Breaking up, No Joke/C15 【015】 dirty
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Breaking up, No Joke/C15 【015】 dirty
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C15 【015】 dirty

Chapter XV

In the office.

Mr. Zhang sat on the chair, looked at his direct superior Director Liu and asked: "Director Liu, why have you called me here?"

"Bai Yu's recent momentum is really fierce, news about him can be seen all over the place." Director Liu said indifferently, "Lao Zhang, your ability to create stars truly makes me have a whole new level of respect for you."

Mr. Zhang smiled and did not continue.

Director Liu shook his head with a smile, then changed the subject, "However, I heard that Bai Yu's contract is still more than a year away. Have you discussed the issue of renewing the contract with him?"

If it was before Bai Yu made his name known through the Young Marquis, the problem the company had with his renewal would naturally be none other than indifference. But the situation was not the same as before. Bai Yu had become extremely popular, and his popularity was almost at the level of a first tier male star.

Mr. Zhang had been considering this matter for the past few days, but he had not reached a conclusion yet. If he wanted to become a gold medal broker, he would need to get his hands on several shadow emperors, and Bai Yu was currently the right candidate.

However, he did not know if Bai Yu was still willing to sign a contract with the Lianfeng.

Seeing Mr. Zhang's expression, the Director Liu was immediately displeased, and said coldly: "Enough. I don't need to know the process, just tell me the result. "

Mr. Zhang shivered: "I will do my best to convince him!"

Director Liu nodded in satisfaction. After thinking about something, he rolled his eyes and said, "That's right. Old Li had a lot of things to do recently, and he had a lot of new subordinates, so he couldn't take good care of them all. "How about this, during this period of time, you are in charge of a rookie under his command. How about it?"

When did he fall to the point of having to take care of new disciples for Old Li?

As he was thinking, the cubicle door opened, and Ran Fei, who was wearing a white shirt and black pants, blushed slightly, as he walked over and respectfully bowed to Mr. Zhang, "Brother Zhang, hello. I'm Ran Fei, from now on, I will trouble you to take care of me."

Director Liu glanced at Ran Fei's raised butt when he was bowing with an ambiguous look and laughed mischievously.

Mr. Zhang's scalp went numb. Only now did he understand that this newbie's background was definitely not ordinary. Otherwise, how could Director Liu speak up for a newbie like his?

The Director Liu looked at Mr. Zhang and pointed out: "Take good care of the newbie and his future will be limitless."

Ran Fei lowered his head, as though he had been praised to the point of being embarrassed.

Seeing that, the Mr. Zhang could no longer stay, finding a random reason to leave.

He had seen the unspoken rules before, but he had never seen one that was so blatantly unspoken.

Ran Fei nodded towards Director Liu, and after receiving an ambiguous smile, he slowly followed Mr. Zhang out.

There were only two people in the elevator, Ran Fei and Mr. Zhang. Ran Fei suddenly spoke: "I met with Brother Bai at the audition venue of a production team. It's just that at that time, he wasn't on fire."

Mr. Zhang lazily said: "What movie?"

"It's a male urban drama of the Director Wang. At that time, Brother Bai and I were audition for the role of the third male lead in the technical nerd." "I never thought that Brother Bai would become the male lead so quickly. Although he's a Web TV Show, but to be able to get such a result is already not bad."

Mr. Zhang looked at him thoughtfully. When he said these words, both in words and in words, he was belittling the low level of this Web TV Show known as the "Young Marquis". That was why Bai Yu was able to become the male lead and become famous overnight.

It seemed that this new Ran Fei was not someone who was easy to deal with.

Ran Fei smiled, seeing the elevator open with a "ding" sound, he threw Mr. Zhang behind him and took the lead to walk out.

The Mr. Zhang shrugged and followed him.

Watermelon was wearing the dinosaur outfit that Mo Anyu gave him, and wanted to use his hands to feel the tail on his butt. However, even though the tail was short, he was sweating profusely from worry.

Eggs looked at Watermelon, who was covered in green oil, and shouted. Taking the chance when the master of the family was no longer staring at them in the living room, he jumped and bit Watermelon's dinosaur tail.

Watermelon was caught off guard, and his center of gravity was unstable. He swayed left and right, almost falling to the ground.

Eggs bit off the dinosaur's tail and turned the room around with it in his mouth, wagging his tail happily.

Watermelon was so angry that his eyes had turned red as he ran behind it. After chasing it, he twisted into a fight.

Bai Yu was standing at the very moment he was ready to wash the vegetables and eat the hotpot.

Mo Anyu washed all the vegetables and placed them on a plate before continuing to wash them. "I heard that your contract is about to expire in a year, do you want to renew it or find another way?"

Apart from those who had a good relationship with each other in private, it was a taboo for people to talk about such things.

Bai Yu was also a little afraid. He glanced at Mo Anyu, who was seriously washing the corn, and laughed. "I haven't decided yet."

Mo Anyu seemed to not be able to see through his hidden intentions, and continued, "If you want to continue acting, Lianfeng is not the best choice. They have too many unconventional methods, and the resources within the circle aren't very good either. "

Bai Yu was silent.

He had been in the Lianfeng for almost ten years, and during these ten years, he had not moved from the surface to the present.

To be honest, Bai Yu did not have any nostalgic thoughts towards the Lianfeng. If its development was not suitable for him, he would choose to leave without hesitation.

He just hadn't decided where he would go after he left his old boss's house.

Very quickly, Mo Anyu's heartfelt words of consolation successfully countered the caution and wariness in the bottom of Bai Yu's heart.

Bai Yu hesitated for a moment before saying, "I have indeed thought about the question of renewing the contract. "However, he's an old boss who's been working together for ten years after all. If he doesn't want to do it, then so be it. Isn't that so ?"

Mo Anyu nodded in understanding and placed the washed vegetables to the side to let it drain the water. Then he took out a lighter and a cigarette from his pocket, took one out, and lit it with his mouth.

Bai Yu looked at him.

Mo Anyu took out another stick and stuffed it into Bai Yu's mouth, lighting it for him.

The two men holed up in the kitchen and started to chat about life.

"My contract with the Lianfeng is almost here. I don't plan to renew it, but I feel like its development isn't suitable for me." Mo Anyu held onto the cigarette with two of his fingers, and looked at Bai Yu's eyes through the white mist greedily.

Bai Yu lowered his eyes and put away the kitchen knife, while placing the sliced meat on a plate, he said: "Have you considered which house's olive branch you want to take?"

"I believe in your judgement." Mo Anyu laughed, and said with a half-truth: "Wherever you go, I intend to go, to meet a couple of wandering mandarin ducks."

Bai Yu laughed, he did not care about Mo Anyu's words at all, and thought that was joking with him.

Mo Anyu smiled, but didn't mind.

Since he had already paid a visit, he would still have a chance.

After talking for a while, Bai Yu's attitude towards the last line of defense for Mo Anyu became much more amiable. It was obvious that they were close.

"There's still a little more than a year left. Think carefully, there's no rush." Mo Anyu carried the things over to the table.

Bai Yu waved his chopsticks, nodding in agreement: "I'll keep watching, I'll let you know when I get the results."

On the next day, Bai Yu received an urgent notification from the Mr. Zhang, and sent Watermelon to the morning class.

However, just as Bai Yu walked out of the door, he saw the young Teacher Chen leaning against the wall, unblinkingly staring at him. Frowning, Bai Yu stepped away from her.

Teacher Chen stopped Bai Yu, his face full of grievance: "I want to talk to you."

"There's nothing to talk about between us." Bai Yu looked around, his face covered with sunglasses and an expressionless face.

"I was in the wrong with what happened with Watermelon previously. I have indeed failed my duty a little, but this is not entirely my fault!" The young Teacher Chen's tone was rather agitated.

"Oh?" Bai Yu sneered.

Hearing that, Bai Yu was not in a rush. He wanted to hear what the female teacher was going to say to him. Smiling like that, Bai Yu started to head towards the backyard.

Teacher Chen was taken aback at first, but when he realized that Bai Yu was going towards the backyard, he immediately followed him.

At this time, there were no children playing in the backyard, so it was the best place to talk.

"Watermelon got blocked up in the men's restroom. It's impossible for a female teacher to follow him to the men's room, right? This is unfair! " The more Teacher Chen spoke, the more wronged he became.

After the incident with Watermelon, the Principal was a little dissatisfied with her, and even wanted her to take the initiative to leave her post a few times during their conversation. She didn't want to lose her job, so after a few hesitations, she finally made up her mind to show off her weakness to Bai Yu.

Bai Yu leaned his back on the slide, "Is that all?"

Teacher Chen glanced at Bai Yu unhappily when he heard this.

"What is your goal?" Bai Yu didn't believe that the Teacher Chen only wanted to explain to him.

Teacher Chen lowered his head and carefully said: "I want you to help me speak up for the Principal. I really have no other way."

Bai Yu nodded with a cold smile, then said: "Listen to my point of view first."

"Firstly, after Watermelon suffered, why didn't you inform me in time?"

Teacher Chen's mouth moved, wanting to explain. But Bai Yu didn't listen to her explanation at all and continued on his own.

"Secondly, Watermelon was taken away by my friend. Why did you still not inform me in time?"

Teacher Chen's head was covered in cold sweat. He stuttered and was unable to say a single word. In the end, he could only lower his head in embarrassment.

Bai Yu took a deep breath, and said "I am a gentleman" three times to himself before he managed to suppress his anger at Teacher Chen.

"If there's nothing important in the future, I hope you won't stop me." Bai Yu looked at the shocked Teacher Chen, and then left with big strides.

He didn't want to spend a minute with this young female teacher.

To do something wrong is not to take responsibility, but to shirk responsibility!

Bai Yu suspected that with her work attitude, how could she get along well with little friends? How could he really like children!

Teacher Chen stood in place, his face flushed red with anger at what Bai Yu had just said.

How could he treat her like this!

After a fit of rage, Bai Yu sat on the main driver's seat. He didn't start the car in a hurry, and leaned on the chair, exhaling a deep breath.

It was probably because he was so infuriated by this lady's actions that Bai Yu had lost control of himself.

After sitting blankly for a while, Bai Yu stepped on the throttle and jumped out.

After the movie's popularity increased, Bai Yu's position in the company skyrocketed. From the company's main hall to the Mr. Zhang's office, there were people who enthusiastically greeted Bai Yu. Bai Yu's attitude was neither cold nor hot, and these people did not mind.

Pushing the door open, Bai Yu walked in.

Mr. Zhang sat on the desk. Seeing Bai Yu walk in, his attitude was warm and he seemed to be trying to flatter him, "I made you a cup of tea. Try it."

Bai Yu took a sip of the tea, "Why are you looking for me?"

"Let me introduce you to a new person." The Mr. Zhang didn't smile at all. He was worried that Bai Yu wouldn't agree to his suggestion of bringing Ran Fei along, so he was a little perturbed in his heart. But since the Director Liu had already spoken, he couldn't possibly go against their wishes.

"I don't want to see it." Bai Yu rejected him. He was not stupid, he would not give half of the resources that he had spent so much effort on to a new person.

"Director Liu has opened his mouth, more or less, it's time for you to meet that newbie." Mr. Zhang didn't forget to take him out.

Bai Yu laughed, and did not continue.

Mr. Zhang was a bit embarrassed, he grumbled in his heart about how Bai Yu still didn't know how to read people's faces, and didn't even give him a chance to take a step down.

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