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C6 Is It so Unfair?

"Gu Jinyu! What did you do!

Maybe it was because of Gu Jinyu that his manager appeared.

Gu Yue was so angry that she could not slap him. No matter what, this bastard was the person Gu's placed the most importance on.

Shen Wenqing could feel how angry Gu Yue was right now. Shen Wenqing was very tactful and did not say anything, preparing to act as an invisible person.

However, reality did not allow him to be an invisible person.

"And you, Shen Wenqing, Gu Jinyu, you don't have brains either? I always thought you were someone who cared about the big picture. I didn't expect you to mess around with Gu Jinyu!" Gu Yue was really mad now. How could a celebrity take the initiative to say that she had been taken advantage of after kidnapping?

Other people definitely knew that it was not as simple as just taking advantage of her.

Shen Wenqing felt that he was really wronged. As a member of Gu's, how could he not know what kind of character Gu Jinyu had?

Shen Wenqing and Gu Jinyu were pretending to be lovers. Only a few people knew about it. Of course, the Gu's was not one of them. If the Gu's knew about them, they would not know where they were.

"Ms Yue, don't you care about me now? I was kidnapped and defiled!"

Gu Yue was only focused on reprimanding Gu Jinyu. Now she remembered what Gu Jinyu might have experienced.

Gu Yue rubbed her temples. At this moment, there was a light scar on Gu Jinyu's neck.

"I know you can't accept that kind of thing, but can't you discuss it with me before making a decision? " What do you think the world will think if you publicize it to the public like this? Can you accept the insults and insults on the Internet?"

Gu Jinyu shrugged his shoulders indifferently. He opened his Weibo and looked at the comments that he had just posted. He asked, "Are you sure the world will insult me?"

Shen Wenqing looked at Gu Yue with sympathy after reading a few of the comments.

There was nothing in the comments except that they did not insult Gu Jinyu. There might be some comments, but they were also brushed off by other comments.

Ah! Ah! My family's fish had actually been caught. Little fish, are you alright?

- - What kind of scumbag is this, scumbag! To actually ignore us, the owners of the pond, eating our fish, who is it!? Who is it!

- - We must find that person, tear him into pieces, and tear him into pieces!

Gu Yue:... "

What should she say?

Was the entertainment industry so unfair? Why did Gu Jinyu appear so popular instead of being suppressed?

Where did those black fans go? Where were the flamers?

Gu Yue really did not understand Gu Jinyu's fans more and more. As Gu Jinyu's manager, she could not understand the current situation.

The overwhelming comments did not say that Gu Jinyu was wrong. They were all criticizing that unknown person. In fact, this kind of thing was very common in the entertainment circle. It was just that when others were exposed, they would say that the celebrity did it on purpose. In short, only those true fans would stand on the celebrity's side. But no matter how many fans Gu Jinyu had, it was impossible for all of them to be true fans, right? Why didn't anyone scold him?

Shen Wenqing saw the awkward scene and was embarrassed. He spoke out to ease the atmosphere. "Ahem, Ms Yue said Gu Jinyu should continue shooting. It doesn't affect him at all."

Gu Yue helplessly sat on the sofa and looked at Gu Jinyu again and again. He was surprised that Gu Jinyu's appearance was a bit heaven-defying. Why did such a thing happen? Why did everyone still accept Gu Jinyu?

"What did the company say?"

Shen Wenqing heard what Gu Jinyu said and thought, "What do you mean? He did not know what to say.

"They? I haven't gone back yet. I don't know what they say. I plan to look for the president tomorrow. Maybe he knows the person from yesterday. After all, the bar from yesterday belonged to the Qin family." Gu Jinyu was still holding a watch. This time, he carefully looked inside and outside and finally found the two letters, "Y & Y? Is it a person's name?"

Gu Yue sighed. Ever since she came out with Gu Jinyu for a few years, he felt that he was almost dozens of years old.

"It's good to see Qin Yi. What you did today is to give someone an explanation. As for the rest, leave it to me. Before that, I will not let the Qin family clean up your mess."

"Wuwuwu, Ms Yue, you are indeed the best to me." Gu Jinyu put on an act of gratitude. However, he had used this trick many times. Gu Yue would not fall for it.

"Don't. Don't say it like that. I'm afraid it will shorten my life." Gu Yue said it mercilessly. She was not moved by Gu Jinyu's words at all.

Gu Jinyu was speechless.

Forget it, forget it. Ms Yue was by his side anyway. He had known his temper for so many years.

"Wenqing, I'll have to trouble you to take care of Gu Jinyu today."

"Haha, what trouble? I am Gu Jinyu's lover. I should take care of him. It was his duty. Shen Wenqing himself felt guilty. He truly felt that Gu Jinyu had let him jump down on purpose, and now he had no choice but to play along.

Gu Yue did not suspect anything. She nodded and left.

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