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Chapter X

Bai Yu who prided himself on being a professional actor was used to eating only 80% of his fill each meal, losing weight and taking care of his health. As a result, ever since Watermelon had weaned himself, he also developed this habit.

From eating to putting down the tableware, a total of half an hour had passed. Watermelon held the cup and drank.

Because Song Shilin had been busy working for a long time, he ate very quickly. He put down the bowl and chopsticks, used a tissue to wipe his mouth and said: "I will bring you to find Bai Yu."

Watermelon cutely reached out his hand, then wrapped his arms around Song Shilin's neck and said, "But, Papa is at work right now."

"It's okay, he won't mind." Song Shilin left the private room with large strides.

Song Shilin had some private thoughts in his heart, so he did not call Bai Yu to notify him ahead of time. Instead, he drove to his crew to block them off.

When Bai Yu received the call, he was really flustered for a moment. Looking at the familiar numbers on the screen, he hesitated for a while before pressing the button.

Song Shilin's low and rich magnetic male voice came out, and asked: "Busy?"

"Not bad." With one hand holding his phone, Bai Yu smiled at Director Hou who was in the midst of lecturing and walked to the corner.

Mo Anyu, who was playing with the female lead, seemed to have come to an understanding as he looked in Bai Yu's direction. His black eyes that were full of smiles shone with a strange light.

"I'm at the Milk Tea Shop next to your crew." Song Shilin said indifferently, "Your son is by my side."

After Bai Yu heard this, his first reaction was not for Song Shilin to kidnap his foolish son, but because his stupid son had encountered something.

After dating for more than a year, Bai Yu had a thorough understanding of his predecessor's character. He knew that the other party would not kidnap a child just to threaten him.

But, inexplicably, Bai Yu, who clearly hadn't done anything wrong, was afraid of meeting Song Shilin.

"I'll be right there." Bai Yu said in a lonely tone, "I'll be troubling you."

Song Shilin looked at Watermelon who sat opposite him, and only wanted a cup of milk tea before obediently remaining silent, "It's no trouble at all."

After hanging up the phone, Bai Yu remembered that there was still one more scene he hadn't filmed yet. It wasn't good for Director Hou to film his filming, so he decided to try and see if he could take a leave of absence.

Director Hou was staring at the scene between Mo Anyu and the girl, his eyebrows knitted like small mountains, his expression somewhat angry.

It was one thing for the female partners in the group to have terrible acting skills, but they could still laugh easily. From time to time, they would even look at Mo Anyu in a daze while blushing. Did they really think that the film crew was their backyard and that she was the one chasing after the stars?

"I'm fine. It doesn't matter if we shoot again tomorrow. " Director Hou looked down at the time, guessing that if it was really too late to finish filming the girl, he might as well let Bai Yu return first and film him tomorrow.

Bai Yu was anxious, he immediately returned to the resting room to take off his makeup and change, then took his things and left the crew.

Once again, the female partner of the NG was pointed at and cursed at by the Director Hou. Mo Anyu took the towel that the assistant handed to him and wiped his sweat, looking around, he asked: "Where's Bai Yu?"

The assistant casually said: "Brother Bai just applied for leave from Director Hou, there must be something."

Mo Anyu lowered his eyes and looked at the girl who was still being scolded by the Director Hou, suppressing the annoyance in his heart.

Bai Yu bought a pack of cigarettes from a shop near the entrance of the production crew and lit them up. He took a big drag on the cigarettes before calming himself down, throwing the cigarette butt on the ground and crushing them with the tip of his shoes.

Only after the cigarette had been crushed to a pulp did Bai Yu retract his leg, put on his sunglasses, and expressionlessly make an appointment.

Watermelon lowered his head, bit the straw to drink his milk tea, and in the next second, was lifted up by someone into the air, and then was carried skillfully by the person, who happily turned around to hug Bai Yu on the head, and shouted: "Papa!"

Song Shilin squinted his eyes and looked at Bai Yu with a probing look.

Bai Yu subconsciously avoided Song Shilin's eyes, allowing Watermelon to stroke his hair with his claws. He politely smiled at Song Shilin, "Long time no see."

Song Shilin lowered his head and drank his lemonade without any hesitation, showing no signs of wanting to reply.

Bai Yu did not mind, he had long gotten used to Song Shilin's way of interacting with him, and knew that the other party was already annoyed. If he did not talk about the main point, the other party would definitely not speak up.

"Why did you bring him to the crew?" Bai Yu chose a good starting point.

"I was just passing by. I saw him and brought him here." Song Shilin looked up at him with a profound expression. "Your son looks very much like you."

"Thank you." Bai Yu was a little nervous, he casually picked up the cup of water, bit on the straw and was about to drink it, but only after drinking it did he realise that Watermelon was looking at him with a face full of reproach.

Bai Yu was amused, his heart that had been hanging in the air this whole time was finally relaxed by Watermelon's expression, "Why aren't you willing to drink something from you?"

Song Shilin opened his mouth: "Was it because of him that you broke up with me back then?"

Hearing that, Bai Yu's gaze immediately turned cold, "No, that's not it."

"He's almost two years old." Song Shilin seemed to not have noticed Bai Yu's vigilance and indifference, and continued, "The reason why she broke up with me was because she had been pregnant for five or six months, and was about to give birth, right?"

This question was definitely not a doubt.

Bai Yu sneered: Of course. When he first found out that he was pregnant with Watermelon, he was already five or six months old. However, when he started to pay attention to his, he realized that he was pregnant.

At that time, the White Moonlight Qi Yan in Song Shilin's heart had finally returned from abroad and they had broken up again.

Bai Yu, who liked slapping the fatty's face to save face, decided to secretly give birth to his child alone.

To be honest, if Bai Yu had been a bit more ruthless back then, then Watermelon probably wouldn't even exist now.

Thinking about it, Bai Yu rubbed the hair of his foolish son who was sitting in his arms, feeling that his fatherly love was as great as a mother's love.

Watermelon rubbed his chest in satisfaction and continued drinking his beverages.

Seeing the scene of a father showing mercy to his son, Song Shilin's eyes became colder and colder.

Bai Yu opened his mouth, but did not speak Chinese. Instead, he used a foreign language to prevent Watermelon from hearing something that he should not have, and said: "We have already parted ways. I don't want to bother about you and Qi Yan, and I hope that you can get involved in my life."

"Qi Yan and I are fine." Song Shilin also replied him with a foreign language.

"It's over, that's not important." Bai Yu remained silent for a while, before looking at Song Shilin one word at a time, and said, "I don't care anymore."

Song Shilin's face was gloomy, he did not say a word.

Bai Yu also felt that what he just said was a bit unreasonable. He clearly had some interest in his, but he just didn't want to say it.

However, if he and Song Shilin were to really continue being together, Bai Yu could not guarantee that he and his foolish son's future would be disturbed by others in the Song Family.

A man who could have children, that was against common sense.

A woman who gives birth to a child should be obedient to nature.

Even if a rich family like the Song Family could bear with Song Shilin finding a man's wife, they might not be able to bear with the fact that the future heir was born to a man.

Furthermore, Bai Yu had never thought of telling others the secret that he could give birth to cubs.

He could not make such a thing public.

Song Shilin left.

Bai Yu hugged Watermelon, and expressionlessly watched the other party's departing figure, and gradually disappeared before his eyes.

After sitting there blankly for a while, Bai Yu got up and left while carrying Watermelon. After leaving this circle for too long, he had forgotten all about his past habits, so he didn't notice a few flashes of white light in the corner.

"Tell me, why did you leave the school?" Bai Yu placed Watermelon on the child seat, then sat in the driver's seat and stepped on the accelerator.

Watermelon thought back to how he was pulled out by the Little Fatty, his expression changing as he remained silent.

Bai Yu was not in a good mood, he wanted to smoke, and worried about Watermelon, so he could only continue to move his lips, "Speak!"

Watermelon's eyes reddened, it was unknown whether he was frightened by Bai Yu's attitude or what. After a long while, he finally choked and told him about how he was stripped off his pants by his three little friends.

trash daddy Bai, who was guarding the short and holding a grudge, turned the steering wheel in anger, turned a corner, and with a whoosh, drove towards the small road leading to the morning class.

In his fury, Bai Yu's fighting strength was astonishing. He drove his car to his destination before the morning class even finished school.

Bai Yu hugged Watermelon, and pointed to the mountains: "Which class are they in?"

Watermelon eagerly led the way, and brought Bai Yu to Little Fatty's class. He pointed at Little Fatty who was seated at the very front, and arrogantly said: "Papa, that's him!"

Bai Yu, whose aura was two and a half meters tall, walked in front of Little Fatty under his terrified gaze and grinned: "Come with me, Little Fatty."

Little Fatty's entire body trembled. He stared with his small eyes and immediately cried. A slug slowly flowed out.

The dean of the early stage looked at the leisurely Bai Yu and Little Fatty who was constantly wiping away his tears, and said as gently as he could, "Mr. Bai, this ?"

"I didn't pay a high price to send my son here to be bullied." Bai Yu was wearing his sunglasses and playing with his phone, hearing this he answered without raising his head, "I want to see the parents of Little Fatty."

Little Fatty's crying stopped for a moment, and then it became even louder.

Watermelon squatted on the ground and counted his fingers, not moving at all.

The dean felt a headache coming on. Their morning classes were held privately, and because of the high prices, these kids had extraordinary family backgrounds. None of them were people he could easily offend.

Moreover, Bai Yu's words were also reasonable. His child had been bullied at school, so it wasn't a big deal for the parents to come to the school to seek justice, but ?

Teacher Chen stepped on his high heels and ran in anxiously. With an embarrassed look on his face, he said to Bai Yu: "Mr. Bai, I ?."

"Other than hoping to see the way you handle this matter, I don't want to know anything else." Bai Yu coldly rejected the young girl's apology.

Before this, he had always thought that this little girl in her twenties would take good care of Watermelon, and for this reason, he had quite a good impression of her.

But children are very sensitive. The first thing Watermelon did when he felt wronged was not to find Teacher Chen, which showed how concerned this Teacher Chen was towards him.

Bai Yu was not stupid, nor was he kind.

Teacher Chen looked to the Principal for help, but the Principal shook his head with a darkened face.

The young Teacher Chen's eyes lit up when he saw Watermelon squatting on the ground and counting his fingers. He immediately squatted down to pick Watermelon up and gently said: "Watermelon, teacher will apologize to you on behalf of this little brother.

Bai Yu looked up, "Put him down."

Teacher Chen hugged Watermelon awkwardly, his face was filled with panic and panic, as he had no idea what to do next.

The dean was so infuriated by this idiot that he was trembling.

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