Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C11 I'm Not Used to What Others Do
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Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C11 I'm Not Used to What Others Do
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C11 I'm Not Used to What Others Do

Chiang Yan finished shooting her own scenes and sat in the seat where she could see the scene. Xu Lin stood at the side.

Actually, Xu Lin did not deliberately stand here because this shed was made for Gu Jinyu. Gu Jinyu wouldn't go back to the lounge after filming if he had time. He would just stay here and watch.

Ahem, he didn't know what to say. Gu Jinyu might have been out of the concern of a senior. Whenever he saw an actor who wasn't as good as him, he would go up and teach him a lesson.

Of course, some people probably wanted Gu Jinyu to give them some pointers before they had the chance to do so.

"Assistant Xu, how many years have you been with Mr Gu?"

"Me?" Xu Lin thought about it carefully. "Ever since Mr Gu started his career."

He still remembered that Mr Gu was only eighteen when he debuted. He was twenty-five now. He had been by Gu Jinyu's side since he was nineteen.

Chiang Yan looked at him with admiration. "How can you bear a virgin like Mr Gu?"

"This..." Xu Lin had intended to resign for a period of time, but he found that Gu Jinyu was not as difficult to get along with as he looked.

Xu Lin hesitated again and again, but he still did not tell Chiang Yan why he did not leave. Although Gu Jinyu and Chiang Yan did have a good relationship, Xu Lin knew Gu Jinyu well after spending nine years together.

Gu Jinyu did not like people asking about his personal matters.

"Alright, I know Gu Jinyu's character. However, Gu Jinyu really deserves to be the movie king."

In the movie, Gu Jinyu and the younger generation were having a showdown. Chiang Yan watched from the side and could tell that Gu Jinyu did not use his full strength. At most, he was only 60% of his full strength. Even if he was an opponent like this, he was still under a lot of pressure.

After Gu Jinyu's scenes ended, Xu Lin brought Gu Jinyu to the shooting area of the commercial. Gu Jinyu sat in the car and ridiculed Gu Yue for the eighteenth time.

"Ms Yue is too cruel! Since she treated me like this, why did she look for me with these advertisements?! " You have no place to spend your money, right? "

Xu Lin:... "

Xu Lin thought it would be better to send Gu Jinyu home as soon as possible. If this continued, he would not be able to control himself and complain about Gu Jinyu.

After shooting the commercial, Gu Jinyu went straight home and laid down his corpse. After a long while, his stomach suddenly cried out pitifully, "Shen Wenqing, I'm hungry!"

After shouting, no one answered Gu Jinyu. He got up from the bed and ran downstairs to take a look. "Why aren't you back yet?"

Gu Jinyu looked at his watch again. It was already past nine o'clock and he still hadn't come back. Was Shen Wenqing planning to die suddenly?

Gu Jinyu puffed up his cheeks and murmured in a low voice, "Shen Wenqing, you're the one who comes back first every day. Why are you so busy this time? "I'm starving. I can't eat the food that others make!"

Gu Jinyu looked at the contact list. He stared at Shen Wenqing's name again and again and finally decided to call him. After all, they were still nominally lovers.

In the coffee shop, the ringtone of the phone successfully broke the deadlock between the two. Shen Wenqing looked at the caller ID and helplessly picked up the call.

"What's wrong?"

Gu Jinyu's aggrieved voice entered Shen Wenqing's ears through the phone. "Shen Wenqing, why aren't you back yet? "I'm starving to death!"

Shen Wenqing's eyes twitched as he looked at the person opposite him. He didn't know if he had heard him.

"You can't order takeout yourself!" Shen Wenqing spoke almost at the top of his voice.

"You know I can't eat food cooked by others. Ah Qing, Wenqing, come back quickly! Aren't you afraid of sudden death when you work like this?"

Shen Wenqing:..."

"Wait for me for thirty minutes. I still have things to do."

Dudu Dudu -

Shen Wenqing smiled and said to Qin Yi, "Boss, let's get down to business."

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