Bound by Her Bump/C2 Chapter 2
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Bound by Her Bump/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Annie said her goodbye to Ella. She watched as Ella’s car left her driveway and then she went back inside.

Before Ella left, they talked more about how busier and crazier their life was going to be in the future months, with the baby in the picture. To be honest, Annie was a little scared about the whole thing but she was even more scared about the fact that She may not get pregnant on the first trial of the procedure and if that happens, she would have to keep trying until it worked.

Annie switched off the TV, closed the windows, turned off the lights in the living room before heading to her bedroom. She took a shower, did her nighttime skincare routine and changed into something comfy.

She tied her now dried hair into a messy bun, reached for her laptop, a pen and a notepad, then she got comfortable on her bed to do some work.

The month was coming to an end which means Annie will have to pay her workers so she was trying to go through all invoices and also cross-check everything her accountant sent to her email.

She did that very quickly after which she started looking online for a bigger shop to rent. She was thinking of relocating her beauty parlour to a bigger place with more space. She got tired when she didn’t find the shop that interests her so she eventually shut down her laptop.

Annie got comfortable under the duvet, reached for her phone and replied all pending messages.

She got tired after a while, said a short prayer and slept off.


“So what did Doctor Myers say concerning the test you took? When will the results be ready?” Evelyn, Eric’s mother asked Eric.

“I haven’t heard from him mom but I should get the result latest by Wednesday,” Eric replied, connecting his glass of white wine to his lips.

Eric Ivan-James was the first child and only son of Evelyn and Austin Ivan-James. He was 30 years old and handsome as hell. He currently heads his Father’s company alongside the chain of five-star hotels and investments he owns. Eric was one hell of a hard worker and what makes him unique was that he was very kind and he treated everyone with respect; A trait he got from his parents.

Because of his busy schedule during weekdays, he made sure he spent Sundays with his parents, had lunch and dinner with them and updated them with the latest developments concerning the company.

Right now, Eric was seated with his parents in one of the living rooms downstairs.

“I’m tired of hearing the same thing all the time so I don’t think collecting the result will be necessary anymore,” Eric added.

“No dear. You should follow up with the result. Everything will be fine.” Evelyn said with pleading eyes which earned a sigh from Eric, knowing he’ll have to find time during the week to go collect the result.

To be honest, Eric Ivan-James was tired of it all. The depression started when he found out he had a low sperm count. Since then, he has been in and out of the hospital once every three months for some tests to keep up with his progress and also for treatment recommended by Doctor Myers.

Seeing that there wasn't any progress, Eric concluded he was not destined to conceive and that he would adopt a child when the time was right. But his mom found a way to make him go for his last check-up where his urine, sperm and blood samples were collected.

“Alright mom, I will go for the result this week.” Eric heeded to his mother’s plea which made her smile.

Before they could go further into their conversation, they were interrupted by Laura. Eric’s youngest sister, the baby of the house.

“I thought you would have gone.” She said, taking a seat beside Eric. Laura had taken an excuse to go complete her homework as soon as they finished dinner. The soon to be fourteen years old had taken a shower and was already in her pyjamas.

“Not yet, but I’ll soon be on my way,” Eric replied.

“My birthday is fast approaching Eric,” Laura announced to her brother with a puppy dog face. Eric nodded, encouraging her to say what was on her mind. “I want to throw a party.”

“We’ve talked about this, Laura. You threw one last year, I think you should keep it cool this year.” Evelyn, Eric and Laura’s mother said, making Laura groan.

“Honey, please let her have one this year. You know she will keep disturbing us if we don’t allow her.” Austin, Eric and Laura’s Father pleaded which earned a playful glare from Evelyn.

Laura was always getting what she wanted. She had her Dad and brother wrapped around her little fingers which made it so hard for them to say NO to her demands.

“I don’t support her having a party,” Evelyn replied firmly.

“Mom said no party, cupcake. How about you spend your day with me? Your birthday falls on a Saturday, we can go out and do anything you want, just the two of us.”

“That's fine with me. Thanks Eric; I love you!” Laura said with a huge smile before wrapping her arms around Eric, giving him the best hug ever. She was sure her elder brother was going to spoil her. That was why she loved him so much.

Eric chuckled “You’re welcome.”

“I have to go now. It’s getting late already.” Eric announced, rising to his feet.

“Goodnight Son, we’ll keep in touch.” Austin hugged his son.

“I’ll be expecting you next week,” Evelyn said as she hugged him too.

After the hugs, Evelyn, Laura and Austin escorted Eric to his car.

“Drive safe, my love,” Evelyn said one last time before Eric got into the driver’s seat and drove away.

The whole family was protective of Eric, most especially Evelyn because he was her only Son.

Laura was the first person to walk back into the mansion, followed by her parents, Evelyn and Austin who walked in, hand in hand. Even after thirty-two years of marriage, their bond was still as strong as the day they first met each other.

Ivan-James's mansion was a very big one with an amazing view in front and a garden at the back. The Mansion was a two-storey Mansion with seven bedrooms, three living rooms, a gym, kitchen, study rooms, a library, theatre and the two dining rooms.

Eric lives in his apartment which was a forty minutes drive away from his Parents mansion but Laura who was still in high school lived in the mansion with her parents.

The drive to Eric’s apartment was very quiet. He couldn’t help but wonder how lonely his life was. Nothing would make him happier than having a family of his own. A wife who will love him more than anything in the world and a child or children to call his own.

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