Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C5 Reporter Press Conference
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Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C5 Reporter Press Conference
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C5 Reporter Press Conference

After the reporters and fans were done with their work, Gu Jinyu finally got to where he was supposed to be writing. Shen Wenqing was right next to him while Ye Xi stood not far away and watched. As for where his manager was, Gu Jinyu deliberately did not let his manager come.

Gu Jinyu's manager was not the manager of Emperor Yi Entertainment, but the one who came with Gu Jinyu. This was also Gu Jinyu's condition. No one knew why Gu Jinyu wanted to sign a contract with Emperor Yi even though he could set up his own studio.

Gu Jinyu felt that if his manager was here, today's matter would not end normally.

"Everyone, I called a press conference today to talk about my kidnapping." Gu Jinyu's voice had just faded when he asked one question after another.

The reporters were about to ask something when they were interrupted by Gu Jinyu.

"I know you guys want to ask questions. I will tell you what happened here and I will have to trouble you guys to help me find that scumbag!"

Ye Xi suddenly had a bad feeling when he heard this. He looked at Shen Wenqing on the stage and went up without thinking about anything else. "Ahem. Everyone, please stop for a moment. I have some matters to discuss with Mr. Shen."

After that, Ye Xi dragged Shen Wenqing down to confirm that the reporters were nervous because they didn't care about the filming. Mr Gu wasn't trying to explain this time, was he? "Him?"

Shen Wenqing shrugged. "I'm afraid Secretary Ye also knew about what happened the day before yesterday. That's right. Gu Jinyu planned to tell the media and the netizens that he wanted them to look for our boss together."

"!" Ye Xi did not dare to have such thoughts. If Gu Jinyu told them, Ye Xi would not be worried about Qin Yi, but he was afraid that the company's public relations would not be able to sleep at night.

While the two of them were chatting, Gu Jinyu had already started to have his own ambitions.

"Everyone, I think you are all very curious about what happened. I know that the media has been afraid that I would be kidnapped. After the kidnapping, I would be left with no idea where. That person of mine actually wanted to do something to me. I think not only can I not tolerate my fans, but also my fans.

Thus, today's press conference was to let the netizens know that they can help me find that person while I'm at it.

Also! You, I know that you will definitely be able to see the news. Don't wait for me to drag you out and admit that I might forgive you! Just you wait! I, Gu Jinyu, will not rest until I find you! "

Gu Jinyu directly connected the person who kidnapped him with the person from yesterday.

The top floor of Emperor Art Entertainment. Qin Yi looked at Gu Jinyu's angry look on the screen and rubbed his forehead as he spoke.

He could not let Gu Jinyu know that this person was him. Otherwise, Gu Jinyu would rather lose money than stay here.

The scene and the internet exploded when they heard Gu Jinyu's heroic words. Which reporters were asking questions like crazy? Even if Gu Jinyu only answered a few sentences, It was good.

"Mr Gu, do you have any specific description?"

This sentence provoked Gu Jinyu. "I know what he looks like," Mr Gu said.

"That's it. You can write whatever you want. If you can find him, I can promise you one thing. Interviews are not a problem." After saying that, Gu Jinyu walked down to Shen Wenqing and looked at Ye Xi.

Secretary Ye, shouldn't you go back to the company to report to the president? "Shen Wenqing asked.

Ye Xi thought, "Report? "Report what?" Ye Xi asked.

Although Ye Xi thought so, he still had a look of realization on his face. "Ah, what Mr Gu said is right. I should go back to the company now."

Shen Wenqing looked at Ye Xi like this. He felt sympathy for one second and for a few seconds for the president.

Qin Yi probably did not know what to do now. He looked at Gu Jinyu's indifferent expression again.

"Mr. Shen, Mr. Shen, as Mr Gu's lover, how do you feel about Mr Gu being kidnapped this time?"

"Mr. Shen, please tell me." The reporters surrounded Shen Wenqing as if they did not want to live. Gu Jinyu and the others did not dare to offend Shen Wenqing. Everyone knew Shen Wenqing's background very well.

Shen Wenqing clicked his tongue impatiently. He had planned to tell the media about him and Gu Jinyu later, but now he was getting more and more impatient.

He shouldn't have listened to Gu Jinyu. He shouldn't have entered the entertainment industry! He should not have been Gu Jinyu's fake boyfriend. Now he was really...

However, if he hadn't entered the entertainment industry, he wouldn't have met that person. He just realized that even if the whole of D Nation knew that I was Gu Jinyu's boyfriend, she probably thought so too.

Gu Jinyu could also see that Shen Wenqing was already on the verge of losing his temper. He hurriedly stopped the reporters. "All of you should go back. Wenqing and I still have matters to attend to. You guys can stay here and delay our matters."

Reporters:... "

In this circle, only Gu Jinyu would dare to talk to them like this. What people didn't understand was that they just couldn't report! Moreover, they couldn't afford to offend this man!

Although Gu Jinyu had been kept in the cold for a period of time, his thousands of fans had not shaken Gu Jinyu's position. Now, everyone did not care about his sexual orientation at all.

Although Shen Wenqing was quite angry, he really didn't know whether he should be happy or angry when he saw Gu Jinyu's words.

"I will make a statement later. All you need to do is to report what happened today."

Although the reporters didn't like Shen Wenqing, they were still afraid that Shen Wenqing had given them a way out.

Ye Xi was right. Today's incident had taken over ten trending topics in less than an hour.

The man in black kidnapped Mr Gu.

The man in black dared to kidnap Mr Gu. Mr Gu was suspected to have been taken advantage of.

# Mr Gu calls for help from the netizens, he seems to be a man of great power #

There were a few hot topics about Gu Jinyu and Shen Wenqing, but Shen Wenqing would rather not have these headlines.

Emperor Art Company was going crazy. The public relations department was watching what their film emperor had done.

"F * ck! Did Mr Gu not use his brain before he spoke? How is he going to end up like this?"

"What can we do? We work day and night. No matter how much trouble they cause, they are still people with fans watching over them."

The public relations department was in a terrible state. Ever since Gu Jinyu became more and more popular, they had been on edge every day.

When Gu Jinyu returned home, he was lying on the sofa in despair. He did not expect the press conference to be settled so easily, and his manager had not come out yet.

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