Bound by Her Bump/C3 Chapter 3
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Bound by Her Bump/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Annie woke up a few minutes past seven to meet up with her appointment which was set for 9:15 am. She would rather get there early than late.

She said her morning prayer, arranged her bed and then did a little cleaning after which she had breakfast. She hardly had any appetite because of how nervous she was but she had to eat something according to the Doctor’s instruction.

Annie tried her best to eat as much as she could, cleaned the dishes after which she went to take a shower and prepare for the day.


“That will be all dear. Remember to avoid stress, worry less, follow your meal plan and take your medications. It’s normal if it doesn’t work at first, you can always try again.” Doctor Myers said calmly to Annie who was seated on the hospital bed in a pale blue gown.

She nodded.

The insemination was done a while ago and Annie couldn’t explain how she felt. Her heart was beating twice faster all through. She tried to stay calm but it was just so impossible.

“When will I be able to know the outcome?, If I’m pregnant or not.” She asked nervously.

“You can check in two weeks. I’ll give you two tests before you leave.”

Forty-seven-years-old Doctor Myers went out of the room to give Annie some privacy to change back into her clothes. She did that very quickly after which she left for Doctor Myers office. He gave her a flyer which contained the necessary things she needed to know about and also the pregnancy sticks. She thanked him and left the hospital.

As soon as Annie pulled up in the driveway of her beauty parlour, a call came in. It was her best friend, Ella.

“Hey, How did it go?” Ella asked over the phone, slightly worried.

“It went well but it will take about two weeks to know if the procedure was a success.”

“It will be fine,” Ella assured.

"Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself." Annie sighed. "I’m so nervous. I pray it's successful” She said, placing her right hand on her belly.

“I’m sure it will and your child will be so lucky to have you. No doubt you will be an amazing mom, Ann.”

Annie smiled sadly. "You always know what to say to comfort me."

"I'm being very hopeful since this is what you truly want and as for being an amazing mom, I have no doubt about that. You're amazing with Claire and Jayden. I think this baby will be more than lucky to have you."

Annie smiled. "Thanks."

“So should I come over this evening, mama bear?” Ella asked.

Annie chuckled at the sudden nickname “I don’t mind.”

“Okay then, we will see in the evening. Don’t bother preparing anything. I’ll bring some Chinese food along. You’re allowed to eat Chinese right?” She asked hopefully.

“Yes, I’m allowed for tonight. How's your Boss?” Annie teased.

“He's a pain in the ass. You should see my office this morning. You would mistake it for a flower shop.”

“Aren’t you lucky he bought you flowers?”

“A bouquet of red roses would have been enough. He didn't need to go overboard.”

“You won’t forgive him, will you?” Ann chuckled over the phone.

“Well maybe. I just want to stay away from him but I don’t think it’s possible because he’s my Boss.”

“He likes you Ella and I think you’re being too hard on him. Pity the poor guy, please.”

Ella sighed “I will think about it.”

“Alright dear, I have to get to work. My customers are waiting.”

“Okay boo. I’ll see you later.” Ella ended the call.

Annie reached for her handbag from the backseat and helped herself out of the car. Entering her beauty parlour, She was not surprised by the number of customers that were already there. She replied to the greetings of her Staff and also greeted some of her customers. Some were there to do their nails, some came for spa treatment and the others were there to make their hair. Annie entered her office, placed her bag on a table and got to work. She started attending to her customers knowing it was going to be a long day.


“There’s a problem Doctor Myers.” Nurse Silvia panicked as she stepped into Doctor Myers's office.

“What is it?” He asked her

Nurse Silvia said nervously “Nurse Belinda handed you the wrong semen for the insemination.” The middle-aged nurse was seriously panicking as she knew they were all in trouble.

“What???” Doctor Myers rose to his feet. Every sperm was labelled before and after they were tested and treated. He couldn't wrap his head around what went wrong.

“How did you let that happen?” He asked, irritated. No doubt they were careless.

“There was a mix up with the tag.“Nurse Silvia swallowed painfully.

"Then whose sperm did I use for the procedure earlier?"

“The one you used belongs to the Billionaire, Eric Ivan-James.”

Doctor Myers plopped down on his office chair in defeat. He took off his reading glasses, tossed it on the table, then massaged his forehead with his fingers, trying to send away the headache that was building up there.

He knew Eric had a low sperm count and if it was truly his sperm he used for Annie, there was a very high probability that the whole process was a waste.

“You nurses should have been more careful. What in the hell do you expect me to tell both patients? Do you even have an idea of the type of trouble we are in? We could be sued!!!" Dr Myers said in anger.

“I’m so sorry, sir. It was truly an honest mistake. There's something else you should know too.” The nurse said.

“Which is?” Dr Myers asked, clearly pissed about the whole situation. He wondered what could be worse than what she just told him.

“I think Mr Eric is cured. The last time he came in for the test, we collected samples of his blood, urine and semen. The blood and the urine test showed that his sperm count has increased. Just for us to do the final confirmation with his semen sample, we discovered there had been a mix-up and you’ve used it for the procedure instead.”

“Go get me the result.” Doctor Myers demanded. Nurse Silvia obeyed and was back in no time. “This is it, Sir.” She handed him the result.

He collected the papers from her, put on his glasses and went through it. Indeed Nurse Silvia was saying the truth. Eric’s condition has improved. His treatment over the years finally paid off.

“Don't get too excited because we are all going down for your mistakes. I would start praying if I were you all. You're free to go.” He dismissed Nurse Silvia.

Doctor Myers skipped lunch. He used that period to think of a Solution. Annie and Eric were like his children. He couldn’t betray either of them and neither does he want to end up in jail or losing his license.

After weighing the pros and cons, He decided he was going to go by the truth even though he would be going against his professional ethics and by doing so he would speak to Eric first.

He reached for his phone and dialled Eric who picked up almost immediately.

“It seems you were expecting my call, Son.”

“Something like that. Good afternoon, Doc Myers.”

“Good afternoon, Son. Hope you’re good?”

“Yeah. I was about to call you for the test result. But if there’s no improvement I think I won’t bother coming over to collect them.”

“I have good and bad news, Eric.” Dr Myers mumbled.

Eric's heart fell. He knew the bad news was about him not being cured. He had no idea what the good news was. “Okay?!” Eric answered, unsure as to how to react.

“Can you come to see me at the hospital today?” He pleaded.

“Okay Doc, I’m on my way,” Eric said.

“Alright, I’ll be expecting you.” Doctor Myers said.

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