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C6 Six

By this time, the crowd was starting to vanish. They were upset that they didn't get to see the fight finishing fully. But at this point, it's obvious who won.

I took a last glance back at Landon as he kept his eyes on me. Something softened in him as he saw me dragging Isaiah's body down the hallway. "Jerk," I mumbled as turned back around towards the door.

Suddenly, Isaiah's weight has been lifted off of me by a little.

"I'll help you," the familiar voice called out.

It was the girl that was attempting to stop me from breaking up the fight earlier. "You're brave," she started, "and with you being a girl, being able to break up a fight that's impressive."

I smiled at her compliment and shook my head.

"It's sad to see everyone not doing anything to help." I commented.

"You're a bad-ass," I heard Isaiah mumbled beneath his breath as all three of us headed towards the nurse's office, "Thanks for helping."

"It's nothing really," I responded, downplaying the situation.

After we brought Isaiah to the nurse's office, I sat in the waiting room with the girl.

"Your name is Aubrey, right?" the girl asked me, "My name is Bella."

I nodded as I shook her hand.

"How do you know?"

"Well a lot of people were talking about how Landon picked on this new girl during school. And seeing what you did back there, I supposed you were the new girl."

"Rumors do fly around fast in this school," I laughed a little.

"Yeah, this school is broken in so many ways," she added.

- - -

"Jesus, did you rescue a dying dog?"

"Well yes, but an Isaiah Chaser."

Colton laughed as he handed me an extra hoodie he had kept inside of his locker. I unbuttoned the bloody flannel I had on and threw the flannel in the trash. Because the flannel was slightly unbuttoned with my outfit, there were a few blood stains on the inside tank I was wearing. However, I carelessly tossed on the hoodie ignoring the rest of the red stains.

"Well, hero of the day: Aubrey Watson. Want to go get food with me?" he asked me as he held out his arm.

I smiled and grabbed his arm, "I would be delighted too."

"The hell are you doing?" Austin raised an eyebrow.

I groaned and planted my face on the piles of papers on my desk. I released a loud, screeching half yawn half sigh.

I heard Austin laugh from behind me as I lifted my head back up.

"You've only been in school for a week." He commented.

Before I got to answer a soft cushion landed on the back of my head, jerking me forward. Even though Austin had thrown a really soft pillow, his strength was out of this world.

"Austin!" I exclaimed at the top of my lungs as all I hear was his laughter. I got up and grabbed the pillow angrily, throwing it back at him. With his quick reflexes he managed to dodge my shot and childishly points at me, teasing.


"Austin stop!" I groaned.

"Aubrey's weak!"


"You're weak." He simply commented.

I bit the inside of my cheek and got out of my chair.

"It's impossible to study in this house," I said in defeat as I dragged myself out of the bedroom.

"Alright, have fun!" I heard Austin's voice from the room.

It was already 10pm, and my dad was still back at the factory working. He works hard. Although he had me and my brother at a young age, all of this working will have him die at a young age. Kidding.

I sighed as I opened the door. The breeze gently hit my face as I stretched my arms, yawning before stepping a foot outside. I didn't bother to put on a jacket, or real shoes. The weather was warm enough for me to walk out in a T-Shirt and shorts, and my rabbit sleeping shoes were already torn apart to even begin with.

I closed the door behind me and decided to take a stroll in the new neighborhood. Back at home, I never had the guts to walk outside by myself. The old neighborhood was filled with crimes, Austin would never dare to let me step a foot outside without his company.

Although Austin can be annoying, practically all the time; his company never fails to make me feel protected.

I yawned as I continued walking alone the clean sidewalk of the area. The houses here weren't mediocre big. They weren't two story houses. They were single story; however, the houses didn't look torn apart, they didn't call out "IM RICH" either.

From a distance, I heard footsteps. Not from behind me though, from in front of me. I rubbed my eyes, confused as to why there was shadow or person up close enough for me to see.

Believing that I was hallucinating, I continued to walk. Looking at the sidewalk below me as I played a game of 'don't step on a crack'. The sound of the footstep grew faster, and louder. I looked up and rose an eyebrow as a sudden shadow from afar started appearing, running towards me.

I kept quiet.

Is this when I run?

I was more confused as to why this person was running by themselves, especially in this safe looking neighborhood.

"Move!" the person called.

The person got closer to me as I stepped to the side. However, I thought I moved fast enough but I didn't. The person tackled me to the side as both of our body fell on the hard concrete. "Ow!" I exclaimed as I pushed myself off the concrete.

The figure hushed me before he dragged me behind the bush of one of the houses. I rose my eyebrows in surprised and attempted to scream.

Before I did so, the stranger had already put his hand on my mouth, blocking the sound of my muffled scream.

"Please! Don't scream," he begged me.

I stopped screaming as I got a look at his facial features. His cologne smelt familiar, definitely a scent I noticed not too long ago. Then I looked at his neck. The gold necklace! It's Landon!

My eyes widened and I shoved him off of me.

Out of all the people!

Landon stumbled back and caught himself with his palms before he fully recognizes me.

"The hell!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

His eyes widened as he tackled me onto the grass for the second time.

"I said be quiet!" he whispered harshly as he put his hand over my mouth.

Our bodies were touching. I was laying underneath him as his body was innocently laying on top of mine. He was too focused on spying on the surroundings before he even noticed the weird position we were laying in.

I trusted my instinct and followed his order.

The freak is wrong with this guy?

Landon then looked down at me, finally recognizing me through the darkness. His expression of nervousness was suddenly wiped away with a smirk on his face.

"Hey, love." He whispered.

I furrowed my eyebrows and attempted to push him off of me. He didn't budge. Instead, he put his attention back on the look out for whatever or whoever he was looking for.

I felt my body heating up from anger. This guy attacked me not too long ago, ruined my painting, and now he's here holding me hostage and calling me love! My body tensed up as I used all my might and bite his hand that was covering my mouth.

A painful hiss escaped his lips as he loss control over me. I sat up and rolled his body off of me. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I whispered at him, pushing him against the bush.

He released a soft chuckle before putting his index finger against his lips, indicating me to be quiet.

I shook my head and stood up. Not for long, I felt a pair of arms around my waist, pulling me back behind the bush again.

"I'm only going to tell you this once," Landon whispered to me, "Don't move or you'll die."

The last few words struck me. Cluelessly, I sat in front of him. He had one arm around my waste, and the other hand covering my mouth.

I pushed his body away from me and finally gave in.

"Fine." I whispered as I hid behind the bush with him.

A couple minutes later I heard a few footsteps coming our way. I looked at Landon and the color from his face has drained. He grabbed my arm and pulled us both closer into the bush. Without a doubt, I followed him. We both were crouched in between two large bushes. Branches were scratching all over my legs and arms.

"Where'd he go?" a voice echoed from the neighborhood. It was a deep, taunting voice.

"The hell Braden!" the voice hollered again, "You're useless!"

"He was too fast!" a second voice responded.

"Then shoot him!" the first guy screamed at the top of his lungs.

My jaws dropped at the word "shoot". Were they planning to kill Landon? What did Landon get himself into?

I looked at Landon as he looked back at me. He had a playful smile on his face. It seemed like the word "shoot" didn't bother him at all. Landon started fidgeting in his spot and reached into his jacket's pocket.

He pulled out a black object that soon appeared to be a gun.

I gasped loudly, and I quickly covered my mouth. My heartbeat starting racing. All of my hatred towards Landon quickly turned into fear. I was just planning to take a nice break from my homeworking from walking in this so-called safe neighborhood. But I ran into a life and death situation; with my OWN BULLY.

Landon put the gun back into his pocket and held up both of his hands, mouthing the words 'Don't Worry' towards me. Chills were coming down my spine, all of the sounds started to tune out as all I hear was sharp pains coming through my ears. I started to hug my knees against my chest. How ironic that I left the most crime filled neighborhood, just to run into a crime connected scene.

A little while later there were no voices, or footsteps. It was just the sound of the leaves clapping on each other from the soft breeze. Landon stood up first, as I stood up second.

"That was fun," he commented.

I stared at him as I took a step back from him, remembering that he was armed.

He noticed my funny expression and scoffed, "I'm not going to hurt you." He reassured me.

With this crazy guy, you'll never know what's going to happen. First he says he wouldn't hurt you, then he beats up a guy until he can't move. I shook my head and took another step back as he took two steps towards me.

He softly smiled at me. He put his hands into his pockets. My heart skipped a beat as I took another step back. He noticed my fear and took his hands back out of his pockets.

"Sorry," he mumbled as he kept his eyes on me.

The soft wind was making his soft brown hair flow in a certain direction. The edge of his lips curved into another soft smile as he lifted his hand up. I flinched from his sudden movement.

I noticed that he was about to reach for one of the curly strands that was in my face. Voluntarily, I reach up and pushed the strand behind my ear and took another step back, eyes still locked in his.

"Don't talk to me," I stated before breaking eye contact. I turned around and quickly ran home.


Whatever happened earlier was beyond my control. I was utterly confused as to what had happened earlier, and can't piece it together. Even though I was there for the whole part, half of me wanted to think that the situation wasn't real. In a safe neighborhood, crimes are still lingering, guns are still being used daily.

I frowned as I cuddled against my soft blanket. I didn't know if I should cry because I was afraid, or angry that I even left this house in the first place.

Soon enough, I drifted off to sleep.

"Goodnight Aubrey," my brother whispered as he tucked me into bed.

"So, tell about Landon again?" Bella questioned as she munched on her baby carrots.

I shrugged and shook my head. "That was it."

"So you're telling me that he could've got shot? And you hid with him?"

I nodded.

"And he didn't beat you up?"

I shook my head.

"And you trusted him?"

I slowly nodded, then questioned myself afterwards.

"Did you guys kiss?" Bella teased and pointed a finger at me.

I jerked up and shook my head rapidly. "No! Jesus, never!" I denied.

"Come on, with those attractive blue eyes and messy brown hair, every girl falls for him. You have to admit he's hot."

"Not at all."

"Not even a little bit?"


"What are you guys talking about?" Colton laughed as he sat down next to me. He set his tray down in front of him and took a bite of the fake lasagna.

"Nothing!" "Aubrey kissed Landon last night!" Bella and I said at the same time.

"Did not!" I screeched and threw a baby carrot at her. Bella laughed and attempted to dodge the carrot as it hit perfectly at the center of her forehead. We both busted out laughing as Bella wiped the carrot juice off of her forehead.

Colton sat there laughing along, yet clueless to the story.

"You two are weird," he commented.

"Thanks!" we both said in unison.

"Even more weird," Colton said as he looked at both of us.

Bella and I smiled at each other before we both huddled around Colton.

"Isaiah is getting benched for two weeks," Bella started.

"Well yeah, he was beaten his life out of his body," Colton scoffed.

"But is Landon going to get in trouble at all?" I asked.

"Well, nothing Isaiah can do about it. Landon's dad can pay off any discipline remember? That includes police reports."

"That's unfair," I frowned at Colton's conclusion.

"Life's unfair," he commented.

"Colton, don't you think Landon is hot?" Bella asked.

Colton furrowed his eyebrows in a confused expression and looked at Bella. "I don't think he's hot. But he is handsome."

"Would you date him?" she asked him.

"No. . . ?" he answered slowly, "Why do you guys forget that I'm straight?" he asked as he grabbed one of the nuts and popped it in his mouth.

I laughed at their comments and shook my head.

"He's not hot, Bella. Quit dreaming."

- - -

I sighed as I leaned back on my seat. Then it occurred to me that I was in art class, aka stools. I shrieked as I fell back, off of the stool. Many eyes were quickly drawn towards me as well as a couple of giggles and laughs.

I laughed at myself and stood up, dusting myself off.

"Uh, Aubrey," one of the student next to me called out.

"Hm?" I looked at her.

"Your clothes," she slowly commented as she pointed to the front of my jeans and shirt, at the spots I just dusted off. I looked down and there were streaks of different colored paints all over my white shirt and blue jeans. My eyes widened as I did the stupidest thing on earth.

I rubbed my hands against the paint marks as the leftover paint of my hand smeared even more paint onto my clothes. I groaned as I dropped my arms in defeat.

"You can go to the bathroom," my teacher stated, amused.

"Thanks." I mumbled as I walked myself through the door.

Annoyed, I rubbed my two palms together in effort to dry the paint and have it smear dryly across my hands. I released a deep sigh as I used my breath to blow the few stands of hair out of my face.

"Someone's having a little trouble," a voiced called out from behind me.

I turned around swiftly and caught eyes with the guy I planned to never see, ever again in my life.

"What do you want?" I mumbled underneath my breath as I continue to rub the paint off of my hands, "I have somewhere I be," I told him.

Landon chuckled as he eyed me up and down, "Looking like that?"

"Seriously, what do you want?" I asked him.

Landon pulled out a plastic bag with an item in it. I rose an eyebrow and looked at him, confused. He lifted up the bag towards my face and opened it, "Your rabbit shoes, dummy," he started, "How'd you even run home barefoot yesterday?"

I blinked several times and stared at the shoes. I blushed in embarrassment and tried my best to avoid the situation. "Those aren't mine."

Landon reached into the bag and flipped one of the slippers around. On the soles of the slippers said "Aubrey" in small red letters.

I bit my lip as my face heated in embarrassment. Standing in front of Landon Carthy; Jones High's most popular 'badass' drenched in paint smears with my rabbit shoes. God is just teasing me now.

A strand of hair fell back in front of my face. I pushed the strand away from my face, irritated as Landon was standing in front of me with his jaw dropped.

"What are you looking at?" I barked at him.

He cleared his throat and smirked, "Nothing, nothing."

I yanked the plastic bag from him and continued my way towards the bathroom. I breathed deeply as I tossed the plastic bag on one of the shelves in the bathroom. I washed off the paint of my hands and quickly dried them.

I walked over towards the mirror and threw my hair in a high ponytail until I noticed a paint mark. A paint mark that was right in the center of my cheek. It was a mix color of blue and purple. Then I realized Landon's reaction when I pushed my hair out of my face earlier. I groaned as I stomped back over to the sink.

Why did I even care about how I look in front of Landon?

He obviously doesn't treat anyone out here like human beings.


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