Bound by Her Bump/C4 Chapter 4
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Bound by Her Bump/C4 Chapter 4
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C4 Chapter 4

Chapter Four

Eric stopped what he was doing intending to continue after his visit to Doctor Myers; a man who was like a father to him.

The drive to the hospital was very quiet, He couldn’t help but wonder what good news Doctor Myers had for him.

A happy smile spread across his face as he thought about the possibility of what the good news could be. The smile was replaced with a frown when he remembered there was bad news also which will probably overshadow the good news. He decided to be hopeful and silently prayed to God to give him the strength to go through whatever Dr Myers had to discuss with him.

Robin, Eric’s driver parked in front of the hospital. It was a private hospital, a four-storey building, all painted in white.

Eric was bombarded with greetings from the staff and even some patients. He did not fail to notice the lust in the eyes of some of the nurses. He chuckled and focused on where he was going. He was used to people drooling over him. But unfortunately, he wasn’t interested in them. He was still waiting for the woman who was going to steal his heart.

He knew where Doctor Myers office was so he went there straight and knocked on his door.

“Come in.” He heard a faint voice say and he opened the door.

“Hi, Doc." Eric greeted as he made his way in.

Doctor Myers stretched out his hand to him for a shake after which they both took their seats. Myers sat behind his desk and Eric sat opposite him.

Eric rubbed his hands together as they started becoming sweaty despite the fact that the air conditioner was on. Eric Ivan-James was nervous as hell.

“Thanks for being here on time.” Doctor Myers said as he removed his glasses and placed them on the table.

“Should I be worried?” Eric asked with a shaky voice.

Myers sighed. "A little."

“So what is it?” He asked.

“As I said earlier, I have good and bad news. I will start with the good one which is about the test result. You no longer have a low sperm count.”

There was a few minutes of silence as Eric tried to process the unbelievable statement he just heard.

"Are you sure, Doc?" His voice came out as a whisper.

Doctor Myers nodded. Only then did Eric have a sigh of relief. He never believed this day was going to come. He had lost all hope but God came through for him. This means he would be able to have his child, what he had always wanted. His parents will surely go crazy when they hear this news.

“Your blood and urine test confirmed it but we couldn’t confirm with the semen you provided us with.”

“What does that mean?” Eric asked, his small smile slowly turning into a frown.“Does that mean you’re not sure of what you just told me?” He asked with a heavy heart.

“I’m sure Eric, you’re fine now. Once your blood test proves it then it’s final. It’s just that there was a mix-up and your semen was used for another person.”

“I don’t understand.” He said. A small frown creasing on his forehead.

“A close patient of mine had an Insemination procedure this morning and one of my nurses brought me the wrong sperm. She brought yours instead of the one from the donor.”

Everything was silent for a while as Doctor Myers gave Eric some time to process what he had told him.

"What???" Eric finally said when he found his voice.

“I’m very sorry, my child. I know it’s wrong and unprofessional to make such a mistake. Please forgive us.” The old man pleaded.

Eric sighed, running a hand through his hair. "What happens now? What if she gets pregnant?”

“She may and she may not. I have an idea and it’s up to you if you want to hear it.”

Eric nodded encouraging him to continue.

“I know this is all against my work ethics but now that the deed has been done, I think it's only fair that I'm honest with the parties involved. The lady I inseminated earlier is just like you are to me. She’s like my daughter. I chose to talk to you first instead of Annie because I don’t want to impose any stress on her. For protocol’s sake, you will have to give us another semen sample so we can do the final verification. And I promise to do a follow up with Annie and if she gets pregnant, I will tell her everything including the fact that you want to be in your child’s life.” Myers said.

Eric sighed. “What if the Lady in question does not agree to it or what if her husband or boyfriend refuses to let me be in my child’s life?” Eric was trying his hardest to remain calm. Dr Myers had been a family Doctor to the Ivan-James for years now. Suing him or the hospital just wouldn't make any sense or change the fact that the lady in question was carrying his flesh and blood and he was the father (that was if the procedure was successful).

Doctor Myers knew about Annie’s past relationships, how they ended badly and the fact that she was planning on raising the baby alone if she gets pregnant. But it wasn’t his place to tell Eric. If they were destined for each other, things will surely fall in place. "You have every right to be mad at me. This is not something I'm proud of either because such has never occurred. But I assure you one thing, Annie is a very nice girl. I think the two of you will be able to figure things out.


“Are you sure you’re not pregnant already? You’ve finished the Ice cream. The last time I checked, you don’t like this flavour.” Ella teased Annie.

As promised, she came over after work to keep her friend company. They just finished eating their Chinese food and Annie had her face buried in the ice cream Ella bought.

“It’s too early to tell Ella.” Annie rolled her eyes, making Ella chuckle. Ella was almost at Annie’s house when Annie called and asked her to buy Icecream so she had to go back to get it. The ice cream shop was out of Annie’s favourite flavour so Ella bought another flavour, Vanilla.

“Enough about me. How’s your Boss? I hope you guys did not fight again today.” Annie smiled.

“No. I came to my senses after you called this morning. I apologized to him and we’ve been civil after that.”

“So does that mean you two....”

“Oh!! stop thinking too far Annie. We’re just friends. Scratch that, we only became friends today.”

Annie said as she took another scoop of her Ice cream. “I wonder why you two are delaying when it’s so damn obvious that you guys like each other.”

“I don’t think I like him. I just have a crush on him which I’m sure will disappear sooner than you know.” Ella replied.

Annie nodded, not believing what her friend said.

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