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Smith Bridget P.O.V

“Are you planning to kill me before my time?” he asked as he turned around. “Just get dressed quickly. I won’t look anymore cause I am afraid you won’t walk out of this room with your legs intact,” he continued.

I smiled and looked for a similar big top to the one I just removed. “I’m through,” I told him and he turned back at me. He already put on shorts. He isn’t wearing a shirt. Seems like he enjoys being in the nude.

We walked out and were immediately welcomed with a strong aroma of beef. My nose perked up immediately. I hope you guys already figured it by now that I love anything that has to do with beef.

I rushed downstairs and William had to slow me down, “Woah! Woah! Calm down, will ya? You can just trip.” I didn’t even listen to him as I rushed into the kitchen and almost bumped into Daniella who was carrying a huge bowl of beef stew.

She gasped and said, “Luna, I love you but Stephanie will surely kill you if anything happened to this beef stew.” I chuckled and offered to help in carrying the rest of the dish to the dining room.

Once everything was set, we sat down. I am sitting beside William. Stephanie beside Todd, Daniella beside Liam and Kelvin… Well, Kelvin is sitting at the head of the table. He looks funny sitting down there like our father…

I quickly grabbed a plate before anyone else and stretched it forward to receive my meal. Everyone looked at me amused by how eager I am.

Todd suddenly asked the weirdest question I have ever heard, “Is Bridget also pregnant?” There was silence for a while before everyone burst into laughter.

Stephanie looked at him and said, “I don’t know why my mate is so dumb.” This statement increased the volume of their laughter.

I just shrugged not saying a thing. I’m just interested in getting my beef… Nothing else. Todd continued, “She is acting like Stephanie so I have every right to be suspicious.”

Stephanie glared at him. Perhaps she remembers his statement of her eating like a hippo. I suddenly burst into laughter when I remembered the funny scene from last night.

“See, I am correct. She is definitely acting like Stephanie,” Todd said. He turned to William with a dazed look and asked, “William, how did you knock her up without claiming her? I feel like I should have done the same with Stephanie. Perhaps my life would have been much easier now.”

This earned him a hard slap on his back from Stephanie and we all laughed. Daniella looked at Stephanie and asked, “Seriously, what are you still doing with this man?”

“I don’t know. I must have made a huge mistake for the moon goddess to punish me like this,” Stephanie replied curtly.

I was about to laugh again but then I saw the beef stew staring at me. At this rate, I’m afraid that we may never get to eat lunch.

So I said, “Let’s just eat already! It’s getting cold.” Daniella smiled and gave me my food. I dug into it immediately. Liam remarked as he watched me, “Seems like Luna is a foodie. A cute foodie.”

This earned him a jealous growl from William. It doesn’t matter as long as I can enjoy this sweet beefy stew.

Alpha Jackson P.O.V

“What do you mean you fool!!!?,” I shouted at the stupid rogue in front of me. I sent this idiot to inspect that pack carefully and cautiously. That he should find more information about William and Bridget.

But what did he do? The fool went there and got caught then came back home all beaten up. Worst of all, he doesn’t have any useful information. Why the heck did I waste my time, energy and money on recruiting him then?

“Alpha… I didn’t know they had hidden guards,” the fool said and I grew so angry that I punched his swollen face. He deserves more than a swollen face. This fool just alerted William of my plan and I am sure that cousin of mine will tighten the security around his mate.

I have to find a way to get Bridget back. She was meant to be mine, not his…. She is supposed to be my little rag doll. I can use her to vent my anger any time she is needed. And those crimson eyes of hers are a beauty to behold.

Those beautiful eyes only appear when I hurt her and I love staring at them but what did William do to her that the time I got her trapped with me in the elevator the eyes didn’t appear?

What did William do to my pretty rag doll? I swear I will get her from him sooner or later. I have been paying money to that useless alpha who calls himself her father since she was five but what did he do in return?

He immediately gave out my most prized possession to someone for a little share of land. Once I get Bridget again, I will make sure to make him, his Luna and William pay for taking her away from me.

I glared at the rogue in front of me and said, “Since you have failed to complete the simple task I gave to you, I have no use for you anymore.” Saying that I brought out my knife and stabbed him to death.

He gasped and sputtered out a mouthful of blood before his eyes closed. I frowned and immediately called someone to come clean up my room. His blood stinks.

It doesn’t smell as fresh and tasty as Bridget’s. Oh my, Bridget! I’ll get to you soon once again.

Beta Gaby’s P.O.V

“Alpha, what’s going on? You said he will surely return Bridget within a few days so why isn’t she here yet?,” I asked the old man in front of me.

I wish I can just kill him. He took my Bridget away from me and gave her to that pup that claims to be his mate.





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