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C19 The First Time

Gu Jinyu put on his clothes and went out to see Qin Yi again. When he saw Qin Yi again, he still didn't understand why he had come here yesterday.

Shouldn't he call Shen Wenqing when he was drunk? Why did he come here?

"Since you're dressed, I'll send you back."

"Okay, thank you, Director Qin." Gu Jinyu did not even look at Qin Yi when he said "thank you.

Ah! Was this really fate? Why do I always make a fool of myself in front of this person? And it just so happens that this person doesn't treat me well.

Gu Jinyu felt that today was really a day of "first time." It was the first time he wore someone else's clothes, the first time he thanked others, the first time he took someone else's car, and the first time he was so embarrassed in front of others.

Qin Yi also took this opportunity to find out where Gu Jinyu's house was. When Shen Wenqing came out of the house and saw Gu Jinyu getting out of Qin Yi's car, his face was almost distorted.

Don't tell me the two of them are going to do it again. Cough, cough...

I don't think so. Otherwise, Gu Jinyu wouldn't have such an expression. How could he let Qin Yi send him back?

However, Gu Jinyu did say that if that person was interested in him, he might be with that person. Qin Yi's face should be fine.

Also, Gu Jinyu's clothes...

Gu Jinyu knew what this guy was thinking when he saw Shen Wenqing's expression. However, Gu Jinyu didn't have the time to care about Shen Wenqing. His main goal right now was to send Qin Yi away.

"Ahem, since Director Qin is back, you should go back to work. Thank you for what happened today."

"Shen Wenqing," Shen Wenqing said.

When did Gu Jinyu become so polite to others? What did Qin Yi do?

Fortunately, Qin Yi did not intend to stay here. He looked at Shen Wenqing and then at Gu Jinyu, frowning slightly.

Shen Wenqing had always lived with Gu Jinyu?

Qin Yi nodded at Gu Jinyu and then drove off.

After confirming that the person had left, Gu Jinyu scratched his head in frustration. "Shen Wenqing, you would never know what happened to me yesterday! This is definitely the most awkward morning of my life!"

Shen Wenqing asked, "You and... the boss?"

Gu Jinyu patted his head. "Let's not talk about it first. Wait for me to change my clothes."

I actually wore other people's clothes for an hour!

Alright, I also wore the costume, but it was different at that time.

At that time, it was not "Gu Jinyu." It was Gu Jinyu who played the role, not himself.

Gu Jinyu went back to his room, took a shower and changed into his clothes. He then told Shen Wenqing in detail, "Generally speaking, I was drunk. I didn't call you to call Qin Yi and ask him to pick me up. After I woke up, I was in his room. After that, I experienced something that I could never have experienced in my life. "

"You shouldn't have called Qin Yi even if you were drunk."

Gu Jinyu patted his head. "I also want to know why I called him. I must have had a screw in my head. I swear I won't drink anymore. Last time, I gave my most important time to a stranger for no reason. This time, it's so embarrassing!"

The more Gu Jinyu spoke, the more excited he became.

It was really alcohol that hurt people! He would never drink in the future!

Shen Wenqing thought to himself, "How can you refuse my clothes if you don't refuse my body? How can your body resist?

Shen Wenqing could only say it in his heart. Although he really wanted to tell Gu Jinyu that the person who kidnapped him was Qin Yi, no one knew who the person who kidnapped him was. It was better not to talk about it until he found out who it was.

Tsk, why didn't he ask if the person who kidnapped Gu Jinyu was Qin Yi last time?

Gu Jinyu didn't know what Shen Wenqing was thinking. He looked at the time. "Alright. I should go to work now. You should have a notice too, right?"

Shen Wenqing nodded. Gu Jinyu would go to work as long as he had something on his mind.

He was going to have a good rest today anyway.

"Wait. I'll go check on your class today."

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