Breaking up, No Joke/C1 001 break up
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Breaking up, No Joke/C1 001 break up
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C1 001 break up

Chapter I

The most f * cking breakup in the world, about, is a breakup, only to find that the stomach was left with a seed.

Bai Yu took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He looked at his foolish son who was lying on the bed, and his eyes became deep.

After two years, he had finally returned.

What had he been feeling when he had pulled the child out of his belly?

The heck!

Who would have thought that his predecessor, who had already broken up with him, would give him such a "pleasant surprise" back then?

So when he discovered that there was an extra piece of meat on his stomach, trash daddy Bai Yu had no choice but to quickly run away from the Hua City who had lived for dozens of years.

After a stalemate of ten minutes, the foolish son crawled out of the bed with tears brimming in his eyes: "Papa, I want to take care of Eggs with you."

Bai Yu sat on a chair five metres away, cold and merciless: "I'm going to work, you go to school, it watches over the house, this is what we agreed upon previously."

The foolish son boldly said, "I regret it."

Bai Yu's gaze became deeper. His foolish son had an appearance similar to him, but his character was extremely similar to his wicked past self. He was just as detestable.

If it weren't for the fact that this brat was born of him, he would have immediately stuffed him into the toilet and flushed him away!

"Watermelon can't bear to part with Papa." The foolish son confessed deeply.

Bai Yu's gaze suddenly softened.

His silly son was called Bai Yanting, and his nickname was Watermelon.

trash daddy's heart softened at this moment, but thinking about how the people at the place where he worked had too many eyes, making them unable to take care of his foolish son, he instantly hardened his heart and said, "It's good that I'm willing to part with you. "Hurry up and sleep, I still have to work tomorrow."

Watermelon acknowledged, and rubbed the bed sheets with his fingers, then said word by word. "Can I follow Papa to work then?"

The child was only over a year old, and his speech was slurred. However, his speech was very good and his speech was clear.

Bai Yu walked forward and patted Watermelon's head, "I can't."

Watermelon pursed his lips.

Bai Yu's face instantly turned cold, "One! Two! Three! "

Watermelon quickly closed his eyes and slept unwillingly.

Bai Yu turned off the light and left satisfied.

Bai Yu's face was hidden in the darkness, his expression unfathomable. His black hair fluttered in the cold wind, the corners of his mouth were straight, and his eyes were filled with coldness. After a long while, he took a deep breath, and looked at the familiar scene of the Hua City, "I'm back."

Although two years wasn't a long or short period of time, it was enough to make Bai Yu's career in trouble.

A cold wind blew in the middle of the night, lifting up a corner of Bai Yu's shirt and revealing a crude centipede knife scar faintly.

He shook his fingertips, and Bai Yu's eyes dimmed. When he came back to his senses, Bai Yu threw the cigarette that was burnt to the tip of his cigarette on the ground and ground it with his shoe.

Bai Yu turned around and muttered to himself, "It's been so long; "How cheap."

When he arrived at the door of Watermelon's room, his footsteps stopped. The corner of Bai Yu's mouth hooked into a cold smile, "This is my son."

He was the one who gave birth to this brat. What else had his heartless predecessor done other than sowing seeds?

[New Pit, No Versions. The full version of 'The Young Master of Rebirth' has been saved. There are still about 80 more chapters left before it's done. What the f * ck ~]

[Rounded Mirror Break, Steamed Bun Kick, Attack nothing but dregs, Attack nothing but dregs.]

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