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C3 Chapter

Written by Evelyn Mba



She looked up, her eyes filled with awe.

Ten million? Someone went as far as that to buy her?

Ten million? No.. it wasn't Ten million, maybe she didn't hear it well.

Ten Million going.. The auctioneer yelled.

Olive Dexter sold to Boss Bruce MaxGold. The auctioneer yelled.

Huh? Bruce MaxGold? She shuddered.

Wasn't he the same person, Rhonda talked about.

The Demon... The monster...

It's him. She took a step back, her knees went numb.

She wanted to run away..away from here.

But then her eyes met another's.

He was seated in the dark, surrounded by guards.

Her subconscious told her.. he knew she was going to run.

She heaved a deep breath, dropping her head down.

This was really her day.. her day of anihalation.

Walk. She heard from behind.

She gyrated, staring at the macho Man ahead of her.

Huh? She queried.

I said " walk or you can't walk. He bawled, his eyes phlegmatic.

W..why? She stuttered, taking another step backward.

He scoffed and grabbed her hand.

Don't make this hard for you.. just follow me. He said and she nodded.

He walked out of the stage through the corner of the stage.

Different eyes stared at her, lust filled eyes.

He dragged her out of the house to a BMW in front of the building.

Go into that car, forget about this place. He said and walked back into the building.

She stood dead, staring at the cars in front of her.

For a person like him.... He must be very rich.

Seeing as he bought her for that price and this cars rolled up.

He must be filthy rich. She thought.

Get in. A guard yelped and she flinched.

She increased her pace and got into the car.

Her eyes searched around, looking for her buyer.

He must be here. Right? She thought.

The car started and left the old building.

She looked behind, staring at her forced home.

At least, she had food to eat here. She hissed.

Mkpan... The horn came again, jolting her out of her thoughts.

She looked around, the cars had already pulled over.

Wow.. she gasp, staring at the huge building in front of her.

What the hell? She blurted out.

The mansion was huge, the pool seems to glow every minute.

Even her father's wealth can't be compared to this.

Seriously? Come one, walk you Sl*t. The guard yelled.

Am not a Sl*t. She wanted yelling, but refrained herself.

Who knows what they might do to her.

She kept mute and walked towards them.

Hmm... But where is he? The guy who bought her?

Master is in his room, go get the convoy. Sean said, coming outside.

Yes sir. They guards answered and left.

Olive looked at the man who just walked out of the mansion.

And who are you? He asked, staring at her.

Am Olive. She said, her head down.

She wouldn't dare raise her head.

Rhonda's word still rang in her ears " Don't look up".

If someone talks to you... You have to look the person In the eye and answer. He stated calmly.

Am sorry Sir but..

Look up. He said, using his hand to raise her face up.

Wow, I must say. You're quite a beauty. He smiled.

She kept her head down again, waiting for a command.

Don't just stand there, go in and Caitlin will show you to your room. He said and she nodded, going in.

Wow, the inside is more amazing. She whispered, staring at the cavernous building.

Hey dear. She felt a tap on her shoulder.

She turned to see a beautiful blonde staring at her with smiles.

Am sure you're Olive .

Olive am Caitlin. She extended her hand for a shake.

Olive. She shook her hands.

So, let's get you to your room. She said and they both headed upstairs.

She walked to a room and opened the door.

All yours, if you need anything at all.. call me. Caitlin said and Olive nodded.

Thank you.

But one thing.

Take a bath and clean yourself.

Master wants you in his room..

T. B. C

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