Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C4 It's Not Something They Can Afford to Mess with
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Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C4 It's Not Something They Can Afford to Mess with
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C4 It's Not Something They Can Afford to Mess with

Shen Wenqing looked at the watch with a serious expression. A smile appeared on Gu Jinyu's face. He had a feeling that Shen Wenqing knew the owner of the watch.

"Shen Wenqing, do you know the owner of the watch with this expression? Who is it? I must make him suffer a fate worse than death!" Gu Jinyu slammed his palm on the table in anger. His palm hurt and his body hurt.

Gu Jinyu felt as if his bones were broken.

Shen Wenqing put his watch on the table. He didn't look into Gu Jinyu's eyes. "No. I just feel familiar if I don't know him."

Gu Jinyu, it's not that I don't care about brotherhood, but this man is Qin Yi!

In the whole company, anyone who has been friends with Qin Yi knows that he likes you. You are the only one who doesn't think so!

Gu Jinyu did not observe Shen Wenqing's expression when he slammed the table. Instead, he looked at the slight red mark on his wrist. It was just that it was not very serious.

Shen Wenqing frowned. "Did they tie you up with chains?" How was this possible? Qin Yi liked Gu Jinyu a lot. Although Shen Wenqing wasn't sure, he still knew that Qin Yi wouldn't hurt Gu Jinyu.

"What else? "I think he used a tie," Shen Wenqing said. "I don't know why. " Forget it. Are you going to the press conference with me tomorrow? " Gu Jinyu raised his eyebrows and looked at Shen Wenqing expectantly.

"You want to hold a press conference? Don't tell me you want to ask this man in the news?"

"As expected, you know me better. That's right! That's what I'm going to do! " Gu Jinyu really did not hesitate at all.

Shen Wenqing did not say anything. He knew that Gu Jinyu would not listen to him no matter what he said. However, if the world knew that he was going to live a life of being cuckolded, wouldn't he?

"Alright. Tomorrow I will propose to break up. " By then, you can also hype it up and believe that there will be a lot of passers-by changing fans. Of course, you can also suggest breaking up with my fans. They probably won't say anything about you. After all, it's my fault. " Gu Jinyu was still worried about Shen Wenqing in the end. After all, Shen Wenqing was his only good friend.

He and Shen Wenqing were roommates in university, and their families were friends. This was the reason why Gu Jinyu's parents agreed to their request so quickly.

Gu Jinyu entered the entertainment circle as soon as he entered university, which was why he was much earlier than Shen Wenqing. When he announced it, Shen Wenqing was almost hidden in the snow.

Shen Wenqing felt that he could take advantage of this situation to get rid of the fact that he was gay.

Thinking of Shen Wenqing telling Gu Jinyu his thoughts, Gu Jinyu did not have the time to worry about these things. He waved his hand casually. "As long as you are happy." Anyway, he had already left the house. No matter what happened, the family wouldn't kidnap him back.

Shen Wenqing really did sleep in Gu Jinyu's house. Actually, it was nothing. If it wasn't for the fact that Gu Jinyu was not only an emotional cleanliness freak, he was also an emotional cleanliness freak. And a serious Virgo germaphobia. The two of them would have slept on the same bed a long time ago.

Gu Jinyu naturally could not sleep. Right now, he was thinking about how to tell the media how to make that man take the initiative to turn himself in. Logically speaking, it was against the law for this guy to do such a thing to me! Gu Jinyu once again forgot that he was the one who seduced him first.

So, it was better not to say too much. Just saying that he had been taken advantage of should be enough for him to experience the feeling of a mouse crossing the street.

Gu Jinyu held the watch in his hand and gritted his teeth. Gu Jinyu could not sleep here, and so was Qin Yi.

"Boss, that's what Mr Gu said. He might want to explain the kidnapping." Ye Xi looked at Qin Yi and didn't know what to say. The president seemed very happy, but he was still a little conflicted. In short, Ye Xi didn't understand what the president was trying to do.

"Just do what he wants. Try to comfort him when the time comes. Of course, the key is not to let him know that I did what I did yesterday."

Ye Xi nodded. Even if Qin Yi did not tell him, he knew that he could not let Gu Jinyu know what happened yesterday. Otherwise, Gu Jinyu might do something in the company.

"Boss, I think that man did it on purpose. He kidnapped Mr Gu and sent him to your room."

Qin Yi clicked his tongue impatiently. "Don't worry about him. Just don't let Gu Jinyu get hurt."

Gu Jinyu only slept for a few hours. After a day, his body finally felt better. At least, he wouldn't feel any pain when he moved.

Gu Jinyu and Shen Wenqing arrived at the venue of the press conference at nine o'clock. When they saw that Gu Jinyu was a fan, they immediately asked the media questions. The flashlights made Shen Wenqing unable to open his eyes.

"Mr Gu, what exactly did you experience when you were kidnapped yesterday? Did the criminals do anything to you? Were you injured?"

"Mr Gu, did you hold a press conference today to appease your fans or to explain something?"

"Mr. Shen, where were you when Mr Gu was kidnapped yesterday? " What would you do as Mr Gu's lover? "

Looking at the reporter in front of him, "What can I do?" Shen Wenqing asked. I can't go to the company and challenge the boss!

Gu Jinyu put on a professional smile and said to everyone, "Please take a seat. I will explain to you later."

The reporters also had a certain understanding of Gu Jinyu. They all took their seats obediently. No one knew Gu Jinyu's family background or his background. This showed that Gu Jinyu's background was not simple.

At least, he was not someone they could afford to offend.

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