Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C17 Spending an Entire Night in Someone Else's House
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Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C17 Spending an Entire Night in Someone Else's House
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C17 Spending an Entire Night in Someone Else's House

After closing the door, Qin Yi leaned against the wall and took a few deep breaths to wash up in the master bedroom on the first floor. He needed to take a cold bath or else he would be exposed later.

Gu Jinyu took a bath in a daze. When he came out, his robe was tied very loosely. Gu Jinyu immediately laid on the bed.


This bed was so comfortable. And I don't dislike it. Where is this? Not my home?

Gu Jinyu had fallen asleep not long after lying on the bed. By the time Qin Yi had adjusted his mind, he was already sleeping soundly.

Qin Yi was afraid that he would catch a cold, so he took the blanket out of the cabinet and covered Gu Jinyu with it.

Qin Yi sat next to Gu Jinyu and looked at him. He unconsciously touched Gu Jinyu's cheek. His skin was very white and tender. He did not look like a man in his twenties at all.

"Gu Jinyu, do you know why I like you but dare not say it out loud?

Gu Jinyu naturally would not answer him.

" Do you still remember the first day you came to the company? " Speaking up to this point, Qin Yi couldn't help but laugh. Then he looked at Gu Jinyu in fear. Gu Jinyu didn't show any signs of being disturbed. Qin Yi then continued, "At that time, he was arrogant. He brought his own manager and his own assistant. Even the makeup artist was his. My first impression of you was not good at all. But later on, I fell in love with you. "

Qin Yi smiled helplessly and went to sleep in the guest room next to Gu Jinyu.

He was afraid that Gu Jinyu would wake up tomorrow and cause a ruckus again.

Qin Yi and Shen Wenqing were both sleeping well. Shen Wenqing in Gu Jinyu's house was so worried that his eyebrows were burning.

Gu Jinyu never stayed outside. Usually, he had no choice but to stay in a hotel when he was filming. It was also because he had prepared the bedsheets and blankets. He hadn't come back for almost an entire night. Could it be that he had been kidnapped again?

That shouldn't be the case. After all, there was no news!

Forget it, forget it. No matter what, Gu Jinyu was a smart guy. If it wasn't for someone ambushing Gu Jinyu from behind, he wouldn't have been kidnapped.

Shen Wenqing said that he wasn't worried and went back to his room to sleep. He thought that he would know the whole story when Gu Jinyu saw his phone call the next day.

The next morning, a ray of sunlight shone on Gu Jinyu's face. Gu Jinyu's long eyelashes trembled. Gu Jinyu frowned and then opened his eyes in a daze. What he saw was the creamy gray curtains. The design of his black bed sheets and black quilt room was good, but it wasn't my room.

I don't think there is such a room in my house.

Thinking of this, Gu Jinyu jumped off the bed and checked his body. What did I do yesterday?

Gu Jinyu was a typical person who had a clear memory before drinking. After he woke up the next day, he decisively broke off the film.

"This, so... where is this place? I can't be kidnapped again, can I?" Gu Jinyu wanted to get his phone, but it was not on him.

Gu Jinyu was speechless.

He was at the DY bar yesterday. Even if he had been kidnapped, he would not have done so. Someone reported...

"Don't think about it, you weren't kidnapped."

Qin Yi's voice suddenly came and shocked Gu Jinyu. "You, you, why are you here?"

"Nonsense. I am not here."

"Your home... your home..."

I actually spent an entire night in someone else's home!

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