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C2 Chapter 1 -- SOLD

Written by Evelyn Mba


°°No... No, please don't do this. Olive cried as she was being dragged to the car.

Am so tired of you, Olive.

Just go and leave me alone. Her step mother yelled.


Get going now... Men take her away. And don't ever let her in again. She yelled again, going back to the mansion.

••Ahh... She groaned in anguish, her hand on her head.

She recalls everything clearly.

How she was thrown out of her father's mansion.

How she became a slave in her father's house..In her own house.

Yeah, that was life... To live like an ant.

F**k you, Dad. I hate you so much. She yelled, banging the table.

This was all his fault. He left nothing for her.

He willed everything to her step mother, leaving her with nothing.

Oly.. Get ready, it's time. Rhonda said and patted her back.

Today you'll be sold out.

Be strong babe. She whispered and walked out.

Olive looked at her reflection in the mirror.

This was it.. her demise is now.

How many hours left? She asked Rhonda, who sat on the bed.

Two hours... Just two hours.

Can you handle it?

Today, it isn't the little boys who come in and take two or three.

It's the main dealers, ones who pay a huge money to buy you.

And when they do... You're theirs for life. Rhonda explained, her voice straining In pain.

She has come to like this roommate of hers.

She seem pure and beautiful too.

I'll really miss you. She broke down, sobbing.

I'll really miss you Oly. Rhonda cried, hugging Olive tight.

I'll miss you too, Rhonda. Thank you for everything.

You'll always be in my heart. Olive cried.

Stop crying or else you'll ruin your make up. Rhonda said smiling.

Stop it already. If your make up gets ruin, our boss will have you whipped. So stop it. She sobbed, cleaning her face.

When you get there, do not look up.

They should never see your beauty. I heard Bruce MaxGold would be there too.

Don't look up. Rhonda said and she nodded.

Staring at the clock again, she gasp.

Thirty minutes remaining. She said, looking at Rhonda.

You can do this...I know you can. Rhonda said, smiling at her.

I can do this.. she kept repeating in her heart.

It's time, let's go. Rhonda said with a crumbled look.

It's time Olive...


Ladies and Gentlemen. Let the bidding begin.

This is Veronica Dashton. The auctioneer yelled.

She walked in bold and happy.

She was going to be picked.

Let the bidding begin; it goes One hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Someone yelled.

Three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Another yelled.

Three hundred and fifty thousand dollars going.....

Veronica Dashton sold to Mr Williams. The auctioneer yelled applauding.

Now to our Prettiest... loveliest Queen. She was just brought in last week.

I call out Olive Dexter. The auctioneer yelled.

She walked out, her legs quavering. She looked around, different eyes stripping her naked.

She finally walked to the front, her head down.

We can all see it... Her beauty is extraordinary.

She's a dream come true.

A Princess with grease figure.

Let the bidding begin.. she goes for One Million dollars. He yelled.

Two Million dollars... Someone yelled.

Two Million dollars going...

Three Million dollars... Another yelled.

Three Million dollars going...

Five Million dollars. Another yelled

Five Million dollars going...

Ten Million dollars. A voice said from behind, causing her to look up by force.

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