Breaking up, No Joke/C3 003 stealing
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Breaking up, No Joke/C3 003 stealing
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C3 003 stealing

Chapter III

Ran Fei sat on the chair, his face red as he looked forward, excited.

"Why did you come in?" Ran Fei waved towards the door, "Come over quickly and let us take a look."

In the next second, Ran Fei bellowed angrily: "Are you crazy! This is my new computer, you actually poured water on it, compensate me! "

"I don't care about you! Country bumpkin! Compensate my computer! " Ran Fei shouted to the side, his eyes red, he was enraged to the extreme.

The person beside said something, Ran Fei suddenly laughed, and then tried his best to keep a straight face: "Scram, after getting your salary, hurry up and give me the money."

This Ran Fei was just like him, testing out the technical nerd. The challenge was when the technical nerd was hiding in his room and watching the small yellow card, he was discovered by the pedantic and old-fashioned looking teacher.

Bai Yu looked at Director Wang, and saw that the director and screenwriter were nodding, seemingly satisfied with Ran Fei's performance. He could not help but feel a chill in his heart.

Ran Fei finished his performance, his eyes were still red, his expression proud.

"Senior, sorry for the embarrassment." Ran Fei returned to his seat and said to Bai Yu: "I didn't lose face for you did I?"

Bai Yu laughed and did not speak, nor did he take Ran Fei's provocation to heart.

Ran Fei lowered his eyes. Was she looking down on him?

"Bai Yu, come and try it." The Director Wang considered Ran Fei's performance and said.

Bai Yu walked over, nodded, and quickly entered into a meditative state. He opened his mouth slightly: "You ?."

"Wait!" Ran Fei interrupted, "Brother Bai is a senior. In order to express fairness, shouldn't he be trying out a scene like me?"

's actions were extremely rude when the other party had interrupted him after he had entered his performance state.

Director Wang's expression instantly became extremely unsightly, but he did not scold anyone as his gaze became complicated.

Bai Yu coldly swept his gaze at Ran Fei, and fury flashed past his eyes.

Director Wang and the screenwriter looked at each other, having a rough idea of what to do. With a cough, the Director Wang opened his mouth: "Bai Yu, how about..."

"Director Wang, I'll try." Bai Yu took a deep breath, faced the Ran Fei who had a complacent look, and said: "Senior should have let the newcomer off."

Ran Fei was embarrassed, and did not dare answer.

Bai Yu stopped his unnecessary emotions and entered into a state once again.

Bai Yu's temperament was elegant and noble young master, he was handsome and handsome. Ran Fei's appearance, on the other hand, leaned towards the beautiful youth.

And the technical nerd was set up by the dad, so in terms of appearance, Bai Yu was more suitable.

As for his acting, Ran Fei's was average, but it was more than enough to play the role of the technical nerd.

Bai Yu sat on the chair, his eyes shining, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, his face blushing red, he slowly panted heavily, looking extremely excited.

Director Wang and the screenwriter's eyes shined at the same time. Their hands subconsciously clenched into fists as they watched Bai Yu's performance.

Bai Yu's head tilted to the side, and his black hair fell to the side, looking somewhat innocent. He licked the corner of his mouth, and pointed to the scene in front of him with a face full of excitement.

However, his expression suddenly changed in the next second. He murmured, "Heavens, my old teacher, what did you do ?"

"My old teacher, my seed, my resources, my game! ?" You owe me! " Bai Yu put both his hands in the air and shook them fiercely.

After being angered for a moment, Bai Yu seemed to have heard some sort of joke, and burst out laughing. The two brothers embraced the person's shoulders, and excitedly gestured with their hands.

Director Wang could not help but nod his head in satisfaction. It seemed like he had made a decision.

Ran Fei lowered his head, his eyes completely red from anger, his hands continuously trembling as he gritted his teeth.

Bai Yu was just an artiste who had passed his time, what rights did he have to compete with him!

Bai Yu walked out of the toilet stall and saw Ran Fei standing in front of the washbasin and washing his hands. He stopped for a moment, then walked over as if nothing had happened and washed his hands.

Ran Fei's eyes reddened, "Senior, I really like this character."

"Oh?" Bai Yu did not understand his words.

"Senior, if you want it, you should have a lot of good resources. Why do you insist on snatching this role from me?" Ran Fei pointed at Bai Yu with grievance, "Can't senior give me this role?"

"The brave win in a narrow path. Why should I give it to you? " Bai Yu's expression did not change, he took a tissue and wiped his hands, his expression aloof and indifferent, "A newbie should have the awareness of a newbie."

"Senior is too selfish." Ran Fei was obviously angry, if not he would not have said these words so indiscriminately, "He's only a male lead, senior is actually so unrelenting!"

Bai Yu was so angry that he started laughing. According to Ran Fei's words, if he was unwilling to give Ran Fei this role, was it because he was being too selfish?

Ran Fei stared at Bai Yu, seeing that he was ignoring his, he became even more anxious and grabbed onto Bai Yu's wrist, his nails digging into the flesh of Bai Yu's wrist, leaving behind a few marks.

"Bai Yu, everyone here belongs to the same company, you don't even have to look up, what are you going to do with this role!"

Bai Yu felt pain, and his eyes darkened. He flung Ran Fei's hand away, looked at him coldly, and turned to leave.

He had nothing to say to this kind of person who had a bad view of the world.

But Ran Fei still refused to give up, he blocked the door, and refused to let Bai Yu leave. He said while holding his neck: "Bai Yu!"

Being challenged repeatedly by this new person, even Buddha would not be able to endure it anymore. Bai Yu grabbed Ran Fei's collar and lowered his voice, his tone cold: "Don't make me angry."

Bai Yu had clearly only given a warning, but Ran Fei seemed to have received a huge humiliation, as he pointed at Bai Yu in disbelief. In the next second, just when Bai Yu thought he was going to become a demon, Ran Fei turned around and ran off.

Bai Yu, "..."

Ran Fei was only a newbie, and his acting skills were still very young. However, Bai Yu had once guaranteed that his acting skills would be online. After some discussion between Director Wang and the producer, the director had unanimously decided to use Bai Yu.

Bai Yu was not surprised by this result.

Ran Fei glared at Bai Yu, and left while suppressing his anger.

After Bai Yu discussed the role with the screenwriter, he looked down at the time and took the script to leave. It was getting late, he should go and pick up Watermelon.

The filming crew officially started the day after tomorrow. He did not have much filming, and was basically having an interaction with the male lead. There was plenty of time, so Bai Yu was not worried.

After Director Wang sent Bai Yu away, he frowned and said: "Has the stage of the male lead been decided?"

"I'm sure." The producer said softly, "But I heard that the male lead doesn't seem to be on friendly terms with Bai Yu."

The Director Wang laughed, "You also believe in the gossips on the internet."

It wasn't a big deal if the male lead and the third male lead didn't get along. As long as there wasn't too much trouble, they could just treat it as a topic for the film crew to talk about for free.

Bai Yu walked to the underground parking lot, and when he felt a burning gaze looking at him from behind him, he stopped his footsteps. Bai Yu vigilantly turned his head to look at him, but he did not discover anything, so he lowered his eyes and quickly walked to the front of the car.

Not far away, the bald driver took a glance at the boss sitting in the back seat and said, "Boss?"

The man retracted his gaze and said indifferently, "Start driving."

The bald driver rubbed his head in confusion. He couldn't figure out what the boss was thinking, but he didn't dare to ask. He quickly drove away.

The man's fingers on his knees bent unconsciously and he nodded, an inexplicable expression on his face.

After two years, you finally decided to show up.

On the morning of the beginning of autumn, after Bai Yu, who had disappeared for two years, sent a blog, it immediately stirred a strong reaction from the fans.

Bai Yu V: I came back with a map.

Tell me this is the truth! Has the god finally returned from such a shitty foreign country!?

"Oh my god, I'm almost going to change directions, god Bai is finally back!" Next time, please send a picture of the god's magnificent beauty for yourself!]

[I silently retract my hand. We wish to take pictures of ourselves with the beauty of Golden Age.]

However, Bai Yu was not as popular as he was back then. After he received the news of his return, it only stirred up a small disturbance in his fan base.

None of the blog s in the blog had anything to do with Bai Yu's return.

Bai Yu did not mind, his blog fans and the zombie fans bought by the company were only around two million, and it had been two years since there was any news, so he was "forgotten" was all within expectations.

In the past, when Bai Yu was red, he did not care about the scenes on the TV screen, he focused on the big screen, although he had some achievements, but there were not many opportunities for him to show himself in front of the audience.

So fans should certainly not be as good as those who are often active in TV dramas.

In the past, Bai Yu did not lack money, so he did not think much of it. But now it was different. Raising a son required money everywhere, and he had no choice but to consider his shrinking wallet.

Bai Yu's face was covered by a mask, with one hand holding the carriage and the other holding the child, he strolled around the supermarket, and said: "Watermelon, did you miss your father?"

trash daddy Bai Yu's boyfriend exploded, holding the child in one hand and the cart in the other.

Watermelon earnestly nodded his head, the pigtail at the back of his head also shook along with his movements, "Papa, do you still need to go to work tomorrow?"

Watermelon had two strands of fur on his head, one on his forehead that fluttered in the wind, the other tied into a small braid at the back of his head, which was extremely adorable.

"We'll rest tomorrow and go to work the day after tomorrow." Bai Yu thought for a while, then picked up a bag of ribs, and said absent-mindedly: "Stay in the school honestly."

Although the character was a male lead, he didn't have many scenes, but because his scenes were mostly against the male lead, he always had some part in each episode.

This indirectly meant that he had to report to the film crew every day.

Watermelon was unwilling, but he did not dare resist Bai Yu's tyrannical actions. He could only sulk on his own.

Bai Yu was also helpless. Back then, in order to give birth to Watermelon, he had spent most of his savings, and if he did not start now, they would really have to go and drink the northwest wind wine.

Watermelon's temper was not good, and he did not have much interest in eating toys, so it was difficult to buy them. Therefore, the two of them stared at each other without saying anything along the way.

Bai Yu took out the ribs, washed them and threw them into the pot. After he was done cooking, he took out the noodles and threw it in.

Two bowls of Steamed Bun Noodles were placed on the table. Bai Yu quickly finished one bowl, and then came over to feed Watermelon, patiently instructing him: "Daddy is going to work, not to play. Watermelon, do you understand?"

Watermelon was ignorant about the definition of work, but he nodded anyway, "Eggs will be afraid at home."

What else could a stupid dog be afraid of other than eating or sleeping on its stomach?

"Even Watermelon would be scared at school." Watermelon said sorrowfully, "Even the Papa did not accompany this baby ?"

trash daddy's stony heart instantly collapsed.

Bai Yu thought for a while, then put down his bowl and chopsticks, returned to his room, took out a photo that he had taken in the past, and handed it over to Watermelon, "If you're afraid, then look at the photo. "Tsk, look how handsome your dad is."

Watermelon was satisfied now, he then took the photo and cheered: Papa, then what about my photo?

Bai Yu:... Your pictures are all naked and smirking. So, just give up. I definitely won't let anyone see my silly side in a mini version of myself.

However, Bai Yu had chosen to ignore these kind of words that struck at children, and immediately changed the topic.

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