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C2 Two

I watched his hand as he pulled out a cigarette from his pocket, and put it between his pink lips. Is smoking even allowed in this school? I questionably looked at him as he leaned closer to me, poking the cigarette at my upper lip. "What? New girl doesn't want to smoke with me?" he taunted under his breath as the cigarette was still between his lips, "That's a first."

Everyone started mumbling, giggling, whispering and I knew it was about me and this guy. I bit my lower lip and turned my head slightly to the side, as the cigarette brushed against my cheek. "You're lucky you're new," he commented for a last time before he pushed himself away from me.

I stood frozen for a few second before fixing the strap of the bag on my shoulder. I swallowed as everyone's attention was on me. The guy was still standing there, watching my every move. I breathed deeply as I forced myself between the waves of people in the hallway. Okay, just find the main office, and get to class. Then I can forget about this moment.

I looked back, even though I knew I shouldn't have. The guy with the bomber jacket was still looking at me, straight in the eye. Quickly, I broke eye contact and continued walking.

Great, Aubrey. First day here and you've made a "friend".

- - -

"Alright Aubrey, your schedule is all set. If you have any questions, I want to you to come to me, okay?" my counselor, Ms. Harper informed me.

I nodded.

Ms. Harper looked a little younger than most counselors in this office. She has wavy brown, red hair and beautiful face structures with her wide framed glasses. I could mistake her as a fellow student if she didn't wear the proper teaching attire.

I walked out of the office and looked at my schedule.


I chuckled and shook my head. First class of the day, a stupid math class. I somehow found my ways around the school and arrived to the class fifteen minutes late.

I softly opened the door and entered, hoping that I won't gather too many attention, or happen to disrupt a teacher during their lecture. Instead, all eyes were immediately on me.

"You must be the new student!" the teacher proud fully exclaimed. I flinched at his sudden excitement as he motioned me to come towards the front of the class. I walked towards the front of the class as I try to avoid all the eye contacts in the room. "I'm Mr. Winston," he introduced.

"Everybody, this will be our new student, Aubrey," he announced as if anyone cared, "Aubrey you can sit next to Landon. Landon can you please raise your hand?"

Slowly a hand crept up from the crowd. Almost immediately, I recognized who that black bomber jacket belonged to. It was the cigarette guy that I ran into earlier. What are the chances?

I made my way towards the seat, acting as if nothing had happened earlier this morning. As I arrive at my seat, I set my side bag onto the table and was about to sit. Then a sudden sound of something clashing behind me caught my attention; I stood back up. The guy in the bomber jacket, Landon, kicked my chair the opposite direction of his seat.

I could sense everyone around me whispering, and glancing over at this situation. For some reason, the teacher did not acknowledge this at all.

I stared at him as I furrowed my eyebrows. He looked at me with a careless smirk, biting at the end of his pen. He winked at me with his light blue eyes then quickly changed his expression into a hard, angered face.

Calmly, I turned around to face my chair that was a few feet away. Even when my back was facing him, I felt an uneasy tension. It felt like he was eyeing me from afar, watching my every little move. I swallowed my saliva nervously as I pulled my chair back to its original spot and sat down.

This is going to be a long, long day.

After what felt like years, the school bell had rung. Quickly, I grabbed all my items and shoved them into my side bag. This class was filled with so much awkward tension. I felt Landon staring at me in the corner of my eyes, that crazy smirk of his never leaving his lips. I stood up and tried to leave the class as quickly as possible. I was not trying to see this so-called Landon guy ever again; even though I knew that was impossible.

"Hey!" a voice called out from behind me. I tried my best to ignore the voice behind me, assuming that it was Landon's.

"Aubrey!" I sighed in defeat. There's no turning back when someone calls your name and knows you heard it. I turned around slowly. To my surprise, the brown haired, black bomber jacket boy was out of sight. Instead, a fit boy with blonde hair approached me instead. He held his hand out and introduced himself, "I'm Colton."

I smiled and shook his hand as he continued, "This may be kind of weird, but I'm the class president. And my duty is kind of, uh, to make new kids feel welcomed. I was just wondering if you'd want a tour of the school or something? Uh, maybe during lunch?" he questionably finished his introduction while rubbing the back of his neck.

I couldn't help but laugh at how awkward his introduction was. I let go of his hand and replied, "Sure."

- - -

The rest of my classes before lunch came across fine. I didn't talk to anyone, but I didn't run into anyone rude either. Chills went down my spine as the thought of the incident from morning came across my mind.

As lunch time approached, I found my way towards the cafeteria. People were standing in line with trays, accepting their desired food in an assembly line.

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