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C1 One

Aubrey's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.

"Aubrey, wake up honey!" my father's voice echoed into my room shortly after.

I released a groan as I turned over to my phone, hitting the "stop" button before tossing it carelessly onto the bed.

Moments later I dragged myself off of my not so comfy twin sized bed, and made my way to the new bathroom.

This new house wasn't as big compared to our old home; not that our old home was ever really big in the first place. My father, brother and I only moved in for about two days, and we were all still getting use to this old routine at this new place.

After finishing my morning routine, I threw my dark, wavy hair in a high ponytail. I dressed myself in a casual white blouse and blue jeans with matching white tennis shoes. I headed towards the kitchen.

"Good morning, little sis," my brother mumbled underneath his breath as he dragged his feet towards the dining area. He was wearing his baggy red muscle tank, with black basketball shorts. His red hair was pointing is all sorts of directions, as his eyes were barely even open.

"Good morning, Austin," I responded, laughing as I stacked two cardboard boxes full of furniture items and sat on it as a chair to the dining table, "You're going to school looking like that?"

"It's college Aubrey," he started, "No one cares about how you look."

I nodded and shrugged in agreement. We moved to California with my brother for him to be able to attend to college. We didn't have enough money to pay for his dorm, so instead we moved as a family. And as a coincidence, my father has found a little over minimum paying job for a business factory near here. Everything felt like it was falling into place.

Father came in with three dishes of eggs, bacon and toast. It felt good eating a decent breakfast after a while. Austin and I smiled at the smell of home cooked breakfast, and quickly devoured the plate.

"Are you excited Austin?" my father asked.

"Yeah," he answered simply.

"How about you, Aubrey?"

"Kind of," I managed to mumble with my mouth filled with food.

"I heard Jones High is a good school," he said and smiled at me, "Just remember to keep a good education and you'll be out of this school in no time. It's your Senior year anyways."

"I know, I know," I waved off his quick lectures about education.

"It's already 7:45," my dad stated as he looked at the clock, "You two should be out of this house already."

My father laughed as he pulled away both plates from Austin and I, "Have fun you two!"

Austin went back into his room to grab his backpack as I did the same.

"Bye dad!" we both said as we left the house.

Austin is two years older than me, we act as if we were twins sometimes. We think the same, we have the same opinion; he's basically me in a boy's body (aside from a few different interests).

We pulled up to my new high school. The red bricks and the cleanliness of the school caught my attention. All the schools of back home were not taken care of. There was always trash around at the old school, and no one even bothered to paint over the graffiti paintings on the wall.

Students were standing out in the front entrance of the school. It seemed like this school has cliques. The nerds, the jocks, the popular kids. It was like a movie.

"Well, I can't wait here all day," Austin says as he broke my chain of thought, "Get out of my car."

I released a smile as Austin held his arm out for a half hug. I hugged him and quickly got out of the car. "Have fun!" he called out as he raced out of parking lot.

I held the strap of my bag and walked towards the front entrance of the school. I couldn't help but smile at how cliché this school looked. Better yet, it felt like I was welcomed into a new life. No graffiti, no boring plain white walls, no broken lockers.

After a few minutes of day dreaming, I found myself walking straight into another person. My body lightly tapped against his arm. I looked up.

"Sorry," I said as I flashed a soft smile.

That's when I noticed everyone in the hallway suddenly got quiet. As I looked around me, I saw people whispering, glancing over my way. What's happening?

"The hell?" a deep voice echoed as I felt a sudden push on the shoulder from the boy I just ran into. I honestly forgot I even ran into him in the first place. A look of confusion was plastered all over my face as I finally look at him. He looked back at me with a blank expression. He had messy brown hair, light blue eyes, clear beautiful skin as if it was glistening under the sun. He was wearing a burgundy V-neck, a short gold necklace, with a black bomber jacket. Then after a moment of silence, he spoke out. "Don't want to move?" he slightly questioned loudly, making sure to catch everyone's attention.

Shocked, I froze in place as he stares deeply into my eyes. A smirk swept past his face as he grabbed my arm and shoved me against the lockers. I winced as the handles of the locker stabbed me on my shoulder blade and back. He took a step closer towards me, and put his hands up against the lockers, blocking both sides to escape.

"New girl?" he asked me, its as if he knew every single girl in this school. I slowly nodded as he put an arm down and reached into his pocket, "Don't even think about moving," he commented.

Oh gosh, Im in trouble.

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