Breaking up, No Joke/C13 【013】 anger
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Breaking up, No Joke/C13 【013】 anger
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C13 【013】 anger

Chapter XIII

Bai Yu limped from the door to the bedroom, but he did not find Watermelon. Furthermore, the entire room was extremely quiet, without any sound at all.

"Watermelon, Bai Yanting? Bai Yanting! "

Bai Yu was anxious to the point that he was sweating profusely.

After a long while, Watermelon's voice came out from Bai Yu's room.

trash daddy Bai Yu's heart suddenly tightened. He hurriedly opened the bedroom, walked in the direction of the voice to the wardrobe, and opened the door.

Watermelon hugged Eggs as he squatted in the wardrobe and cried until he was out of breath. His entire body trembled, and a strand of hair in front of his forehead even shook along with his trembling movements.

Bai Yu felt his heart ache, but he still found it funny. He habitually picked up the Eggs, ignored its whimpering cry, and casually threw it onto the ground before carrying Watermelon.

Watermelon hugged onto Bai Yu's head tightly, "Papa, where ? where are you going ? "Where is it ?"

The crying from before was too fierce, causing Watermelon to be unable to utter a complete sentence when speaking.

Bai Yu kissed his face, but ended up with snot and tears all over his face. He endured it and endured, but he couldn't bear it any longer and went to the bathroom to wipe his face with a wet handkerchief.

"When did you wake up?"

Watermelon was still hiccuping, but his mood had obviously improved when he saw Bai Yu, "It's been a long time, I, I can't find you, Papa."

Bai Yu replied, "Oh, I just went out to run, and accidentally got lost. Sorry, Watermelon."

Watermelon looked wronged, but he still wiped the sweat off Bai Yu's forehead with his hand, "Papa, don't run anymore."

Bai Yu who had already trained his ability to spout lies to perfection felt no guilt in front of his son's gentleness at the moment. He nodded and said: "I won't do it the next time."

The next time he was hit, he would be an idiot!

Eggs suddenly scuttled out from the side and jumped up, grabbing onto Bai Yu's shirt, looking like he was still feeling stupid and proud even before his death.

Bai Yu put Watermelon down, turned and grabbed Eggs, then kicked him out of the bathroom.

Watermelon sat on the washtable in front of the mirror. He reached out his hands to hug Bai Yu, feeling extremely insecure without holding his head.

Bai Yu did not mind, as it was after all, because he had not come back for an entire night.

But then again, who was the owner of the glass of lemonade that he had misused?

Bai Yu lowered his eyes and suppressed the probing and thinking in his eyes. This matter shouldn't be so simple.

However, with his own identity and status, he was completely unable to find out the truth, so Bai Yu could only let go of this matter after thinking about it randomly.

Qi Yan became angry from embarrassment: "I didn't succeed. "After getting beaten up halfway, you have to give me another chance. This time, I will succeed."

The man on the other end of the phone scoffed, "You really think that Song Shilin is your servant? He's not that stupid, he wouldn't give you a second chance to kill him."

Qi Yan retorted, "It's not like he knows that I was the one who did it. There will be a chance for him sooner or later."

The man was speechless at Qi Yan's foolishness, "This matter should be handled slowly, don't let him find out anything. That's it. "

With that, the man hung up the phone.

Qi Yan threw his phone on the ground and snorted.

If not for the fact that this man would help him remove the obstacles and easily allow him to stay by Song Shilin's side, how could he be obedient to such a person?


However, Bai Yu had drank Song Shilin's original glass of lemonade last night, so Qi Yan could only guess, who knew if the other party had slept with someone or with someone else.

Either way, it was disgusting enough just to think about it.

It would be best if he did not find anything wrong with Bai Yu, otherwise, if did not kill this thing that would only cause trouble halfway.

Qi Yan's eyes were cold.

Song Shilin, who had slept a night, was completely unaware that the mastermind behind all of this was none other than Qi Yan. He only returned to the bathroom to take a bath after Bai Yu left.

Song Shilin's wet hair did not dry yet, as he held the goblet and gently sipped the red wine in it, his deep and indifferent eyes filled with anger.

He was not stupid.

Last night at the toilet door, besides being drunk, Bai Yu looked fine. How could he have gotten Chinese medicine just a few minutes after leaving his sight?

Thinking about the waiter who appeared in the corridor with a glass of lemonade in his hand for no reason, and the terrified waiter who was helpless after Bai Yu drank the water in the cup, Song Shilin faintly felt the edge of the truth.

But this kind of thing could not be investigated openly. Song Shilin frowned.

Since it happened in the Imperial City of the century, the target of it was Bai Yu, if people knew about this, no matter if it was the inn or Bai Yu, they would cause a certain amount of damage to their reputation.

Song Shilin bent his finger, and knocked on the table, releasing a thumping sound, the expression on his face became unfathomable.

However, this matter could not be ignored. An investigation was necessary, but it could not be made public. It had to be done secretly.

Since Watermelon had suffered a severe psychological trauma since early in the morning, and coincidentally took another day of leave, he was in a good mood as he accompanied him to stay at home to look at concave-convex and joyous events.

After looking at the Wolf Catching Sheep and the Small Monster for an entire day, Bai Yu was dizzy and he was no longer in the mood to pay attention to the screaming Eggs.

Watermelon sat on the sofa and happily ate the cake until there was only a third of it left. Only then did he reluctantly put the cake in front of Eggs, pouting his lips and watching it eat it with a wagging tail.

Bai Yu stood at the entrance of the kitchen with the kitchen knife in his hand, frowning. "Don't give it cake, its stomach is going to break."

Watermelon turned his head and said: "Last time on my birthday, didn't I also give Eggs the remaining cake in my house to eat?"

Bai Yu returned to the kitchen silently.

Stupid son, the last time I gave it a cake, it was because there was too much left for the two of them to finish. This is a small cake and I don't even have enough to eat it, so why should I eat it? Are you stupid?

After a man and a dog shared a small cake, the revolutionary sentiment improved significantly. When Watermelon took a bath, Eggs was circling the bathtub's side wagging his tail, his dog face full of eagerness.

Bai Yu quickly splashed water on the Eggs, and after seeing it run a little further, he warned it: "Stop! You just stand there and are not allowed to come over. "

Watermelon was unhappy, he struggled to jump out of the bathtub, and wanted to bring Eggs to the bathtub and bathe together with him.

Bai Yu grabbed the pigtails on the back of Watermelon's head. Ignoring his angry gaze, he used his bare hands to destroy the grass, "Obediently bathe, otherwise I will cut off your pigtails and shave your head."

Only then did Watermelon unwillingly sit in the bathtub and play with the ducks. His small mouth was pursed high and his dissatisfaction was clearly expressed in his words, "The Eggs also wants to wash it for nothing."

"He has his own bathtub. He won't wash it with you, so just give up." Bai Yu was extremely cold and merciless, he immediately extinguished the small flame that Watermelon was burning.

Eggs's front legs went soft as he laid on the ground and stared at Watermelon from afar. His face was filled with the desire to be thought of.

After tormenting himself for a while, he finally finished his shower. Watermelon cried out and ran around the living room with Eggs in his arms, barefooted.

Bai Yu frowned, but just as he was about to get angry, his phone suddenly rang, and without looking at the caller ID, he received the call.

Mo Anyu's voice carried a hint of laughter: "Bai Yu, are you coming to the filming crew tomorrow?"

Bai Yu nodded. Before he could reply, the devilish brat ran over from the side with the Eggs in his arms as he shouted loudly, "Papa, quickly come and help bathe Eggs. I want to sleep with him today."

The clear voice of a child passed through Bai Yu's ears and cell phone, and then reached Mo Anyu who was on the other end of the phone.

Mo Anyu, "..."

Bai Yu, "..."

What the f * ck (#)!

A buzzing sound came from his head as regret flooded his mind. Bai Yu could not help but curse at the bottom of his heart why he lost his vigilance so easily.

Mo Anyu who was on the other end of the phone seemed to be in a bit of an awkward situation, it was originally a simple call from a friend, but because he broke the other party's secret, he became extremely awkward.

Bai Yu coughed and took the initiative to break the awkward silence: "My son."

Watermelon's ears were sharp, and hearing that Bai Yu seemed to be introducing himself, he immediately put down Eggs, excitedly ran to Bai Yu's side, and blankly looked up at Bai Yu.

Bai Yu tugged at Watermelon's braid, waiting for his to express his stance.

Mo Anyu said: "You already have a child this early, so it's quite fast."

Bai Yu's eloquence had been frozen in such an awkward moment, and he did not continue the topic.

Mo Anyu slowly asked: "What is the child's name?"

Bai Yu looked at Watermelon's pigtail again, indicating him to answer for himself.

"Watermelon." Watermelon said in a loud and clear voice, his expression was extremely proud, "Uncle, hello."

Mo Anyu laughed softly. Only then did the slight awkwardness between the two of them dissipate quite a bit, "The director asked me if you would come to the crew tomorrow.

Even though he was a little doubtful as to why Mo Anyu would personally tell him about such a small matter, he did not say it out loud. Instead, he nodded his head cheerfully, "Alright, I understand.

Mo Anyu was a little busy at the other side, so after exchanging a few words of greeting, he hung up. It was completely unlike the time when the two of them were casually chatting on the phone.

Bai Yu held the phone, thinking that the other party should be feeling a little awkward, so he did not point it out. Sighing, he carried Watermelon and went to bed with a heavy heart.

These past two days, he had been rather unlucky. Bai Yu couldn't help but think that he might have offended some great god, so he would probably be disappointed no matter what he did.

After hanging up, the previously gentle and gentle Mo Anyu's face suddenly changed color. He swept the wine bottle and cup on the table to the ground, and let out a burst of clear crackling sounds.

Mo Anyu walked to the wine shelf, casually took out a bottle of red wine, opened it and gulped it down.

Previously, he had secretly followed behind Bai Yu, wanting to find out where the other party lived. However, he did not expect to find out that the other party had actually picked up a child.

At that time, it was extremely dark, and he couldn't really see what the child looked like, so he comforted himself that the child was only's relative.

So it turned out that he had disappeared for two years to have children with a wild woman!

The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he became. Mo Anyu suddenly threw the wine bottle on the ground, he panted heavily, his eyes widened, and blood filled the corners of his eyes. He was obviously extremely angry.

How can you give birth to a child without permission!

You are mine!

Mo Anyu's chest continued to move up and down, a ferocious look flashing past his eyes.

With great difficulty, Bai Yu coaxed the child to sleep. Taking the medicine he bought this morning on the way back, he laid on the bed and applied the medicine.

"I always feel a little ashamed." Bai Yu applied the good medicine, and laid on the bed without moving, and started treating himself, "It's fine if I get drugged, but I have to apply the medicine myself, this is bad luck."

Bai Yu rolled over, and looked at the ceiling without blinking, thinking back to last night's incident, he couldn't help but click his tongue, "Waking rain after a long drought, heavenly lightning striking the Earth Fire, how great!"

The shameless Bai Yu continued to think about the night with Song Shilin. With a tilt of his head, he fell asleep.

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