Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C15 How Can You be so Cruel
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Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C15 How Can You be so Cruel
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C15 How Can You be so Cruel

This year's really not going well. What's all this about?

Why did it happen to him? I was just passing by. Why was I kidnapped like that? Who was that person!

If you don't f * cking come out, how can I be sure if I'm going to accept or beat you up?

Am I not good-looking? I actually won't show my face!

Gu Jinyu drank his wine one after another like he didn't want to die. He thought he was drunk and took out his phone to call Xu Lin. When he saw the word "Qin Yi," Gu Jinyu was stunned for a while.

Tsk! This Qin Yi is the only one in the whole company who doesn't give me a good face all day long. The rest of the people are uncomfortable and don't dare to show it on their faces. This Qin Yi is so cold all day and still dares to talk to me like that!

No matter what, I am also a movie king! How much money did I make for them?

No, I'm going to take advantage of the alcohol to ridicule this boss today.

Thinking about this, Gu Jinyu clicked on the screen without hesitation and called Qin Yi.

Qin Yi was still in the meeting room. He stared at his phone for a few seconds and answered the call without hesitation.

"What is it?"

Gu Jinyu became even angrier when he heard the tone. He wanted to see what the tone was. It was so cold and didn't care about me at all.

"Boss, I drank too much. I'm in the Dy Bar now. Come and pick me up." Qin Yi could hear Gu Jinyu's tone through the screen because he drank too much. He was afraid that Gu Jinyu might not be able to stand steadily now. It was fortunate that this guy knew that he had drunk too much.

Qin Yi:... "

Isn't this the same place where the incident happened a few days ago?

This bar has a very high position in the capital. Celebrities can do whatever they want here, but paparazzi won't come here. Things about this place won't be reported even if they see it.

This was also why Paparazzi didn't tell them where Gu Jinyu was kidnapped when they filmed Gu Jinyu being kidnapped.

Qin Yi frowned. "What's wrong with you?"

Gu Jinyu felt wronged when he heard Qin Yi's impatient voice. "Boss, I'm your best money-making machine. How can you be so cruel? "I'm not doing anything to you. You're just sending me home. I'm drunk now. If you let me go alone, I'm not sure what I will do."

Qin Yi was speechless. Moreover, this person was not someone else but his lover. How could he refute it?

Qin Yi helplessly clicked his tongue and hung up the phone. He said to Ye Xi to cancel the meeting and then drove away.

Whether Gu Jinyu had drunk too much or not, it didn't matter if he had drunk too much or not. It was too dangerous to stay there.

His people were not people others could touch!

Qin Yi drove at a high speed all the way to the bar, but he did not see Gu Jinyu. He was not only worried.

Tsk, where is he?

Qin Yi ran straight to the bartender. "Where is Gu Jinyu?" He believed that no one other than his subordinates didn't know Gu Jinyu.

"Boss, Mr Gu is in the darkest place in the east." He couldn't be blamed for this because Qin Yi's expression was too scary.

Qin Yi didn't say anything and just pointed in the direction he pointed. When he was about to reach the end, he saw Gu Jinyu sitting there drinking one cup after another. He frowned.

Qin Yi sighed. Fortunately, the people here knew the rules and didn't dare to touch him. Otherwise, Gu Jinyu would have already been sent to an unknown place.

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