Breaking up, No Joke/C20 020 Detonation
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Breaking up, No Joke/C20 020 Detonation
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C20 020 Detonation

Chapter XX

Just as Bai Yu's career was at its peak, a blog named "Big mouth loves information" suddenly cast a vote # Bai Yu on entertainment industry.

— — Big mouth Love information. This blog specialized in the matters of the information s, especially the face smacking celebrities.

For example, last May, the Big Mouth Love information exposed the black history of a pure female star. It pointed out that when the other party wasn't working, they liked to go to bars and would often take in different men's rooms.

The image of the pure female star that was formed for many years was immediately destroyed by the Marketing Number s.

Not long after, the actress was bombarded by angry netizens and attacked by black powder's language. But now, even though she was still in the middle of filming, she no longer had the role of a female lead.

His image fell and his status fell. He went from chasing after everyone to fighting with everyone for only a day.

In March of this year, the Big Mouth Love information once again sent a blog, which only contained a short sentence: I don't believe that this is a chance encounter where one leaves just like that. What do you guys think? Attachment Diagram]

In the long diagram, a beautiful female star was holding onto the arm of a tall and handsome male star. From time to time, she would whisper into his ear. Her attitude was very intimate. The loving affection between the two of them was enough to blind a passerby.

However, if male star didn't have a wife waiting to give birth and a female star didn't have a boyfriend for five years, he would be a match made in heaven.

A wife with a pregnant husband cheating, such things are common in contemporary society, and people can be angry at any time.

When the information appeared, the male and female artists that went off the rails immediately fell into a state of absence.

Not long after, male star began to cry to the media, expressing his guilt and regret. He also promised that he would return home and not make any mistakes.

male star's wife chose to forgive for some unknown reason.

But the actress did not have such a good fate. The society's demands on women are high, and the mistakes made by the actress are not forgiven by angry netizens.

A bad woman who seduced someone else's husband was not qualified to be forgiven!

Not long after, male star started a small company and was no longer exposed to the flashing lights. The female star chose to close the blog comments and continued to stay in entertainment industry to film.

Angry netizens, however, were not happy to buy the actress's play. The TV comments were all about insulting the actress, rising from me to the rest of her family. The language was crude, sharp, and unrelenting.

Returning to the main topic, this time, Bai Yu, the blog who loved information, sent a # Bai Yu to the entertainment industry to vote, which instantly made Bai Yu's whole body break out in cold sweat.

Big Mouth Love information: Let's vote, everyone take a look at the map before casting. Attachment Diagram]

At the entrance of a Milk Tea Shop, outside of a filming studio, Bai Yu was carrying a two year old Watermelon as he spoke.

Perhaps it was because of the angle, but the long diagram only captured Watermelon's back. The only positive image was very blurry.

Ye Zichen's phone fell onto the floor with a "Bada". Watermelon looked over in confusion.

Bai Yu smiled at him and picked up his phone with a panicked expression.

It was due to his carelessness that Song Shilin had sent the children to Young Marquis's shooting ground. At that time, Bai Yu did not think too much into it, which was why he left a clue for paparazzi who was secretly taking pictures.

Bai Yu pursed his lips and pondered.

He had thought of finding a suitable opportunity to bring Watermelon under the light. This way, when it was convenient to film, he could bring Watermelon to the filming crew to watch, without having to hide anything anymore.

However, Bai Yu had yet to figure out how to expose Watermelon's existence, nor did he think of the best solution!

Therefore, now was not the time to expose Watermelon.

Because he could not guess where public opinion would end up!

Bai Yu was getting anxious.

[Hoho, there's another one who is secretly married. A few days ago, he was busy creating hype with Mo Anyu, but now, he was slapped in the face. How disgusting!]

[No one has said that the child in your arms must be your own child, possibly a child of your relatives and friends. Before the truth is revealed, everyone must not break any rules.]

Disgusting!" Bai Yu, f * ck off to entertainment industry!

[# Bai Yu, f * * k off to the entertainment industry, # Chenchen, expresses that she doesn't like celebrities like him, who only know how to do things in front of others.]

The latest vote for blog quickly became a hot topic, and Bai Yu fell into a dire situation.

Right now, the internet was filled with news about Bai Yu's negative news. From the school portraits filmed when he was 16 years old to the male survival plays, from his acting skills to his character, they were all dug out and commented on.

Mr. Zhang said calmly, "This is too sudden, someone must have intentionally bought the navy to kill you. You should focus on reading the script for the next few days, don't go online for now."

Bai Yu said it while holding the phone. Then, he signaled Watermelon to peel the orange for him. As he peeled it, he said, "I know."

"Also, regarding the photo on the internet, I will contact the media to call for a press conferences. When the time comes, just speak your mind." Mr. Zhang made the arrangements.

"Right now is the critical period for your career to rise. Don't let these things affect you!"

Bai Yu hung up and pressed the hang up button. Before Mr. Zhang could call, he started a video call.

Mr. Zhang's angry expression appeared on the screen as he roared, "Bai Yu, what are you doing!"

Bai Yu switched the video to Watermelon's face and showed him a profile. After pausing for five seconds, he said: "This is my son, he's almost two years old."

Mr. Zhang's heart was filled with thoughts: Luckily, press conferences has not been called, otherwise, it would really be a disaster.

"What are you going to do?" After taking a deep breath, Mr. Zhang raised his eyebrows and said, "I can't release the news that you have a son right now. As long as you don't admit it yourself, there's no point in skipping it. "

Mr. Zhang was a smart person. He understood the purpose of Bai Yu's actions, so he was smart enough not to ask Watermelon about his existence.

Bai Yu stood up, walked to the balcony and said, "I'll buy two Marketing Number and hundreds of thousands of water army later. I'll divert everyone's attention away from me first."

"Alright." Mr. Zhang agreed happily.

"They don't have a headshot of a child, so they can't do much. But I'm not going to keep my children hidden. " Bai Yu recounted.

"But you are only twenty-five and are currently in a good mood. You cannot announce your marriage. This is very irrational!" Mr. Zhang shouted.

"The child has no mother, only me." Bai Yu said, "I still haven't figured out how to expose my son. Lao Zhang, I can't leave the child alone at home forever. "

Mr. Zhang's breathing quickened, and only after a long while did he finally reply in a hoarse voice, "Okay. I will think of a way. Don't act recklessly first. "

Bai Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Lao Zhang had been in this circle for so many years. As long as he agreed to help, things would be much easier to solve.

"I'll take care of this first." Mr. Zhang continued to talk for a while before suddenly saying, "Oh yeah, think about the issue of renewing the contract."

After saying that, Mr. Zhang hung up the phone without waiting for Bai Yu's reply.

Qi Yan was satisfied to see the public comments online going in the direction he had expected. His mouth curved into a smile as he took out a tablet and paid the bill for buying the water army.

Originally, Qi Yan only wanted to buy some water army, black one black Bai Yu, to show him a little bit of color. In the end, he did not expect that his big mouth, which just so happened to love the information, would come and join in on the fun as well.

As this matter became more and more serious, Qi Yan's heart also became happier and happier.

However, Qi Yan wasn't happy for long, but the person behind him was angry.

The man's clear and gentle voice became depressed, it was obvious that he was not lightly angered, "You piece of trash, didn't I tell you not to touch Bai Yu, don't touch Bai Yu, did your brain get caught by the door?!"

Qi Yan's face suddenly changed, "Mo Anyu, we were previously in a cooperative relationship, each taking what we need, you don't have the right to order me!"

Mo Anyu sneered, "If I told Song Shilin about you secretly harming him, do you think he would show mercy to you due to their past relationship?"

"If you dare to tell him, I will declare to the entire world that you, Mo Anyu, are a complete pervert, following behind Bai Yu like a dog!"

Mo Anyu's tone was full of danger, "Qi Yan, do you really think I don't dare to attack you?"

Qi Yan directly tore open his face with this hypocrite and retorted, "Mo Anyu, if you dare to touch me, I will pull you and Bai Yu and you will be buried with me!"

"Also, go back and tell that bitch Bai Yu to stop staring at other people's boyfriend like a dog. It's not like he's a female cousin, it's better to be a little more reserved!"

Mo Anyu was enraged, "Scram!"

"I failed to plan for the night of the century-old wine party, but Bai Yu succeeded. They stayed in the same room for an entire night!" Qi Yan gritted his teeth as his eyes turned red.

"Also, Song Shilin is living next door to Bai Yu now. No one would believe them if they said that there were no problems before!"

Mo Anyu subconsciously clenched his fingers, which made a creaking sound that made people's scalps go numb.

"Is it hard to learn that a person who has been yearning for so long, is lying under someone else's body while enjoying himself?" Qi Yan mocked, "Mo Anyu, you also have such a day!"

With that, Qi Yan hung up.

Mo Anyu suddenly remembered that the day after the night that Qi Yan was going to make his move, Bai Yu had asked for a full day's leave.

Bai Yu, who was always on time, was not only late when the construction started, but his phone was also off. It wasn't easy for him to get in touch with him and he had to take a day off. This was very unusual!

But now that he thought about it, after rolling in bed with someone for the whole night, how could he get up and start work on time the next day? Mo Anyu thought mockingly.

The next second, Mo Anyu, who had lost his mind due to his anger, stood up and ran to the door crazily. However, just when his hand touched the handle, he quickly pulled it back.


He could not go and confront him!

Mo Anyu walked back unsteadily and laid on the bar counter. He needed to be calm, he couldn't rashly go and confront Bai Yu right now.

The gossip online was even faster. Not long after, Qi Yan specially spent money to hire the Black Bai Yu's water army, and it was quickly suppressed by the water army Mr. Zhang bought.

On the other side, the information s with big mouths didn't have a direct shot of Watermelon, so they didn't have any evidence to prove Bai Yu's marriage. On top of that, Mr. Zhang kept pressuring him, and in the end, could only bitterly delete the blog about Bai Yu.

The netizens were not only paying attention to Bai Yu. Seeing that there was no more follow-up, they shifted their focus away from the battlefield and stopped paying attention to Bai Yu.

Therefore, the crisis that almost destroyed Bai Yu's business was like a stone thrown into a river. Other than the ripples that were stirred up at the beginning, it did not take long for things to calm down.

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