Bound by Her Bump/C6 Chapter 6
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Bound by Her Bump/C6 Chapter 6
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C6 Chapter 6

Chapter Six

Two Weeks Later

By now, Eric had watched all of Annie’s videos on her YouTube channel. The more he watched, the more he fell for her. He likes her already. Liking at first sight, was something Eric never believed in but it all made sense to him now. He wanted nothing more than Annie to carry his child; He wanted her to be the mother of his baby.

Eric has still not heard from Doctor Myers. He was hoping the old man would reach out to him before the week runs out.


Annie Davis woke up feeling a bit nervous as she remembered today was the day. The day she would find out if she was pregnant or not. The day that will determine whether she should start preparing for motherhood or not but above all she silently prayed to God to give her the strength to go through what might come her way, especially if the result turns negative.

Annie skipped her morning prayers, got down from her bed and rushed into the bathroom. She took the pregnancy sticks where she placed them the previous night on the bathroom counter and read the instructions again.

She had read the instructions so many times starting from the day Doctor Myers handed it to her. She couldn’t help but read it again, just to make sure she does it right.

Her heart was beating hard against her chest as she peeped on the sticks. Then she placed them on the counter and waited for it to tell the result.

Annie washed and dried her hands after which she walked into her room and reached for her camera. She wanted to capture the moment. Just in case she was lucky enough for the results to come out positive. It was not for YouTube purposes, she wanted to keep this memory and perhaps show her baby sometime in the future.

The timer went off and it was time for Annie to look at the sticks but she was scared. For a moment, she thought about the possibility of what could happen in the next few seconds. Whatever the outcome was, it would be a life-changing one. It was either for better or for worse.

Annie took slow steps towards the counter, picked up the sticks and took a look at them.

‘Negative.’ She read the first one and her heart fell.

Tears welled up in Annie’s eyes. Of course, she blamed herself for being so stupid thinking the increase in her appetite was a probability of her being pregnant.

Then she took a look at the second stick and it read “Positive.”

A sad smile found its way to her lips as she felt there was still hope of her being pregnant.

Annie took a quick shower, changed into casual clothes, grabbed her handbag, reached for her car keys and left her apartment.

While driving, Annie silently prayed to God, giving him reasons why he should answer her prayer. She did all that Doctor Myers asked her to do. She ate well, followed the meal plan he had given her, she took her medications and avoided stress.

“Good Morning Miss Annie.” Nurse Silvia greeted her as soon as she approached the busy reception.

“Good Morning.” She replied with a small smile. “I’m here to see Doctor Myers.” She said nervously, playing with her car keys.

“Doctor Myers is off duty and won’t be here until noon. Do you mind seeing another Doctor?” She asked politely.

“I don’t mind.” She replied Nurse Silvia.

“Hold on a sec.” Nurse Silvia said before she disappeared. She came back almost immediately, asking Annie to follow her into the Doctor’s Office.

Annie knew almost all the doctors in this hospital but had never come across this face. She was beautiful, a little bit taller than Annie and around Annie’s age.

“Good Morning Miss.” The young Doctor greeted Annie with a smile as soon as she walked in.

“Good morning Doc,” Annie replied, taking a seat.

“How may I help you, Ma’am?” She asked politely.

“I’m here to confirm if I’m pregnant; I took a test this morning, One turned out negative and the other one turned positive,” Annie said and the lady Doctor nodded in understanding.

She asked Annie a few more questions after which she told Annie to follow her to the laboratory room where they collected her blood and urine sample to test.

Annie felt weak immediately after she gave her blood sample.

“Have you had breakfast?” The Doctor asked with concern as she assisted Annie in taking a seat right outside the laboratory room.

“Not yet.” She replied weakly,

“I’ll be right back.” The Doctor said after which she disappeared down the hallway.

“Here, take this. It’ll help with the dizziness.” She handed Annie a bottle of mineral water.

“Thank you, Doctor?” Annie said, trying to ask for her name.

“Madeleine.” She replied with a smile.

“Thanks, Doctor Madeleine,” Annie said while opening the bottle cover. She gulped down half of the mineral water.

“I brought this for you too.” Madeleine handed Annie a snack she never knew she was holding. It was one of those healthy snacks they had in store.

“Thanks, Madeleine.” Annie smiled.

“You’re welcome.” She smiled at Annie as if she knew something unknown to Annie.

“Your test results will soon be ready. I’ll be back in ten minutes.” She said and excused herself.

Annie kept herself busy with the snack. She finished it in no time and drank the rest of the mineral water.

To while away time, she brought out her phone and replied to her messages and soon enough Doctor Madeleine was back from her office, she helped herself into the laboratory and came out holding a white envelope. Madeleine’s expression was normal so Annie didn't know what to expect.

“Your test result.” She said, taking a seat beside Annie.

“W.. What does it say?” Annie whispered.

Madeleine opened the sealed envelope and went through the result. She smiled. “It's positive ma’am. You’re pregnant.”

“I.. I’m Pregnant?” Annie shuttered as tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, you are!” Madeleine affirmed. “Congratulations.” She added.

“Thanks,” Annie replied with a smile as her arms went around her belly protectively. She prayed to God about it and now her little miracle was already growing inside her.

“I’m sure Doctor Myers will take it from here when you meet him. Please continue to eat well, keep yourself hydrated, and avoid stress as much as you can. You’re still in your first trimester so please be very careful.”

“Thank you. I promise I’ll take good care of myself. He or she is my priority now.” She said with determination.

They talked more, with Doctor Madeleine giving Annie more healthful tips after which Annie left the hospital.


With his jacket off, the first two buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, Eric was seated on a chair behind his desk; he was engrossed with the document he was going through. He was trying to complete everything on his to-do list so he could have a free weekend to spend with his youngest sister, Laura. Her Birthday was on Saturday so they would be celebrating all weekend, starting from Friday.

The distraction came when his cell phone rang. Without looking at the Caller ID, he picked up.

“Good day, Eric.” Dr Myers' voice came through from the other side which made his stomach flip.

“Good day Doc” He replied nervously and the old man chuckled.

“I’m sure you were not expecting my call, Son.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to call today.” He replied, turning away his attention from the document he was previously going through.

“I have news, Eric. The process was Successful, Annie is Pregnant.”

A priceless smile tugged at Eric’s lips as he threw his fist in the air.

“That’s good news, Doc.” He said, trying to control his excitement but failed terribly.

“I’m happy you are excited. It was confirmed this morning by my Junior colleague. But I haven’t spoken to Annie. I’ll visit her later today.”

No doubt Eric was ecstatic about the news but He was also concerned about Annie. He had no doubt she was going to freak out when she heard the news about him being the father of the child she was carrying and him wanting to be in the baby’s life.

But Eric wanted more than that; He wanted them to be a family, He fell in love with her even before the pregnancy was confirmed. He knew she would freak out but he was willing to be patient.

“Please let me know how it goes when you talk to her.” He pleaded with him.

“No problem, son. I’ll keep you updated,” he promised. “Congratulations, by the way.”

“Thank You,” Eric blushed. His joy knew no bounds. This has been his dream for so long, to be a Father.

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