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C4 Four

I tried my best to focus back on the painting, however I couldn't help but to glance back in his direction. My bully was in the same room as me, again.

"Looking for me, Princess?" a voice came from behind me. My breathing quickly stopped as turned my head towards my right. His face was over my shoulder, almost close enough for him to rest his chin on it.

I cleared my throat and proceeded to paint, trying to ignore his haunting presence. I grabbed the paint brush and softly stroked it against the canvas. I felt a sudden push beneath my elbow, and before I knew it, the brush created a long streak across my painting. I bit my lower lip and dropped the brush. I looked up at him as he maintained the hideous smirk on his face.

My heart was beating quickly, and as expected, the teacher didn't do anything. Instead, she acted as if she was ignoring the situation on purpose.

My whole body tensed as I feel the heat rushing through my body. I clenched my teeth as I stared at my piece of artwork. My beautiful piece of artwork, with a random white streak in the middle of it.

"Damn," I can hear one of the students from behind me whispered quietly.

I breathed heavily as I continued to stare at my painting.

"Oops, sorry love," he whispered in my ear.

I pressed my lips together as I did what first came to my mind. I clenched my fist and swiftly elbowed him in the stomach. "Jerk," I mumbled.

As I picked up my bag and stomped towards the door, I heard a couple of kids laughing behind my back. I turned my head back around to look at the jerk, as he was hovering over with his hand on top of his stomach. I felt a sudden guilt rushing down my body, as I stood at the door. He straightened up and looked up at me, pouting slightly.

His looks of attractiveness didn't deny the fact that he was an absolute dick.

"Aubrey?" I heard the teacher question before I left the classroom.

- - -

"How was class?" Austin asked as we were heading back home from school.

"It was okay, just class," I laughed a little, not wanting to get into detail about what happened in school. Austin is extremely protective, telling him about Landon would just make him angry, and Angry Austin never looks back.

"Yeah? Well my classes were just class too." He dumbly responded to his own question.

I made a face at his comment and shook my head.

"You don't think my outfit looks a little too much?" Colton asked me as he ran his hand across his dress shirt.

He was wearing a black dress shirt, black dress pants and a red tie.

"I mean, what are you so dressed up for?" I asked, eyeing him from top to bottom.

I must admit, even though Colton may come off as a nerd, his body was very fit. His muscles appeared through his dress shirt, but not too much to make the shirt rip apart.

"It's for this speech I'm giving today, to the Student Body," he responded.

"Then no, you're not too dressed up," I reassured as I took a second glance at his outfit.

"Alright, stop checking me out," he chuckled as he pressed his finger against my forehead.

I smiled, pushing his fingertip away from my face, "You wish, hot shot."

It's been a few days since I've attended this school, and the only friend I bothered to make is Colton. At least I had a friend around here, I always tend to keep my circle small so having just one friend didn't really bother me. I really liked my alone time anyways.

It's been a few days since I've attended this school, and the only friend I bothered to make is Colton. At least I had a friend around here, though I always tend to keep my circle small so having just one friend didn't really bother me. I really liked my alone time anyways.

"Alright," Colton started, "I got to go now. I'll catch up with you later."

I nodded and waved him goodbye as I walked towards a random hallway.

Im alone again.

Even though this school was quite big, I was able to trace out where the main parts of the campus: the gym, cafeteria, my classes, and most important, the art class.

That reminds me.

I turned back around and started walking towards one of the private art classes, where students can come in and spend their free time painting, drawing, making art, basically.

The art class is where I felt the most comfiest. This school is nice and all, but I never felt myself fitting into any of the cliques here. Even though there are other artistic kids in this school, majority of them are competitive. They want to be the best of the best, or part of the popular kids; so there was no real passion for art.

I opened the door to the empty classroom and set my bag down. Breathing deeply, I stared at the blank canvases set in front of me. It reminded me of one of my artwork that was ruined by the jerk, so called Landon. I huffed in annoyance from the memory, and sat down on the stool.

I pulled out my phone and went in my playlist, playing "Alaya (Outro)" by xxxtentacion for inspiration. Even though x was known for his crazy music and hyped up beats, the new album was very close to heart. His music was even more powerful than they were before.

I cleared by throat as I lost track of reality. My brush stroked against the canvas softly, and before I knew it, the painting was finished.

My breath stopped as I stared at the painting in front of me. Sometimes, I don't even know what I'm capable of.

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