say that Gu Jinyu doesn't know what's good for him?

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