Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C20 Who Goes up and Who Goes Down?
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Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C20 Who Goes up and Who Goes Down?
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C20 Who Goes up and Who Goes Down?

Gu Jinyu couldn't be bothered to ask about Shen Wenqing's matter. He believed that he wouldn't be able to see Ms Yue for the next few days.

Although Gu Jinyu had a powerful pink silk platform, it was not like he did not need to control public opinion. It might even lower the goodwill of passers-by.

Although this possibility was very small, seven out of ten people on the street liked Gu Jinyu.

Gu Jinyu was already late when he arrived at the set. However, no one dared to say anything about Gu Jinyu's value. Gu Jinyu apologized to Fong Hao and went to prepare.

Xu Lin also rushed over after receiving the news.

"Director Feng, where is Mr Gu?"

"He went to prepare. He came late today and still has a lot of scenes to shoot." Fong Hao did not mind. He had a good relationship with Gu Jinyu and they had worked together many times. Therefore, Fong Hao had a certain understanding of Gu Jinyu.

"I haven't seen Gu Yue for the past few days. Are you crazy?"

Xu Lin coughed uncomfortably when he heard Fong Hao ask this question. "Ms Gu Yue has been at the company almost every day these few days. She should be quite busy."

Xu Lin felt that he should remove the "should." Gu Yue must be very busy. Maybe she hasn't slept for a day or two. When the matter is over, Gu Yue might kill the movie king.

After Gu Jinyu changed his clothes, he hurried to shoot. He had wasted a lot of work in such a short time.

"Group acting is in place. The first seventeen episodes will be a double shot."


These few scenes were all Gu Jinyu's own scenes. Chiang Yan and the others had already finished shooting their own scenes in this episode and were watching from the side.

Lee Yuchen stared at Gu Jinyu's acting expression and was slightly lost in thought.

Gu Jinyu looked different when he was filming. He was not as distant from others as he usually was. He was on guard.

"Lee Yuchen!"

"Huh? Lee Yuchen suddenly reacted. At this moment, the assistant director was getting impatient. He called Lee Yuchen a few times and ignored him.

"I'm sorry, assistant director. I was a little..." He was entranced.

Before Lee Yuchen could say the last two words, he was interrupted by Gu Jinyu. "It must be because my acting skills are so good that the younger generation is fascinated by it. Don't mind the assistant director."

The assistant director heard what Gu Jinyu said and didn't say anything else. Although Lee Yuchen didn't have much status, Gu Jinyu was different.

Gu Jinyu wasn't actually a person who was willing to help others. This time, he really felt that Lee Yuchen didn't hear the assistant director's voice because he was watching his own performance.

Damn it. That's why I can't blame him. I can only blame my ability as a senior.

Lee Yuchen didn't know what Gu Jinyu was thinking. He thought that Gu Jinyu was helping him get out of the predicament. His eyes lit up again when he looked at Gu Jinyu.

"Alright, get ready. It will be your match with Mr Gu soon." The assistant director sounded better.

Gu Jinyu nodded at Lee Yuchen. He walked a few steps and suddenly turned around. "Remember what I said. You need to act this role well on the spot."

Hearing this, Lee Yuchen nodded in a daze.

Lee Yuchen could feel that his admiration for Gu Jinyu was slowly turning into another kind of emotion.

Shen Wenqing said that he would come to visit, so he came directly. When Shen Wenqing came, Gu Jinyu was still filming. Logically speaking, people could not come in unless they were filming crew members. However, everyone in the circle knew that Shen Wenqing was Gu Jinyu's boyfriend, so they did not stop him.

They could not care less if his boyfriend came to visit.

Ahem, alright, they did not dare to.

In fact, it had always been a matter of concern between Gu Jinyu and Shen Wenqing. They had already discussed this issue when Gu Jinyu announced that he was with Shen Wenqing.

Until now, it was still a mystery.

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