Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C2 If I Can't Find You My Surname Won't be Gu
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Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C2 If I Can't Find You My Surname Won't be Gu
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C2 If I Can't Find You My Surname Won't be Gu

When Ye Xi arrived, he saw Gu Jinyu sitting on the bed, staring at the ground with a face full of despair. He was mumbling something.

"Damn, I am a great movie emperor, but I slept with someone else because I drank too much?"

"I don't even know who that person is. Just f * cking clean up and leave?! Do you think that I will give up like this?!"

Although Gu Jinyu did not remember what had happened yesterday, his body and the marks on his body clearly told him what had happened yesterday.

Of course, there was also the messy ground and the ambiguous smell in the air.

Ye Xi automatically turned invisible until Gu Jinyu found Ye Xi.

"Secretary Ye? Why are you here?"

"Well, I, um..." Ye Xi did not know how to tell Gu Jinyu why he was here. He could not tell him why he was here. So I came here to deal with it?

Ye Xi did not know what to say. Gu Jinyu had already thought of an excuse for him. "Secretary Ye," Ye Xi said. Was I kidnapped and scared yesterday? Now I'm on the headlines?! "So you came to find me?"

"Ye Xi," Ye Xi said.

Why didn't he think of this? With Gu Jinyu's reputation, he was perfectly fine yesterday. Someone was secretly taking pictures now!

The famous movie king had been kidnapped late at night. Gu Jinyu's fans were definitely worried about Gu Jinyu's safety!

"That's right. It's like this! Mr Gu, can you tell me what happened yesterday?" Ye Xi looked at Gu Jinyu with confusion in his eyes.

Gu Jinyu did not think too much about it. He looked at the watch on the bed and smirked. "Secretary Ye, please inform my manager that I will hold a press conference tomorrow."

Gu Jinyu also wanted to do it now. He immediately called for a press conference. However, his body... hurt!

Son of a b * tch! Just you wait, I will find you even if I scour the entire Hua City!

Ye Xi thought Gu Jinyu was trying to explain that he had been kidnapped, so he agreed happily.

Ye Xi looked at Gu Jinyu's neck and hesitated, but he still said it. "Well... Mr Gu, if you go out later, you better wrap it tighter..." Ye Xi touched his neck as he spoke.

He thought to himself, "Boss! "Can't we keep a low profile? If you go up, then you go up. Can't we not leave any traces behind? Are you worried that others won't be able to see through you leaving a mark in such an obvious place, or are you worried that others won't be able to see through you?

Gu Jinyu's face darkened when he heard that. "I got it. You go and make the arrangements first."

Gu Jinyu felt better if Ye Xi didn't mention it. Gu Jinyu felt even worse when he talked about it.

Yes, that's right! I am gay, but it doesn't mean I don't want to pick.

Yesterday, I actually did it with a stranger. I, how do I accept this?!


Gu Jinyu shouted. He felt ashamed when he thought about the voice he had heard under that man yesterday. He wanted to disappear from the world.

The most important thing was that he didn't know who that man was. His vague memory should not be ugly. Why didn't he wait for me to wake up?

Gu Jinyu was a person with an emotional cleanliness. He wouldn't do anything out of line with anyone of the same gender or the opposite sex, nor would he do anything intimate.

This was also something that Gu Jinyu could not understand. He did not think of leaving yesterday, but did that kind of thing.

The more Gu Jinyu thought about it, the more he wanted to go back to shooting himself yesterday.

F * ck! If I don't find you, my surname won't be Gu!

Damn it, I didn't tell you to take responsibility. At least let me know who I gave my first time to, okay? Is it really okay to just leave like this?

However, fortunately, I left some things behind.

Gu Jinyu played with the watch he picked up from the table earlier. "It looks like the brand is not cheap. It looks like this guy is a big shot in some company. But... why do I feel that this watch looks a little familiar?"

Even if Gu Jinyu was beaten to death, Gu Jinyu would not have thought that the person who had a chat with him yesterday would be his own CEO! Therefore, Gu Jinyu did not even think about his own CEO.

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