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Chapter XIX

Song Shilin was dressed in gray casual clothes, and the usually indifferent and distant aura he gave off had now completely disappeared.

Watermelon pounced forward and hugged Song Shilin's leg, "Uncle Song, do you live here too?"

The awkwardness in Bai Yu's heart became even more intense. He originally thought that he was just here to meet his new neighbor, but in the end, he actually bumped into his predecessor's gun.

Song Shilin looked at Bai Yu and Bai Yu, a glint of understanding flashed past his eyes, then turned sideways and said, "Come in and take a seat."

After breaking up, they still had a one-night stand, so they wouldn't be too cold after meeting each other.

Bai Yu nodded and walked in. Looking at the simple and concise decorations, he asked: "Why did you move here?"

"The original apartment was leaking, so I bought this one." Song Shilin said indifferently, after pouring the two of them a cup of warm water, he sat on the sofa and did not speak anymore.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

"Uncle Song, do you still remember me?" Watermelon liked Song Shilin a lot so he walked over and laid on's knees. The little Peach Blossom Eye blinked.

Song Shilin caressed his hair and said: "I remember."

After saying that, Song Shilin turned to look at Bai Yu, and said: "I didn't know you were staying here beforehand."

This was probably the most obvious progress Song Shilin had made in the past two years.

After hearing Song Shilin's explanation, Bai Yu's mind drifted for a moment, and then he smiled. I don't mind. "

Song Shilin looked at the Bai Yu who was obviously not in his best condition, and retracted his gaze. He carried Watermelon and took out a tablet from the study. After downloading a puzzle game, he handed it over to Watermelon and said: "Go and play with it."

Watermelon's eyes lit up, his heart was filled with joy, but he did not dare accept the tablet without permission, and looked at Bai Yu with anticipation.

Bai Yu was not lacking in money to buy electronic products, but he was worried that Watermelon would see something that he shouldn't have seen when he was playing games online. Or indulging in games that lead to myopia, which is why I never let him play with these things.

But now, with regards to the flatboard that Song Shilin offered him, Bai Yu was unable to say anything against it, and could only say: "We can only play for fifteen minutes, in fifteen minutes we have to go to the balcony to take a look, do you understand?"

Watermelon was full of joy as he played games on the carpet.

Song Shilin took a sip of his coffee and suddenly said: "You taught him very well."

If he wasn't certain that Song Shilin didn't know anything, Bai Yu would have thought that Song Shilin was using his other father's role to talk to him.

Bai Yu smiled: "Thank you."

Song Shilin lowered his eyes, and could not see the undercurrent in the depths of his eyes, "Regarding my child, are you really unwilling to give me an explanation?"

"The wrong beginning, the right choice, and a good ending. There's nothing to explain." Bai Yu said indifferently, he was unwilling to discuss this topic in front of Watermelon.

Song Shilin's face did not change, it was impossible to tell whether he was happy or angry.

Bai Yu shot a glance at him before quickly retracting his gaze. In his heart, he felt that Song Shilin's thoughts were becoming more and more difficult to guess at every year.

Watermelon pursed his lips and ran over to look for Bai Yu, "Papa, I'm hungry and I want to eat."

The tablet that was previously treated as a treasure by Watermelon was casually thrown on the carpet, and it was so lonely that it seemed to be mocking some people.

Bai Yu nodded and nodded at Watermelon's head. Say goodbye to uncle first, then we'll go back. "

Watermelon opened his eyes wide, "Aren't we going to eat at uncle's house?"

Bai Yu coughed once, thinking: Who instigated the thought in his foolish son's mind, why is it that all the doors are filled with people wanting to eat at someone's house?

Song Shilin hesitated as he took out his mobile, "I just ordered a pizza, if you don't mind, let's stay for a meal."

Watermelon let out a small cheer before running back to the carpet. He picked up the tablet and continued playing the game.

Ding dong. The doorbell rang.

Bai Yu suddenly stood up and said: "It should be due to the takeout. I'll go open the door."

Song Shilin sat on the sofa without moving, he did not remind Bai Yu that this was not his home, as his actions had already been reversed.

When Bai Yu opened the door, he did not pay any attention to the person who came. Instead, he lowered his head and took out some money from his pocket and asked: "How much is it?"

After a long while, when he did not get a reply, Bai Yu raised his head and realised that the person who just came was not the delivery boy, but Qi Yan.

Qi Yan did not expect that the one who opened the door was not Song Shilin, but Bai Yu. He was stunned.

"Why are you here!" Qi Yan shouted in anger.

After hearing Qi Yan's voice, Song Shilin, who was sitting on the sofa, glanced at Watermelon who was lying on the carpet and frowned.

Song Shilin walked over, coaxed Watermelon into his study to play games, then walked out.

Bai Yu only reacted after he was scolded in full force by Qi Yan. With a cold voice, he said, "Qi Yan, clean your mouth."

Song Shilin appeared and stood behind Bai Yu.

From Qi Yan's point of view, it was as if Song Shilin was protecting Bai Yu, going against him.

Qi Yan became anxious and said: "Song Shilin, the reason you came to my new home with me on your back, is because you want to have a reunion with Bai Yu. Do you not even put me in your eyes?"

Song Shilin looked at Qi Yan, his deep eyes seemed to be able to see through his opponent's heart, cold and wise.

Qi Yan could not help but panic as he took a step back, "Why did you betray me!"

"I have nothing to do with him. This is your personal matter, don't involve me. " Bai Yu fretted, and then he was about to leave, but Song Shilin grabbed onto his arm. The other party used too much strength, causing Bai Yu to be unable to break free.

Qi Yan watched the dog-boy duo flirt in front of him, until his eyes turned red from anger.

Song Shilin seemed to be explaining to Bai Yu, but also seemed to be expressing his dissatisfaction with Qi Yan.

"Qi Yan, I have done enough for you." Song Shilin seemed to be implying something, "I have received all the rewards that you have given me."

"This, this, don't push the blame onto me!" Qi Yan panicked, thinking, could it be that Song Shilin found something?

However, what he had done was so covert, how could Song Shilin know!

In an instant, Qi Yan's mind was filled with panic after being discovered.

Bai Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked at him, not even bothering about Song Shilin who was grabbing onto his hand without letting go, and thought to himself, the other party seems to be harboring some sort of secret.

Song Shilin said: "I only moved here last night. It's only been a short while, how did you know? "

Qi Yan's mouth slightly opened as he muttered in a low voice: "I'm worried that you've been tricked by someone with ill intentions. Xia Shou, can you not misunderstand me?"

A certain unscrupulous person was unhappy and mocked, "You can't steal a chicken or eat rice if you want to. You men can't even control your own men. Pfft."

Qi Yan glared at Bai Yu, "Shut up!"

A dark look flashed past Bai Yu's eyes, but he did not go berserk on the spot.

's heart was filled with anger. Clearly, his previous plans were in order, as long as Song Shilin drinks the cup of water, he would completely belong to Song Shilin.

But what the heck was Bai Yu, the bitch, doing here?

If Bai Yu had not intervened, he and Song Shilin would not be at this stage today!

Bai Yu, the jinx!

Song Shilin was sick of it and was unwilling to explain more, "Go back first. Since it's already over, there's no need to start again."

After saying that, Qi Yan looked on in disbelief as Song Shilin tightly shut the door.

Bai Yu folded his arms across his chest and repeated what Song Shilin had just said, "Since it's already over between us, there's no need to start again."

Song Shilin's expression did not change, "Mhm."

Bai Yu sneered, then turned and returned to the living room. Looking around, he did not see Watermelon.

"He's in the study." Song Shilin took out a bottle of red wine from the wine shelf, poured two cups, and drank one cup by himself.

Bai Yu who had gotten addicted to drinking couldn't help but walk over. He picked up his goblet and took a sip of the red wine, then prodded Song Shilin on the shoulder and said, "This wine of yours is a bit too strong for you."

Song Shilin nodded and continued to pour a cup, saying, "It's been two years, how have you been?"

Bai Yu chuckled, he swirled the red wine in his cup and spoke in melancholy: "It's alright, no matter how bitter it is, it's enough."

"Why did you leave for two years?" Song Shilin said, his bloodshot eyes a little dazed, "I always thought that you were just here to relax, and would be back very soon."

Bai Yu turned his head to look at Song Shilin, knowing full well that this was their best chance to break through the ice.

Perhaps these words were the biggest concession that an old-fashioned, indifferent, and even prim man could make.

If he was willing to open his mouth, they could start over again.

However, things were different. How could he dare to hold his secret with Song Shilin?

Bai Yu deliberately ignored the little person who was begging at the bottom of his heart, and deliberately ignored the hint of joy at the bottom of his heart, as he rejected: "I already have Watermelon."

"Yes." Song Shilin retracted his gaze, and after a long while, he picked up the wine bottle and drank the wine in the cup, no longer giving any hints.

These words were the biggest concession this man had made. Besides that, he would not show any sign of weakness.

An invisible thread connected the two of them completely snapped with a bang.

Bai Yu's mouth was filled with a bitter taste. He stood up and blurted out, "Next time if you have the chance, come visit your house. I'll bring him back first."

Song Shilin did not turn back to look at Bai Yu, and indifferently said: "Alright."

Bai Yu stood where he was and looked at Song Shilin's back. After a long while, he turned around and left in the direction of the study, carrying Watermelon.

Watermelon laid on Bai Yu's back, reluctantly waved at Song Shilin: "Goodbye Uncle Song, I will bring Eggs to play with you next time."

Qi Yan stood at the bottom of the stairs and said: "Bai Yu is indeed back together with Song Shilin. I had said before that I must stop Bai Yu from returning to the Hua City again.

The voice on the other end of the phone was filled with displeasure: "Qi Yan, do you know who you're talking to?"

Qi Yan trembled, and said weakly: "But I can't hold it in, I just need to think of the two of them in the same house, and I won't be able to take it!"

"Trash!" The other side of the phone said angrily, "You can't even take a man, what use is there if I want you!"

Qi Yan was unwilling to speak, obviously dissatisfied with his opponent's accusation.

"I told you before to calm down and not act rashly. Why didn't you listen?" After a while, the other side calmed down and said, "The day after tomorrow, I will return home. At that time, you come find me."

Qi Yan nodded in agreement.

"Don't worry about Bai Yu, I have my own arrangements." "I'll give you one last chance. If you miss it, then you won't have any value in using it."

After saying that, the person on the other end of the phone hung up.

Qi Yan kept his phone, with a wooden face he walked towards the entrance, the monstrous jealousy that was eating away his reason.

Bai Yu, I am in trouble, but you better not think about it either!

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