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Breaking up, No Joke/C17 017 variety
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C17 017 variety

Chapter XVII

The assistant that was assigned to Bai Yu, Xiao Zhang, ran over and opened the car door for Bai Yu.

Seeing Bai Yu getting on the car, the driver Xiao Li stepped on the throttle and drove out steadily.

Bai Yu was very satisfied with the two male assistants that the company assigned to him. He himself was a man, and he also liked men.

Especially Xiao Zhang and Xiao Li, not only were their hands and feet nimble, they were also very quiet. Unless it was absolutely necessary, they would not speak up to disturb Bai Yu's rest.

"Any plans for tomorrow?" Bai Yu leaned on the chair and closed his eyes to rest.

Xiao Zhang flipped open the schedule, and quickly said: "Recording the latest issue of the Breaking Dawn Challenge will take three hours, we need to be there during the afternoon practice, and also need to familiarize ourselves with the script s."

The Break Up Challenge was the most popular variety show in the country. There were three hosts in total, and they invited several celebrities and idols to play games every episode. They also wanted to advertise the works brought by the artists.

Bai Yu opened his bloodshot eyes. Today, he had audition for the role of a famous male lead, it was an ancient costume TV series modified from a historical drama.

The play spans a lot of years. From sixteen to sixty-six, not only will the appearance change, but the performer's understanding of the character will also change with the age, which requires a very high acting skill to control the character.

Bai Yu was a little perturbed by his performance today.

His acting was much better than the large curry he met during the audition today. Although it could not be said that he was instantly reduced to slag, his acting was still somewhat immature.

Bai Yu faintly felt that the possibility of him getting this role was low. However, he was very fond of this role and would be very unhappy if he did not get it.

Xiao Zhang could sense that Bai Yu was not in a good mood. He shut his mouth and sat down awkwardly at the side, trying to reduce the feeling of his own existence.

Bai Yu's family still had Watermelon, so he had only asked them to send him to the entrance of the residential complex before going back. He had never invited them to visit him either.

Xiao Zhang muttered in his heart as he watched Bai Yu's figure disappear into the night.

He didn't know what was wrong with this young master, he would only ask them to send him to the door before sending him away. After working for so many days, she actually did not even know where Bai Yu's home was.

Xiao Li looked at Xiao Zhang who was rolling his eyes, sneered, and stepped on the gas pedal to leave.

They were the workers, so it was better for them not to get involved in the matters of their employers.

After using the key to open the door, Bai Yu stood at the profound entrance, looked around the living room before changing his shoes.

Eggs wagged his tail, and with the plastic bone he loved the most, he revolved around Bai Yu.

Bai Yu tiptoed into Watermelon's room, pushed open the door, and watched the soundly sleeping Watermelon from afar. After walking in, he helped him cover himself with the blanket, then brought Eggs out.

Lying on the sofa, Bai Yu felt his whole body turning soft, his expression looking tired.

When I wasn't working, I kept talking about getting back to work. However, when he really returned to his job, he wasn't used to leaving early and returning late, a day where he couldn't even see his son face to face.

However, Bai Yu was very clear that this was just an appetizer. When it was time for him to go on a business trip to film, he probably wouldn't see his foolish son for ten to fifteen days.

For the first time, Bai Yu began to consider whether or not he should arrange for Watermelon to go to boarding school. After all, the nature of his work in the future might cause him to not be able to return home.

Around 3 in the afternoon, Bai Yu arrived at the recording stage for the Breaking Dawn Challenge Competition. The people recording this episode were not only him, but also the man in the survival drama, Qi Yan, Ran Fei.

The host was two men and one woman. Lin Yi who was in charge of controlling the field, Chu Xiaoxiao who was in charge of heating up the field, and Jiao Li who was in charge of warming up the field.

Chu Xiaoxiao was still putting on makeup, so the one in charge of communicating with Bai Yu were Lin Yi and Ran Fei was in charge.

Qi Yan, who had arrived late, communicated with Chu Xiaoxiao, who had coincidentally finished putting on makeup.

At six in the evening, the big breakup challenge began recording.

As one of the top variety shows in the country, the recording venue for each episode of the Break Up Challenge is almost full.

The three hosts took the stage first. After the simple opening speech, Qi Yan, as the male lead, took the stage first.

As a newcomer, although Ran Fei's popularity was low, his facial features were exquisite, and his looks could be considered that of a second round beautiful youth. Therefore, there was quite a lot of applause when he appeared on the stage.

Bai Yu went on stage.

The stage lights suddenly dimmed, and in the next second, a gentle light shone down from the center. Bai Yu stood under the light with the microphone in his hand, and said with a cold voice, "Hello everyone, I am Bai Yu."

With that, the surrounding lights lit up.

The entire audience went silent for three seconds, then screamed at the same time: "AHH, Young Marquis!"

Qi Yan slightly lowered his head, as he moved slightly with his movements, covering the indifference in his eyes.

Ran Fei's expression was extremely complicated.

Bai Yu was also startled, he was busy with work these few days, so he did not bother to board the blog, and did not pay attention to the changes on the network, so he naturally did not know that his popularity was high.

"Wow, Bai Yu is so popular, your monkey fans almost overturned the roof of our recording hall." Lin Yi walked out, and wrapped his arm around Bai Yu's shoulder, and the two brothers patted Bai Yu's shoulder.

"Speaking of which, I'm also following Young Marquis's movie, Missus Mentor, can you reveal the direction of the plot to this subordinate? Recently, Jiao Zhufufu has been sending less and less candy, and is seriously requesting for a happy ending. " Lin Yi teased, "Say, do you guys think so?"

The fans screamed, "Yes!"

Jiao Zhufufu, this man, had become famous along with the Young Marquis, which was why he was used as a topic at this time.

A proper peddling can increase the enthusiasm of your fans.

"Haha, I don't dare to reveal the plot at this time, otherwise Director Hou might send me a blade." With regards to Lin Yi's friendly assistance, Bai Yu was naturally willing to accept it.

Chu Xiaoxiao walked over, took the opportunity to touch Bai Yu's chest, and said while holding onto the topic: "I touched Sect Master's wife's chest muscles. Everyone, do you think that Great Sect Leader would grant me a foot of red in the middle of the night?"

"A Zhang red is something bestowed by the Queen Mother. In the martial arts world, it is usually the Red Crane Head!" Bai Yu took the initiative, and countered the attack.

At the side, Qi Yan and Ran Fei who were being ignored had their faces turn black, but luckily the cameras did not record their ashen expressions, more or less, they were left with some face.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Lin Yi stealthily brought up the topic, while Bai Yu remained calm and continued to stand at the side.

"I heard that you're acting as a teacher from ancient times and modern times, Qi Yan. You're really adorable. After seeing the trailer, my appetite was lifted. I'm so looking forward to it."

Qi Yan laughed, but just as he was about to answer, he heard Ran Fei cut in, and he immediately held his breath, unable to move.

"This movie has been going on for more than two months. I watched Brother Qi and Brother Bai on the side, laughing from beginning to end." Ran Fei said with a smile, as if he did not notice in the slightest that Qi Yan was about to get angry.

Lin Yi laughed, his expression did not change.

Bai Yu lowered his eyes, watching the show.

Lin Yi was busy saving the situation, and after teasing him for a bit, he laughed: "Alright, now let us enter the first part of the game, split up and guess."

The Break Up Challenge is a popular variety show in the country. In addition to inviting artists to a simple conversation every episode, the host also plays games with them.

The separation guessing game center is to let the host and guests split into two teams, after seeing the big screen questions, rush to answer.

There were a total of five questions. If the opponent answered the wrong questions, the team would deduct 1 point from the points accumulated by the opponent.

End of grouping. Lin Yi led Chu Xiaoxiao and Ran Fei. Qi Yan led Bai Yu and Jiao Li.

Ran Fei laughed and said: "Sigh, the directing group's question is simpler, I can't handle the difficult question with my IQ."

Chu Xiaoxiao laughed and hit him, "Are you stupid, insulting yourself in front of your opponent?"

Sparse laughter rang out, instantly turning the atmosphere silent.

Jiao Li was an expert at sneering, when the situation was awkward he was going to save the situation.

Jiao Li and Jiao Li then embraced Bai Yu's shoulders and leaned towards Bai Yu: "Young Marquis, now that my looks have entered the palace, can I become the next Demon Concubine?" After he finished speaking, he even gave Bai Yu a coquettish look.

"This generation of Demonic Monks is also not bad, why must they cleanly enter the palace?" Bai Yu continued, and then Jiao Li chased after him as he ran across the entire arena.

The fans below the stage covered their faces and cried out loudly.

Qi Yan who was at the side had a strange expression on his face.

He was clearly the main character, but these people's topic had revolved around Bai Yu from the very start, treating him as if he was transparent!

And there was also Ran Fei, who appeared to be an obedient junior below the stage. In the end, when he went up on stage, he was busy trying to snatch his camera and steal the topic, he was also a black-hearted person.

After playing around, the game officially started.

"The first question, what is the fundamental difference between the great challenge three years ago and the great challenge now?"

Bai Yu answered instantly: "Time."


Ran Fei immediately said, "The difference between three years ago and three years later."


Jiao Li laughed loudly.

Chu Xiaoxiao said, "The guests invited are different."


Bai Yu hesitated and said: "The host has aged three years?"

Chu Xiaoxiao stared angrily, but her eyes suddenly lit up, "Congratulations, your answer is correct."

The audience laughed out loud. No one expected that the answer to this question would be so strange.

"..." Last question. I would like to ask when the male survival drama will officially start! "

Qi Yan opened his mouth: "The day after tomorrow at 8 PM."

"Congratulations to you for answering correctly!"

After the test session ended, Chu Xiaoxiao shouted at the top of her lungs that the directing group was not finished with you. The fundamental difference between three years ago and three years later was that the host was actually old.

As the team leader of the winning team, Qi Yan had 10 seconds to wait for the second game to start. The losing team could only wait by the side for 10 seconds.

The second game ? the three of them trying to catch up ? began.

Relying on the advantage of his good waist and long legs, Bai Yu took a step forward and instantly grabbed the balloon five meters away. Then, he tied the three balloons together and carefully placed them under his armpits, avoiding the small obstacle on the ground, he ran in front of Qi Yan and handed the balloon to him.

Qi Yan took the balloon and jumped onto the jumping bed. According to the rules, the balloon must be tucked under his armpit and he had guaranteed that he wouldn't drop the balloon or explode the balloon during the jumping process.

Not long later, Qi Yan started to pant from exhaustion.

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