Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C12 They're Not Real Lovers
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Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C12 They're Not Real Lovers
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C12 They're Not Real Lovers

"What business do you have with me?" Qin Yi did not know what they were talking about, but he did.

Shen Wenqing coughed awkwardly, then looked at Qin Yi seriously. "Boss, I won't beat around the bush. The person Jinyu mentioned is you, right?"

Qin Yi was stunned. He frowned. "What? "Did you see that Gu Jinyu didn't see it? Or are you here to settle the score with me today?"

Qin Yi didn't know that Shen Wenqing and Gu Jinyu were pretending to be lovers. He felt that it was normal for them to act like this. After all, he was in the wrong.

Shen Wenqing rubbed his forehead. Actually, I came here today to tell you something. I know you like Gu Jinyu." Shen Wenqing paused and looked up at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi's expression changed slightly. In fact, he knew what he was thinking.

Qin Yi moved his lips and was about to say something when Shen Wenqing stretched out his hand and made a stop gesture. "Don't talk yet. Listen to me."

Shen Wenqing had made up his mind to look for Qin Yi today. After all, everyone was Qin Yi's. He should let Qin Yi know the truth of the matter, even though he didn't know what Gu Jinyu was thinking.

"Actually, Gu Jinyu and I are roommates in the university. We are good friends. Our friendship can be said to be family. Gu Jinyu knew that his sexual orientation was different from others when he was in university, so he left the cabinet right after he graduated from university.

" As for me, I was just helping him. We are not real lovers. We have never done anything you did that day.

I'm just telling you that Gu Jinyu has kept his heart in his heart. If you really want to be with him, you should be prepared for something different. "

Qin Yi listened quietly to Shen Wenqing and said, "You don't like him?"

Shen Wenqing:... "

President, is your brain different from normal people?

Shen Wenqing rubbed his temples again. "That's right. I don't like Gu Jinyu. Gu Jinyu and I are not really lovers. We will talk about it in a few days.

" As for you, boss, since you like Gu Jinyu, don't pretend to be unfamiliar with him. "

Shen Wenqing felt that he had done his best and had told Qin Yi so much.

"Why did you tell me all this?"

"Nothing," Shen Wenqing said. " Since you took responsibility for Gu Jinyu, Gu Jinyu has an obsession with cleanliness, not only in others, but also himself.

I don't think he will do anything with anyone after this. "Actually, I think the reason why he went through so much trouble to find someone is because if the other party is okay, he should be able to get along with him if he is able to satisfy his appetite." Shen Wenqing knew Gu Jinyu very well. Other than his family, Shen Wenqing was the one who had been by Gu Jinyu's side for the longest time.

"Of course. The next day, he might beat that man up and let him go. Then, he would die alone."

"I just think the first possibility is more likely, but you should be careful. " After all, you are always cold to Gu Jinyu. I don't think he has a good impression of you. " So you better not talk about it until you get it. "

Shen Wenqing talked so much back and forth that he was thirsty. He drank all the coffee on the table. "I can tell you what I can. He said everything he could not. Now I'm going back."

After saying that, Shen Wenqing went back to his car. If he didn't go back, Gu Jinyu would start a chain attack.

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