Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C3 Is It Considered as Having Been Cuckolded?
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Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C3 Is It Considered as Having Been Cuckolded?
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C3 Is It Considered as Having Been Cuckolded?

When Gu Jinyu returned home, he saw his "boyfriend" sitting on the sofa waiting for him with a teasing expression.

Seeing Gu Jinyu return to the apartment, the man gloated and asked, "King of Cinema Gu, where did you get kidnapped yesterday? "Do you know that my fans and I are worried to death?"

Gu Jinyu rolled his eyes when he heard the man's words. The man's name was Shen Wenqing, Gu Jinyu's best friend and his fake boyfriend.

Back then, Gu Jinyu had asked his good friend Shen Wenqing to help him in order to get out of the closet and escape from his family's control. That was why everyone knew that Gu Da Ying Emperor was gay and was a couple with Shen Wenqing.

However, Gu Jinyu would never believe that Shen Wenqing would worry about him.

Gu Jinyu really wanted to kick Shen Wenqing, but he had just stretched out his leg when he felt the pain on his waist. Gu Jinyu sucked in a breath of cold air and cursed in his heart, Damn, how long has it been since that bastard touched a man? He was already lacking in skill, yet he still has so much energy?

Gu Jinyu did not think that it was because of him at all.

Gu Jinyu tried his best to calm the anger in his heart. He sat on Shen Wenqing's left side and said. Alright. What did you come to find me for? "I don't believe that you're really here to comfort me!"

Gu Jinyu covered his neck with all his might, but he still could not escape Shen Wenqing's eyes. Shen Wenqing looked at him in disbelief. "Gu Jinyu," he said. What happened to your neck? Don't tell me you were kidnapped yesterday and then... "Shen Wenqing did something that could easily be misunderstood. That was what he meant.

Hearing that, Gu Jinyu's expression became even worse." Damn it. If I find out who he is, I will never forgive him! "

Shen Wenqing stared at Gu Jinyu in disbelief. His tone sounded like he had witnessed a miracle. "In my lifetime, I can actually hear you scolding young master Gu. I have no regrets in this life!"

Shen Wenqing was just ridiculing. In fact, he was more concerned about who had made Gu Jinyu stronger.

Gu Jinyu was an emotional cleanliness freak. Otherwise, he wouldn't have never been in a relationship before. No, there was one time. If it wasn't for that time, he probably wouldn't have. But this time, he was given...

Wait a minute, Gu Jinyu and I are now officially lovers. Am I being cuckolded?!

"Gu Jinyu, you must know that we are still lovers in name! Don't you think you are cuckolding me now?" Shen Wenqing did not sound too excited. Instead, he was gloating.

Back then, he had been forced to act as a couple with Gu Jinyu. God knew how they had spent that time.

Not everyone recognized same-sex. Furthermore, Shen Wenqing had just entered the entertainment industry not long ago, and he had almost been hidden by the snow because of this incident. However, Gu Jinyu told himself leisurely that he was fine.

He was indeed fine after the incident. His career had also gone up, but he was forever defined as a person. - gay.

Gu Jinyu didn't mind, of course. He was a gay to begin with. However, he had to agree to it when he had something on him.

"I don't know who it is, but he left almost nothing behind! He only left this watch behind. I don't even know who it is. " I think he should be the manager of a certain company or some other position. " Gu Jinyu handed the only evidence to Shen Wenqing.

He only told Shen Wenqing the truth because he believed Shen Wenqing. Otherwise, he would not have asked Shen Wenqing to help him.

Shen Wenqing carefully looked at the watch in his hand. "Why does it look familiar?"

Gu Jinyu immediately asked excitedly, "Does it look familiar? Have you seen it before? If you have, it will be easy. I will definitely be able to find it!"

Shen Wenqing said impatiently, "Don't shout. Let me take a closer look."

Shen Wenqing was shocked when he saw the Y & Y symbol on the back of his watch. He stared at Gu Jinyu in a daze.

This... this...

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