Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C9 I Can't Let Shen Wenqing Get Dragged into This
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Boss's Movie King Makes Trouble Again/C9 I Can't Let Shen Wenqing Get Dragged into This
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C9 I Can't Let Shen Wenqing Get Dragged into This

The reason Gu Jinyu wanted to be an actress wasn't because he was on a whim. He really felt that this job was very good. Although he only had one life, acting could experience many kinds of people's lives.

His script this time was a modern drama. In the beginning, it was about the female lead liking the male lead, but the male lead was a playboy who disdained other people's likes. Moreover, the female lead looked good. He spent a few months together with the female lead out of teasing her. Later on, he could not understand what he was thinking. He directly insulted the female lead and then broke up.

The female lead was heartbroken and directly went abroad to study. After returning to China, she accidentally entered the company of the male lead. Hence, the story started to develop again.

The script was good, and the cast was also very powerful. The director was also a well-known director. The director had worked with Gu Jinyu many times.

Now that they had filmed the latter half of the film, Gu Jinyu was directly brought to the dressing room when he arrived at the set. He was already late today. In addition, Gu Jinyu had already missed out on a lot of progress after applying for leave yesterday.

Fortunately, Gu Jinyu was not a person who relied on his face. He was also a person who relied on his strength, and almost all of them passed by.

"Yo, Mr Gu, I didn't expect you to come again today."

Gu Jinyu looked at the person who spoke. "Chiang Yan, don't you feel uncomfortable if you don't hurt me for a day?"

The person who spoke was the female lead of the movie, Chiang Yan. She was also this year's film queen.

The film queen would select a new actress every year, but Gu Jinyu was the king of every movie.

Chiang Yan sits in the chair opposite of Gu Jinyu and waves her hand, "No way. We have such a good relationship. I just want to know the exact reason."

Indeed, it was not Chiang Yan's first time working together with Gu Jinyu. They had even worked together in a movie. Speaking of which, among the actresses, Gu Jinyu and Chiang Yan had a better relationship.

It was because Gu Jinyu was a germaphobe. Moreover, he had such a high social status that ordinary people wouldn't dare to have a relationship with him.

"If I knew the details, would I need to hold a press conference? Don't mention this to me, I'll be angry if you mention it!"

"Fine, I won't tell you about this. However, did Shen Wenqing not say anything? You two are lovers. Doesn't that mean he has a hat on his head?" Chiang Yan was not tactful at all, but her expression changed when she spoke.

Gu Jinyu clicked his tongue impatiently. This matter had indeed implicated Shen Wenqing. He was afraid that this was what the people of the world said now. It seems like I should hurry up and make a statement. I can't let Shen Wenqing get dragged into it.

Gu Jinyu did drag Shen Wenqing into the water at first, but at that time, he only wanted to tell his family about his sexual orientation. Now, Shen Wenqing was probably being mocked by the world because of his actions.

Gu Jinyu's social status and social status would not be written randomly, but Shen Wenqing's background was so easy to investigate. Naturally, others would not be afraid of him.

"Let's talk about this later. Let's focus on filming now."

The two of them chatted for a long time. Chiang Yan looked at the makeup artist who was putting on makeup for Gu Jinyu, and her face was full of doubt.

Xu Lin watched from the side. He saw Chiang Yan's puzzled expression. Mr Gu would not explain these small things.

"Shadow Queen Jiang, this makeup artist is one of the film emperors' people. How could Mr Gu let someone he doesn't know touch him with his personality?"

Gu Jinyu glared at Xu Lin. "Assistant Xu, are you not going to ask for a bonus this month?"

"I see. I told you this makeup artist was too calm, and you didn't resist. But I didn't see him a while ago. "

The makeup artist smiled. "Our young master's skin didn't need to be put on makeup for some time. He could directly take photos of me in the late stages."

Gu Jinyu was naturally isolated during the whole process.

Gu Jinyu:... "

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