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C18 How Considerate

At this moment, Gu Jinyu finally understood what it meant to be shocked. He felt that his face must be very ugly at this moment.

What surprised Gu Jinyu wasn't that he would be in Qin Yi's house, but that he didn't feel disgusted from the beginning until the end. His obsession with cleanliness was engraved in his bones. It was a conditioned reflex - but it was not his own thing or something used by others. Even if he did not have consciousness, his body would still feel disgusted.

When he woke up, his mind and body were only clearer.

However, he had actually slept on Qin Yi's bed all night just like that!

At this moment, Gu Jinyu really did not know what to say. The air was so quiet that Gu Jinyu felt his heartbeat was unusually clear.

After a while, Gu Jinyu adjusted his attitude and looked at Qin Yi. "Boss, no matter what I did yesterday, I will apologize to you here. I believe that the boss didn't do anything to me yesterday. Thank you for taking me in, so I will go to work first."

Qin Yi nodded. He didn't organize Gu Jinyu to leave. Seeing that Gu Jinyu was going to leave in his pajamas, Qin Yi quickly asked, "Mr Gu, do you think that the hot search that you took over isn't enough?"

He found his clothes were folded back, but he couldn't find them.

It seemed like I had to call Shen Wenqing and ask him to bring my clothes over.

Gu Jinyu's obsession with cleanliness had developed to the point where it made one's hair stand on end. He absolutely wouldn't wear Qin Yi's clothes.

"Ahem, I think that since you brought me back, Boss, you should not object to other people entering your house, right?" Gu Jinyu asked, but he had already gone to look for his phone.

Qin Yi did not stop Gu Jinyu. He had liked Gu Jinyu for a long time and knew him well.

Gu Jinyu searched the bed for a long time but still could not find his phone. He thought that he must have gone to the bathroom to take a bath yesterday and should be there.

So, Gu Jinyu had no choice but to walk to the bathroom in embarrassment. He finally found his phone, but the phone he found with great difficulty was turned off.

... ""

F * ck, is God trying to kill me? I, Gu Jinyu, have never been so embarrassed in front of anyone in my life!

Qin Yi looked at Gu Jinyu with interest and then took out a suit from the closet. The suit seemed to be the brand that he had just bought. Mr Gu knew you were a germaphobe, but now that you have slept in my bed, you should be able to accept the clothes. Besides, This is new. " Qin Yi handed the suit to Gu Jinyu.

Gu Jinyu swallowed his saliva and stared at the suit in front of him. He really did not know how to wear it! Since high school, he had not worn other people's clothes. His own clothes were custom-made by grafted designers.

After hesitating for a long time, Gu Jinyu made a choice. Should he tell Shen Wenqing in front of Qin Yi, or should he put on Qin Yi's clothes and leave dejectedly?

This... Shen Wenqing and I are still lovers in name after all. Would it not be good for Shen Wenqing if we were seen by others?

After all, this kind of thing was indeed good enough for people to talk about. He was brought back by Qin Yi yesterday, so he wasn't worried about being secretly filmed by others. But if Shen Wenqing came here, he might be filmed by others.

Sigh, it seemed like he should get rid of Shen Wenqing as soon as possible. After all, Shen Wenqing was his best friend. He couldn't let Shen Wenqing get involved because of him.

Thinking of this, Gu Jinyu finally took Qin Yi's clothes. After that, Qin Yi didn't need Gu Jinyu to say anything and went out.

Gu Jinyu thought to himself, Their CEO is really considerate.

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