Breaking up, No Joke/C12 Take the medicine
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Breaking up, No Joke/C12 Take the medicine
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C12 Take the medicine

Chapter XII

After Bai Yu's filming mission for the day ended, he bid his farewells and left.

The rest time of a child was different from that of an adult's, so Watermelon, who had eaten and drank to his heart's content, was quickly coaxed into bed by Bai Yu to rest.

After he was sure that Watermelon had fallen asleep, Bai Yu slowly crept out the door.

Since the Mr. Zhang had matters to attend to, he didn't follow Bai Yu there. After telling him the room number, he left it there.

Bai Yu had frequently visited this kind of occasion before, so he was naturally familiar with the roads so it didn't matter to him if he was alone.

When Bai Yu arrived at the private room, he discovered that everyone was chatting enthusiastically. Looking around, he found that other than a few directors and producers with a bit of weight in the industry, there were also some popular idols and unfamiliar models. That was why it was so lively.

In order to avoid inadvertently provoking hatred, Bai Yu symbolically introduced himself before sitting down. While listening to their conversation, he ate his food calmly.

A young male model who didn't know the name glanced at Bai Yu, and intentionally brought up the topic of conversation with him.

"Brother Bai, Young Marquis has been pretty popular recently. I didn't expect you to pick a script, tsk."

The male role model said this in a provocative manner, with disdain for Bai Yu hidden in the words he said.

Bai Yu was startled at first, but then looked at him with a smile that was not a smile, and did not say a word.

The male model saw that Bai Yu did not reply and was secretly annoyed. Just as he was about to let Bai Yu see, he heard someone from the side speaking.

"I'm also chasing Young Marquis's Web TV Show, Xiao Bai's acting is not bad." A producer said slowly, not even looking at the male model.

Seeing that, male star who had previously pulled Bai Yu to the center of the conversation could only shut his mouth in embarrassment, his eyes filled with hatred.

Bai Yu smiled but did not speak.

Not long after, the topic changed from Bai Yu. Bai Yu also successfully left the center of the conversation. He managed to grab the chance to chat with the few famous people, which was quite a fruitful trip.

Tenth floor business gathering.

When Song Shilin saw Qi Yan dressed in luxurious clothing attending the ball, he subconsciously frowned ? How did Qi Yan come in without an invitation?

Qi Yan walked over with a cup in hand and smiled: "Have a drink?"

Song Shilin clinked his cup with his and said: "Why are you here?"

"Wherever you are, I will be there." Qi Yan said vaguely, one hand in his pocket, touching a pill inside, the smile on his face deepened.

Song Shilin looked at him in silence, and did not speak any further.

Qi Yan knew that there were some things he could not force too much on others, so he no longer bothered Song Shilin, but his gaze would occasionally stay on the other party.

Bai Yu expressionlessly pulled up his pants, tied up his belt while walking towards the wash basin, and burped violently, his mouth filled with the smell of alcohol.

With one hand holding up the mirror and the other touching his right cheek, Bai Yu admired his face for a long time before taking his leave with satisfaction.

Bai Yu could drink, but after drinking a few different kinds of alcohol together, he found it hard to resist, so he made an excuse to go to the toilet and ran out to take a breath of fresh air.

But as soon as he walked out of the bathroom, he bumped into Qi Yan and Song Shilin.

The three of them looked at each other without any intention of greeting each other.

Song Shilin glanced at Bai Yu who was leaning against the wall, withdrew his gaze, and said coldly to Qi Yan: "What else do you want?"

Qi Yan could not accept it. He had not even reached the final step, how could he let Song Shilin leave!

However, he couldn't beg Song Shilin in front of his, so he didn't know what to do and didn't know what to do.

Bai Yu was excited, he took out a cigarette and a lighter from his pocket and took a puff, then laughed: "Can't you guys quickly settle your private affairs in public?"

Qi Yan glared at Bai Yu.

Bai Yu smiled, but his eyes were filled with the chilliness of being corroded bones.

Song Shilin did not notice that the eyes of the two people clashing made sparks when they looked at each other.

Coincidentally, the waiter that Qi Yan had bribed previously was holding onto a glass of lemonade, walking over.

Bai Yu just so happened to be thirsty, so he casually grabbed the lemonade on the waiter's tray and took a big gulp.

Qi Yan's expression changed, the fingernails fiercely digging into the flesh of his palms.

The waiter's face immediately turned pale, and the hand holding the tray trembled.

Bai Yu was drunk, his brain could not think straight, seeing the two of them looking like they had seen a ghost, he could not help but ask: "What happened?"

The waiter swallowed his saliva, shook his head, shook his feet, and quickly left this place.

Qi Yan's face was as black as the bottom of a pot, but he did not dare say anything in front of Song Shilin, he could only hold it in, and prayed that Song Shilin would not be able to see through him.

After Bai Yu drank a glass of lemonade, he felt even more dizzy. He no longer paid attention to them as he used his hands to support his head and staggered towards the elevator.

Seeing that the time had come, Qi Yan immediately pulled on Song Shilin's arm and said in anticipation: I want to talk to you.

Song Shilin said: "I can let you trick me into coming here. But Qi Yan, don't take me for a fool. "

After he finished speaking, Song Shilin shook off Qi Yan's hand. With a face full of frost, he walked in the opposite direction from Bai Yu.

Qi Yan was so angry that his eyes turned red, "Didn't I just do something wrong? Why can't you forgive me?!"

Unfortunately, Song Shilin did not turn back.

Bai Yu only noticed that something was amiss when he stood inside the elevator, but luckily there was no one inside the elevator, otherwise the bulging hole in the middle of his pants would have been enough to make Bai Yu lose face.

The desire appeared too suddenly, making it impossible for Bai Yu to leave the hotel. He could only find a place to hide in the toilet, his hands trembled as he took out his mobile, and dialed Mr. Zhang's number.

"Lao Zhang, I've been drugged, hurry up and call a duck over here!"

Bai Yu pulled at his hair regretfully. Just now, after drinking the lemonade, he felt that the waiter's expression wasn't right, but he didn't take it to heart.

In the end, there really was a problem with that cup of water!

"Where are you?"

A familiar male voice came from the other end of the phone. who was getting more and more blurry was unable to differentiate who this person was, but he was sure that this person was someone he was familiar with.

"The third stall in the men's restroom."

Bai Yu noticed that something was wrong and immediately got off the elevator. He did not look at the floors closely and only gave a vague answer.

"Wait for me."

Bai Yu who was drunk to the point of being half a body, unluckily lied on the public toilet, vomited into the toilet, and coughed a few times. Not long later, tears started to form on his eyes due to the toilet's smell.

"Bai Yu, open the door!" A familiar male voice came from outside the door.

Bai Yu happily stood up to open the door, but his legs suddenly went soft, and the moment the door opened, he almost knocked over the person outside.

Song Shilin looked at Bai Yu who was in an extremely sorry state, his eyes darkened as he took off his suit jacket and put it on Bai Yu's head.

The tenth and eleventh floors were both contracted for this business gathering.

Guests were received on the tenth floor. The eleventh floor was the resting floor, and if any of the guests were tired, they could directly rest on the eleventh floor.

Song Shilin brought Bai Yu to the eleventh floor and opened up an empty suite. Then, he casually threw the person on the bed.

"What happened tonight, I've done my best." Song Shilin looked at Bai Yu who was sprawled on the bed and asked coldly. His heart was not moved in the slightest, "You settle it yourself, I'll be leaving first."

In truth, Bai Yu was not drunk enough to not recognize this person. He knew this person was Song Shilin.

However, when he saw Song Shilin shaking him off like a bundle, he was instantly enraged.

With that, he jumped up from the bed and threw Song Shilin onto the floor, and both of them fell onto the thick carpet.

Bai Yu used his hand to pull at Song Shilin's face, which was filled with a serious expression, and said hoarsely: "It's been so long, did you miss me?"

The ground was covered with a thick and heavy blanket, so Song Shilin did not fall and get hurt, but subconsciously hugged Bai Yu who was pouncing towards him.

After a long while, Song Shilin furiously glared at him. Using a bit of strength in his hand, he lifted Bai Yu who was pressed on top of him, and got up to leave.

He didn't have time to waste with a drunk.

Bai Yu walked over unrestrainedly, and grabbed Song Shilin by the collar of his suit. He laid on top of's body again, and looked down at him condescendingly: "Did you miss me? "Right."

Just as he was speaking, Bai Yu's hands were also disobediently moving around.

After a while, the indifference in Song Shilin's eyes faded and was replaced with a familiar expression on Bai Yu's face.

Bai Yu laughed satisfactorily as he lowered his head and forcefully kissed Song Shilin.

Song Shilin's eyes dimmed, and in this position, he pressed Bai Yu's head down, and began to chew.

Therefore, Bai Yu + drunk + drugged = Song Shilin turned black.

The next day, when the sun shone through the curtains into the room, Bai Yu finally woke up from last night's party.

Song Shilin opened his eyes. His pitch-black and deep eyes stared fixedly at Bai Yu as he said in a low and hoarse voice, "You're awake?"

Bai Yu awkwardly nodded, he covered his head and sat up, "What time is it?"

Bai Yu clearly remembered what happened last night. However, it was precisely because he remembered them too clearly that he felt so awkward.

When the two of them met earlier, she rejected Song Shilin righteously with her own words. In the end, not long after, he had already rolled over the bed with Song Shilin in tow.

Truly masochistic and heartbreaking.

"It's past eight." Song Shilin took his watch and looked at it, then pulled away his blanket and calmly walked into the bathroom naked.

His lean physique, straight waist, and fair skin were all exposed to the crowd, making it hard for anyone to say anything.

Rubbing his eyes, Bai Yu yawned.


Bai Yu could not care about the discomfort of his body, he pushed away the blanket and jumped out of bed, pushing open the bathroom door, purposely ignoring Song Shilin who was bathing angrily, he leaned over with his head raised.

"It's too late for me. Let me go first." Bai Yu unceremoniously pushed Song Shilin away from the awning, and quickly washed himself standing below.

Song Shilin, "..."

Bai Yu groaned, turned his head to look at him, and spoke with an unconcealable tone of voice: "You stayed in there last night?"

Song Shilin:...

"You haven't washed it for me yet?" Bai Yu was starting to get angry.

Song Shilin took a bath towel and left the bathroom expressionlessly, ignoring him.

Bai Yu pursed his lips, endured the embarrassment, and washed himself clean. Then, putting on the new clothes that Song Shilin had prepared, she walked out of the bathroom and said anxiously, "I'll be going back first."

Song Shilin was sitting on the sofa drinking coffee. Hearing what was said, he glanced at him indifferently, "Let's talk sometime."

Bai Yu paused for a moment when he was about to leave, then opened the door and left after an "oh".

He understood Song Shilin very well.

That was the reason why Song Shilin was so cold to him last night. But due to the things that happened last night, Song Shilin would definitely want to talk to him.

It wasn't because the other party wanted to revive the dead, but because he wanted to reject the potential trouble of a one-night stand.

Yes, in Song Shilin's eyes, right now, he was most likely a nuisance.

However, the current Bai Yu could not care so much, Watermelon was still alone at home, who knew if he would be able to cry.

There was also an explanation to be given to the production crew. His job today was to supplement his shot, which was arranged with Director Hou previously, but in the end ?

Thinking about that, Bai Yu could not help but clap his hands on the steering wheel, his entire body feeling unwell.

While they were on the way, Bai Yu took advantage of the waiting red light to call Director Hou to request for a leave of absence, his tone gentle and attitude extremely low.

This matter was Bai Yu's fault in the first place. In order to prevent any sort of retorts in the future, Bai Yu could only lower his attitude and pretend that he was not doing anything.

Director Hou was more or less unhappy that Bai Yu had placed him like this, but seeing that Bai Yu's attitude was extremely low, his tone became sincere as well. Slowly, his anger dissipated quite a bit.

Not long after hanging up, Bai Yu drove back home, leaving the car park with every step.

He took a big step and was in a hurry. He accidentally pulled the indescribable wound on his back and grimaced in pain.

It hurts, it hurts Grandpa!

Bai Yu endured the pain the entire way, and when he finally opened the door to his house, his head was already drenched in cold sweat.

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