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Breaking up, No Joke/C9 009 softness
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C9 009 softness

Chapter IX

Because the male lead and male mating not only had big wrists, they even had a strong sense of Cp when interacting with each other. As a result, the Director Hou took the screenwriter and revised the script overnight, assigning the rest of the scenes that belonged to the female lead to the male mating.

As a result, the female lead who had a low sense of existence now seemed even more intangible.

At 7: 10 PM on the 12th of October, the small fan uploaded the first episode of "Young Marquis." At the same time, a large wave of people watching the movie immediately began to post.

[Oh my god, Bai Yu looks so handsome while wearing the white robe, the Young Marquis is so arrogant and spoiled that I can't hold on much longer ?]

[Waiting for Momo to finish her next episode. The director requests that Momo not be paired up. Otherwise, I will send you my blade. Swish swish swish.]

How could Bai Yu and Bai Yu accept such an internet drama?

[Agreed. Other than Bai Yu, all the other people's clothing were not online. There was no way to see it, it was just a small production, what a disappointment!]

On the night of the official broadcast of "Young Marquis", there were varying opinions of praise and praises.

However, there was a topic to complain about. On the night of the premiere of "Young Marquis", there were over 100 million hits. It was ranked first among the online searches of the small fans.

Director Hou was very satisfied with this. The first episode was only to show the background of the story and the main character. The real main course was yet to come.

Bai Yu was of the same opinion.

However, the film crew were all excited by the good results on the first night's premiere. In the next few days, the filming process became more and more efficient. The filming progress was almost complete, and they even got off work earlier than usual.

The plump Little Fatty laughed out loud. Relying on his fact that he was taller than Watermelon, he reached out and grabbed the braids of Watermelon's hair, "What ugly braids, haha."

Watermelon's braids were grabbed, his hair was ripped and torn, the pain made his unable to move an inch, and his eyes had turned red from anger.

There were a total of three large class children blocking Watermelon in the toilet, the other two were not as daring as the Little Fatty, they only knew how to shout, and did not dare to make a move.

This was the first time Watermelon was bullied like this. His eyes were red from anger as he said angrily: "Don't pull my braid!"

Little Fatty was shocked. Feeling that his boss' dignity had been challenged in front of his two lackeys, he became even angrier, and his actions became even more gentle and light, "I'm just pulling your braid, you're not a little girl, what are you braiding me for, it's so ugly! It's so ugly! "

Watermelon was about to die from anger. Seeing that the other party was still holding onto his pigtail and not letting go, he immediately pushed his head into Little Fatty's stomach.

As a result, the overbearing Watermelon was suppressed by the three children using force. They humiliated his pants were taken off and he was forced to "prove" that he was not a girl with braids.

Although Watermelon's current gender was not strong, but he knew that getting his pants ripped off in front of everyone was not good, so the process of resistance was extremely strong.

But in the end, not only was his pants ripped off, even the little treasure that signified that he was a man was flicked around by the Little Fatty.

Watermelon covered his lower body as he squatted by the iron fence in the backyard with a wronged expression.

In the end, trash daddy did not appear in front of Watermelon like how concave Mann was, but Song Shilin instead.

Song Shilin happened to be passing by.

He had just returned from a business trip and raised his eyes to look out of the carriage. He saw the mini version of Bai Yu squatting beside the iron carriage with a wronged expression on his face.

"Stop the car!" Song Shilin said coldly.

Otherwise, Song Shilin wouldn't have been able to use any other reason to convince him, why would he soften his heart when he saw a mini version of Bai Yu hiding in a corner and wiping his tears.

Watermelon wiped his face with the back of his hand. His eyes were red and swollen from crying.

His vision went black as Watermelon followed the shadows and raised his head. In the end, he discovered that the other party was Song Shilin and he remembered him hugging his own uncle at a supermarket, and said, "Uncle, hello."

Song Shilin pursed his lips. He had never interacted with a child before, so he didn't know how to coax the Watermelon who had obviously been wronged.


Song Shilin asked: "Why are you here, where's Bai Yu?"

"Papa is going to work. I'm going to school here." The little melon lowered its head, and its fingers unconsciously intertwined with each other.

Song Shilin stared at Watermelon without blinking, and after a long while, he wordlessly lifted his feet and left.

Watermelon watched as Song Shilin left with his eyes wide open. He walked up unwillingly and lay on the ground next to the iron railings as he looked around.

Where's Uncle?

But in the next second, Watermelon was carried by someone in the air, and before he could even scream, he heard a familiar low voice from a male, "Why are you crying?"

Watermelon turned her head and wrapped his arms around Song Shilin's neck, her small head resting on his neck, he shook her head and did not say a word.

Song Shilin, who had never hugged a child so intimately before, suddenly stiffened.

After a long while, Song Shilin held the child's butt with one hand and the child's back with the other, and said: "Eat some first, then I'll bring you to find Bai Yu."

Watermelon laid his head in Song Shilin's embrace, still not saying a word, acting bashful.

Song Shilin thought that he agreed and left Council of Early Education with the child.

As a result, when he passed by an early school class, he saw three children looking at him in fear, and one of the Little Fatty s was even holding up his pants vigilantly, with an expression that said "I'll be out of luck".

Song Shilin:...

It was true that he had never attracted the attention of children, but it was still rare for him to be afraid of something like this upon seeing him for the first time.

Song Shilin's gaze stopped on the silent Watermelon in his arms, then looked at the three children who were continuously on guard not far away.

The Council of Early Education was a private place, other than the parents, the staff there would not let strangers take their children away easily. After all, children nowadays were all expensive, and if something were to happen to them, they could not afford to wait.

However, when Song Shilin carried Watermelon and openly left the Council of Early Education, no one stopped him.

Furthermore, the Teacher Chen had never appeared from beginning to end.

Song Shilin sat in the back seat carrying Watermelon, and said indifferently: "Drive the car to the Song's Hotel."

The bald-headed driver was indifferent, he was not curious about the child in President Song's arms, nor did he ask anything. He stepped on the gas pedal, and with a whoosh, he drove off.

Bai Yu, who was in the middle of filming the movie, suddenly sneezed. His right eyelid twitched non-stop, as he had a bad premonition.

"What's wrong?" Mo Anyu asked.

Bai Yu regained his senses and laughed: "It's nothing. "Let's continue."

After arriving at the destination, Song Shilin carried the child who was still in his arms and got off the car, coming to the room he usually stayed in, "What do you want to eat?"

The waiter eagerly opened the menu and handed it over.

Only then did Watermelon slowly raise his head from Song Shilin's embrace, his face filled with curiosity as he looked at the menu.

Watermelon couldn't read, but he could understand the picture. He picked up the picture of a few dishes casually and continued to lie in Song Shilin's embrace in a daze.

"Uncle, are we going to look for Papa?" Watermelon's voice carried a weeping tone.

Song Shilin nodded calmly, ignoring the wetness on his neck.

Watermelon was filled with anticipation, he did not even bother to wipe the tears off his face as he said, "Uncle, can you help me plait my hair?"

His braid had just been intentionally torn apart by the Little Fatty, so when he thought that he still had to look for Bai Yu later, Watermelon had no choice but to seek help from the outside.

In his entire life, Song Shilin had never played with a braid before. He wanted to reject her, but when he saw that his eyes were red, he didn't know what to say.

"What's your name?" Song Shilin changed the topic.

"Bai Yanting. Uncle can call me Watermelon. " Watermelon's emotions slowly recovered. Thinking back to when he came back from the supermarket, Papa was so scared of his uncle, so he nervously left Song Shilin's arms.

From the moment he started memorizing things, Bai Yu had told him that he could not leave with a stranger, and he could not casually leave with someone who claimed to be his father's good friend.

However, due to his excessive sadness, Watermelon needed a firm and reliable embrace to comfort her.

Therefore, Song Shilin's appearance not only made Watermelon feel safe, but also caused his affection for him to soar to the heavens. Only then would he be carried out of the school in a daze.

Song Shilin lowered his eyes, looked at Watermelon who was obediently sitting on the chair, and barely managed to reveal half his head, and his lips curled into a straight line.

After regaining his senses, Song Shilin and Watermelon were equally worried. He did not know how he should bring Watermelon to see Bai Yu.

They hadn't seen each other for two years, but the next time they saw each other, his predecessor had a child by his side.

However, Song Shilin, who was not good at exposing his emotions, did not let anyone notice his abnormality.

The young and old couple sat upright as they shared their thoughts, not saying a word. They waited until the waiter pushed the dining car in to break the awkward silence.

Song Shilin said: "Are there any child seat?"

Watermelon stood up, using his hands to support himself on the table, barely able to see the dishes on the table.

The waiter shook his head, "The third floor is reserved, most of the children have been taken, and all the child seat have been used."

Song Shilin frowned, signalling the waiter to bring the dishes, and left.

The waiter heaved a sigh of relief and quickly left the private room.

After leaving the private room, the waiter had a face full of regret. It was not easy to meet Big Boss, but in the end, he left a negative impression in front of her, and was done for.

However, Song Shilin didn't think too much about it. Seeing that Watermelon was directly standing on the chair, and seemed to be preparing to take action, he frowned and asked to sit. Then, he personally distributed the dishes to him on a plate.

Watermelon happily opened his mouth, his eyes shining, his small mouth bulging with food.

Boss Song, who always did whatever he wanted, really enjoyed the feeling of feeding the mini version of Bai Yu. Especially when the other party revealed a happy expression, the corners of his lips that had been pursed into a rare curve.

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