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Breaking up, No Joke/C14 Moisturize
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C14 Moisturize

Chapter XIV

On the next day, after the trash daddy, who had been lonely for two years, was nourished again, he started to unconsciously release his hormones.

Young makeup artist LuLu patted her good friend and muttered, "Why do I feel like it's only been a day, why is he like this ? You're so flirtatious? "

"This is clearly sexy, alright? I won't allow you to insult my god!" The young lady was dissatisfied as she looked at Bai Yu's back figure from afar, her eyes filled with little stars.

LuLu pursed her lips, thinking to herself, she was just a handsome star, with a look of infatuation that hadn't seen a man in eight hundred years, afraid that others wouldn't know that she liked Bai Yu.

Furthermore, Bai Yu was not that handsome, he really did not understand what her infatuation was for.

However, the walking hormone simply did not realize that the eyes of the young lady in the crew were starting to glow green.

Bai Yu, who specialised in breaking flowers, slowly walked in front of Director Hou and asked: "Director Hou, what are you filming today?"

Director Hou did not speak, he walked around Bai Yu a few times and teased: "Just look at how handsome he is. Take a look, a new set of clothes makes him look like a different person."

Bai Yu laughed loudly.

Right now, he was wearing the later stages of Young Marquis's clothing. He was dressed in an elegant and refined ancient red robe with a feminine makeup that suited his current aesthetics. However, as a man, he couldn't bear to see himself wearing such heavy makeup.

Mo Anyu stood in the distance, and the cover over his head covered the haze on his face, so no one noticed that there was something wrong with Mo Anyu's expression.

With his sharp eyes, Bai Yu saw Mo Anyu who was not far away. After hesitating for a moment, he took the script and went to find Mo Anyu, and said: Let's fight, shall we?

Mo Anyu was silent for a moment, then said with a hoarse voice: "No. I have a sore throat. "

Bai Yu asked doubtfully, "Did you catch a cold last night?"

Mo Anyu's voice sounded hoarse, so Bai Yu did not suspect anything.

Mo Anyu did not nod his head or shake it, and only moved his body when he saw Field services running towards him: "Go and film. It's time for the last performance.

In his heart, Bai Yu rather liked Mo Anyu. Most likely, it was because of the kindness the other party showed him at the start, coupled with the times they had spent together, that made him want to befriend the other party.

Therefore, Bai Yu took the initiative to invite them: "After I kill Qing, I'll treat you to a meal alone."

Mo Anyu hurriedly stopped in his tracks, a complex expression on his face, but he was still unwilling to refuse this good opportunity, and said: "Okay."

Bai Yu ate a Calming Pellet and walked beside him. He patted his shoulder and said: "Thank you."

Mo Anyu lowered his eyes.

The Sect Leader of the Witch Church held onto her injured shoulder with one hand and pointed her sword at Gu Chengjing, whom he had trusted the most in the past, but who had now hurt him the most, "Why did you betray me?"

As for Gu Chengjing, whose hands were drenched in blood, he could no longer see the innocence he was protected by his two elder brothers all those years ago.

"The first time we met, I told you that I would definitely take revenge with my own hands one day!" Gu Chengjing looked at the other party, his eyes expressionless.

"You already know about it?" The Sect Leader of the Witch Church sighed, the sword in her hand fell to the ground, her eyes revealing a trace of dejection and disappointment.

"You risked your life to save me from an army of thousands. You taught me everything, and you gave me everything. I once viewed you as my only family in this world."

"But, it was also you who helped that dog-emperor destroy my Gu family and killed two hundred and thirty-nine people! It's all because of you! "

After a moment of silence, he lowered his eyes to hide all his regret and unwillingness. He opened his hands and said: "I'm sorry, I'm willing to use my life to compensate your Gu family with everything ?!"

"I don't want to!" Gu Chengjing was full of malice, he shouted angrily: "Your life is too dirty, I don't want it!"

Taking the chance that Gu Chengjing didn't have time to react, he reached out his palm and swept it mercilessly towards the Witch Church's Hierarch who was standing at the edge of the cliff.

However, in the next second, before the Right Protector could even see his opponent fall off the cliff, he was hit by a palm wind at the center of his body. He rushed towards the cliff and had his life cut off.

The Sect Leader of the Witch Church rushed towards the cliff like a madman.

At that moment of life and death, Gu Chengjing, who had rushed forward to receive the palm strike from the right protector, fell off the cliff.

Gu Chengjing raised his head to look at the Sect Leader of the Witch Church, and said indifferently:

"You saved me before, so I won't kill you."

"There is no longer any meaning for Gu Chengjing to exist in this world. The Gu family has nothing to do with you anymore."

Qi Feng pursed his lips, with his pale white lips, he extended his hand towards Gu Chengjing, "Give me your hand, be obedient!"

However, in the next second, his pupils abruptly dilated as blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

The once Young Marquis, now Gu Chengjing had given up his chance to live. Like a kite with its string cut, he fell.

Three years later, a night of white hair disappeared from the world. No one, including the Witch Church, knew of his whereabouts.

"I came to see you." "I came to see you." "Yes, I came to see you."

The cold wind whistled past, and there was only the sound of the wind on the edge of the cliff.

"Let me look at the wonders of the world that you have not yet seen. I'll take the road you didn't take. You have not experienced it. I will experience it for you. "

He drank all the wine in the bottle in one gulp.

"I only hope that after I enter the Underworld, you'll still be willing to be my brother."

After he finished speaking, Great Sect Leader who had seen all the vicissitudes of life looked deeply behind him. He turned around and left, leaving behind only a lonely back.

The song ended, and the scene began to play back the resolute and sorrowful words that the Young Marquis had said back then, "I want revenge!", as well as the high-spirited Sect Leader of the Witch Church laughing ?

"Ka!" Director Hou shouted with satisfaction as he held his trumpet.

The staff on the side were all red-eyed as they gathered together to discuss the scene in a hushed tone.

The process was too lewd, and the end result was too cruel. The reversal was too big and too hard to bear.

Director Hou walked over and patted Bai Yu's and Mo Anyu's shoulders, "It's still early, make up the few scenes from before. After that, we'll go to Concluding Banquet tonight to eat, and we'll all be there. "

Bai Yu nodded and did not say a word. He was a little unwilling in his heart. After all, in this way, only Watermelon would be left in his family, so he was worried.

However, the film crew's Concluding Banquet could not reject it ? this kind of entertainment was actually essential for an actor.

Mo Anyu glanced at Bai Yu, retracted his gaze, nodded towards the Director Hou, and then returned to his own independent dressing room.

Director Hou smiled awkwardly.

Bai Yu's passion rose once a week along with the number of times the "Young Marquis" was broadcasted, and it was rising to the top at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After the fifth episode's broadcast, Bai Yu's blog fans already increased from two million to six million, and in the movie, Jiao Zhufufu's CP was pushed up to the top of the hot search by the passionate fans.

At the same time, a large number of internet dramas started searching for Bai Yu, but most of them were third-rate scripts, so Bai Yu rejected them all without hesitation.

Bai Yu was very clear that Web TV Show like "Young Marquis" could only be patted once, otherwise, their popularity would decline after he was unduly exposed.

He had to think carefully about the next script before he could be sure.

Mo Anyu worked much more than Bai Yu.

Therefore, when Director Hou invited the two of them to the Concluding Banquet at this time, not only did he want to increase the speed of the conversation, he also wanted to help spread the news for the "Young Marquis".

Bai Yu understood this in his heart, but he could not reveal it on the surface. This was also to prevent gossip about his trump card from spreading and purposefully not participating in the Concluding Banquet s' affair.

As for Mo Anyu, he could reasonably reject the Director Hou's invitation. After all, he had a lot of work to do, and if he wasn't the male lead, it wouldn't matter if he didn't attend the Concluding Banquet.

However, he had come.

In the KTV private room at around 9 pm, Bai Yu was standing at the entrance of the private room. He tried to apologize to Watermelon who had woken up from his comforting dream so he did not notice that Mo Anyu was standing behind him.

"The child is awake?" Mo Anyu lit up a cigarette with the lighter, signaling Bai Yu, who also took one and placed it in his mouth.

Bai Yu faintly said, "Mn. I'll head back early, help me inform the Director Hou. "

"Brother Bai, are you free tomorrow? I'll go to your house to visit my sister-in-law." Mo Anyu asked casually, but only he himself knew how nervous he was.

Bai Yu was startled for a moment, and then explained in an intentional manner: "Children don't have mothers."

Mo Anyu stared blankly at his, the hand in his pocket suddenly clenched as he kept on restraining himself.

Bai Yu laughed deeply on purpose, "Coincidentally, I will also be resting at home tomorrow, if you have nothing else to do, then come and play, there are only two people at home."

Mo Anyu nodded, seeing Bai Yu raise his leg and leave his line of sight, he took out another cigarette and placed it in his mouth, but his hand was shaking continuously, the lighter did not light up even after a long time.

Mo Anyu angrily threw the cigarette in his mouth onto the ground, then stopped smoking.

However, the flame in his heart slowly ignited once again.

Mo Anyu, who had been excited for an entire night, only slowly fell asleep in the early hours of the morning.

At 9 o'clock sharp, Mo Anyu stepped past the time and arrived at Bai Yu's house. With one hand holding a big and small gift, he placed his other hand beside the doorbell. He did not press the button even after hesitating for a long time.

The first time he visited, he was inexplicably scared.

Bai Yu always slept late and woke up late. At nine o'clock, he was still lying in bed, while Watermelon and Eggs ran around the living room.

When the doorbell rang, Bai Yu turned his body. The soundproofing of the house was good, so he didn't hear it at all.

Eggs held the plastic bone in his mouth, and ran to the door howling, his hair standing on end.

Watermelon stood at the side with a straight face and asked: "Who are you looking for?"

Mo Anyu, who was outside the door was stunned for a moment. When he heard the boy's voice from inside the room, he did not react for a moment, and only then did he remember that the boy inside should be Bai Yu's child.

With a softer tone, Mo Anyu said in a low voice: "Hello, I'm your father's friend. Can you open the door for me?"

Watermelon panicked. Stepping on his small slippers, he ran to his bedroom, climbed onto the big bed and sat on Bai Yu's chest, saying: "Papa, Papa, there's an uncle outside."

Bai Yu was still in a daze, feeling as if his chest was being pressed down by a huge rock until he couldn't breathe. After hearing Watermelon's nervous voice, he hurriedly opened his eyes, and was immediately infuriated.

"It's so early in the morning. Do you want to kill your father?" Bai Yu mercilessly pushed Watermelon away from his chest. He sat up, ruffled his messy hair, and walked down from the bed in his boxers.

Watermelon quickly followed Bai Yu, "Papa, Papa, there's an uncle outside."

Bai Yu was startled for a moment, then walked to the profound entrance, opened the door, saw Mo Anyu carrying a large and small bag, and said: "How come it's so early?"

Mo Anyu's forehead was covered in sweat, upon hearing that, he smiled and shook his head, his gaze did not dare to stop on Bai Yu's body, as he was afraid of what he should not see, and said: "Since you have nothing to do at home, you came over earlier."

It was only then that Bai Yu remembered that he was already running out while wearing only his boxers. His old face flushed red as he said, "I'll go in and change my clothes first.

The Eggs stood at Watermelon's feet, pretending to be strong. From time to time, he would bark at Mo Anyu while baring his teeth, showing off the image of a vicious dog in his room to the extreme.

Mo Anyu sat stiffly on the sofa. He did not have the good feeling about the house, so other than revealing a smile on his face when meeting Watermelon for the first time, he did not have any other actions to take.

Watermelon quietly stood at the side, holding a cup of yoghurt in his hand. He wanted to pass it to Mo Anyu, but he did not dare, and could only stand at the side and look at the other party eagerly.

Bai Yu quickly put on his clothes, and used cold water to moisten his hair. He scratched his head a few times, and then walked out to see his guest.

"What's wrong?" Bai Yu sat on the sofa alone, hugged Watermelon and kissed his face as he asked.

Mo Anyu's expression suddenly darkened.

Watermelon shook his head, holding onto the yogurt, unwilling to let go. Therefore, Bai Yu thought that he wanted to drink it, so he did not ask further.

"Let me get you a glass of water. What do you want to drink?" Bai Yu tried to break the awkward silence.

Watermelon took a deep breath, then suddenly extended his hand and handed the bottle of yogurt over to Mo Anyu, as he said eagerly: "Big brother, drink this."

Mo Anyu was startled, he did not like drinking yogurt, and was about to refuse, but he unintentionally saw Watermelon staring at him with a fawning expression, and involuntarily reached out his hand to take the yogurt, "Thank you."

This child really looked like Bai Yu.

It was difficult for him to refuse her.

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