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C10 Handsome Young Master

"Let me tell you, if one step into the martial arts world is indefinitely, I will never regret it even if I die!" Your big brother here, back then, was quite famous in the mysterious Eastern Continent. " Wearing a luxurious gown with a fan in hand and slippers on his feet, the slovenly young man shakily walked on the streets of Sin Capital and talked as he walked, educating his two little brothers behind him.

"Of course, of course, boss is absolutely the highest under the heavens." The lackeys behind him hurriedly flattered him.

"Greedy little brother, I like what you're saying, but you can't say it like that. The number one person in the world definitely isn't your boss, but he's definitely your boss' brother."

"Boss, where did you come from?" With such high skill, can you give me a few moves to protect my life? I get beaten up every time I go to the rear of the palace. "

"Brother Pei, don't worry. When did I, your brother, let you suffer?" With that, he slapped the third brother hard on the head, "I'll let you have some memory!"

"Boss doesn't dare, he doesn't dare."

"Hehehehe …" The second brother chuckled to himself. When he saw the boss, he quickly waved his hand and said, "Boss, I have nothing to do with this!"

"What do you mean it's none of your business?" His leg immediately kicked over, sending him flying out ten feet away. His body was covered in dust.

"Hmph hmph, your boss is the number one handsome scholar in Heaven and Earth, a refined man." You two little brats must remember. " The handsome scholar gently waved the fan. It was truly a graceful "Handsome Young Master".

"This is still called gentle, hehe." Greed. Pei Zi Yun snickered and made sarcastic remarks.

"What are you talking about?"

"It's nothing, it's nothing boss. Quick, boss, look, that Kapar Academy has so many beauties." Ah, beautiful women … Handsome Young Master also came! "

Greed, Pei Zi Yun wiped off his sweat and chased after Brother Pig.

Suddenly, a person blocked Handsome Young Master's path. Handsome Young Master went to the left, the people blocking his path went to the left, and Handsome Young Master went to the right. The people blocking his path went to the right.

"A good dog doesn't block the road, a bad dog doesn't block the road!" Handsome Young Master said.

"What did you say!? "Kid!"

Handsome Young Master raised his head. Suddenly, he saw a huge, muscular man in front of him.

"Huge … Huge Human Clan?" Handsome Young Master stammered, "T-this grandpa, I am a good dog, no, no, not a good dog. Please, grandpa!"

"Hmph, coward." The robust man from the giant Human Clan swept his hand across, wanting to smack Handsome Young Master away to clear the way for himself.

Handsome Young Master's body moved and dodged the giant hand.

"Kid, you dare to dodge?" The giant was furious and tried to grab him again.

Handsome Young Master hid behind Avarice Tincture and Pei Zi Yun, patting the two of them and shouted, "What are you still looking at? Your boss has been beaten up. Hurry up and attack!"

"Go on, beat him up." Greed took the lead and rushed forward, followed by Pei Zi Yun.

Greed, Pei Zi Yun attacked from all sides, and the giant was momentarily in a state of panic, as he was at a disadvantage. It was a good thing that his skin was tough and his flesh thick. Pei Zi Yun's hands and feet felt as if they were itching, but this was too annoying.

"You cowards, dammit!" He then saw the giant man charge forward and shout, "Supergravity Field!"

Pei Zi Yun had no idea how greedy he was and could only feel his body sinking. He then fell down to the ground, falling down like a dog eating mud. He was battered and exhausted.

"Boss, we can't do it."

"Boss, help!"

"Sigh, it's still me." Handsome Young Master shook his head and put away the fan. "Bewitching Powder."

A packet of powder was scattered over the giant's head, but due to the effects of the Gravity Spell, the powder fell to the ground before it reached the giant's head.

"Crap!" Pei Zi Yun felt a sudden surge of energy, and quickly crawled away. However, he was still a little too slow.

"Crap!" After the two of them cried out in agony, they started to dance. Their mouths were filled with nonsense, unable to bear the sight before them, unable to even hear their words.

"Damn it!" Handsome Young Master kicked away the two people and appeared beside the giant. He punched the giant's lower abdomen in the dark, and then quickly returned to his afterimage as if he had never moved before.

The giant howled in pain and fell to the ground, rolling around in the street.

"The city guards are here! The city guards are here! " It was unknown which spectator let out a loud shout, but the crowd immediately dispersed. Handsome Young Master also took advantage of the chaos to drag his two lackeys and escape the scene.

"You two bastards, still trying to act crazy and act dumb!" Handsome Young Master kicked each of them as he feasted on them.

"Don't hit me, boss, don't hit me." Look, there's a restaurant here, let's go have a meal. "

"You two idiots, just embarrass me, your boss. You still want to eat? You want to eat my food and drink my food. "But I'm really a bit hungry. Let's go up and have a good meal."

"Waiter, serve me good wine and dishes!" Give us a good window seat. " Pei Zi Yun immediately went up to make his arrangements.

"Boss, please!" Greed quickly led the way.

"Yes, yes."

"Sword Young Master, after you!"

"Alright, my usual spot. Serve me good dishes. Do you have any first-class wine? If not, I'll bring some for myself."

"Sword Young Master, look at what you're saying. I have just attracted a batch of hundred year old Violet Dew Wine. It is extremely delicious and rarely seen in the world.

"Alright, give me some." Jian Xingyu, who was carrying a blue cloth wrapped in a Spirit Sword on his back, came down to a good place. It was also next to the window, and it was right next to Handsome Young Master's table.

As the dishes arrived, Jian Xingyu tried the dishes first. They were delicious and delicious, but it was still better than the places where mortals lived!

"Purple Dew Wine." Interesting, try it. " Jian Xingyu opened the wine pot. It was fragrant and refreshing, making people feel intoxicated. He took another sip and the wine entered his mouth. It felt like a cool dew that had been revealed to cleanse the soul and body; it was extremely comfortable.

To think that there would be such fine wine in the mortal realm. How delicious. Jian Xingyu poured another cup and prepared to drink again. Unexpectedly, a dirty hand interrupted him as if to stop him from drinking.

Jian Xingyu slightly moved his hand. The moment the wine entered his mouth, it was truly beautiful!

However, the dirty hand only managed to grab a remnant image before quickly withdrawing. Who was the owner of this hand? It was Handsome Young Master.

"This big brother here, we can't have all the good wine!" Divide it up to me. " Handsome Young Master begged.

Jian Xingyu ignored him and continued to drink one cup after another. Handsome Young Master didn't dare to stop him again. The first time he blocked it, he clearly felt a wave of cold sword Qi.

Hm! Hm? Jian Xingyu turned around and saw Handsome Young Master's pitiful look. He chuckled, "You want to drink this wine?"

"Yeah, yeah!"

"What's your name?"

"I am, oh, no, I am the number one handsome scholar in the entire Heaven and Earth, together with my two younger brothers, I trespass into the world, and I am also known as the 'Three Untouchable Guests'."

"Mm, I'll give it to you."

"Thank you, big brother!" Thank you, Big Brother! "

"Good wine!"

"Boss, boss, share some with us!"

"Good, good, everyone has one." Handsome Young Master shared some of the good wine with Pei Zi Yun. After the three of them drank up the wine, they felt as if they were floating in the air.

After finishing the wine and food, Jian Xingyu took out his amethyst card and paid the bill.

"Sword Young Master, please come next time!"

"Don't forget to keep some good wine for me!"

"Sure, of course."

Seeing Jian Xingyu leave, Handsome Young Master pulled the waiter over and asked, "Hey, come here, how much does this wine cost?"

"This wine!? Why do you have this wine? "

"Don't misunderstand, it was given to us by that Sword Young Master just now."

"Aiya, this is truly a waste. Oh, it's a misunderstanding, it's a misunderstanding. The three sirs might not know this, but this wine is extremely valuable, one tael of wine is worth a million gold coins.

"One or two million gold coins?" Handsome Young Master fainted upon hearing that, while the rest of the liquor flowed into his mouth unerringly.

"Big Brother, Big Brother!" Wake up! "Leave us some wine."

Unfortunately, the wine was long gone. Handsome Young Master woke up.

"No idea." The waiter curled his lips and went to greet the other guests.

"Did you hear? A few days ago, four Divine level experts appeared in the sky above Kapar Academy. That scene was really scary." You must know that the moment they make a move, their entire Sin Capital will be destroyed.

"Isn't it. It was said that the old man was a one star envoy from Saint Mortal City. The two people he saved were also Star rank, but they were both defeated by the young man in front of them. "Amazing!"

"Rumor has it that the young man is the Master of the Great Formation of the Wu Steel Pavilion across from Kapar Academy. It is our pride that my Sin Capital has such a strong person. Cheers!"

"F * ck!" Such a thing actually happened, could it be that the continent of Holy Light is also going to fall into chaos? "What terrible luck." Handsome Young Master patted the back of his head thoughtfully with a paper fan. Have pity me crossing the ocean from the continent of Devil Clan, ah, my life is miserable.

"Big brother, what's wrong?"

"Big brother, don't you dare!" "If you die, we brothers won't be able to live on."

"Who's going to die?"

"Aiyo!" "Ahhh!"

Handsome Young Master jumped up on the spot and screamed twice. The two of them were kicked away and threw themselves onto the street.

"Sin Capital, five Divine levels, one Star Guard, three Two Star Guards and one Three Star Guard." The woman under the black robe said coldly. Although it was covered by a black robe, judging from her graceful figure and her pleasant voice, she was definitely a peerless beauty.

"Did the kid escape here too? "He dares to steal our sacred treasure, we won't allow him to live." The ruthless middle-aged man under the other black robe said.

The black clothed female took out a black jade plate. In the center of the jade plate, a needle was waving about, and finally fixed, the tip of the needle pointing straight at the Sin Capital.

"This time, we definitely can't let him escape. The three year period given by the elders is almost up."

"Mei Ji understands."

"Yes, into the city!"

After paying twenty gold coins, the two mysterious black-cloaked men successfully entered the Sin Capital.

When people of the Sin Capital came into contact, most of them had bad records. As a result, the two mysterious black-cloaked men could be considered normal people here.

The two of them walked left and right, and in a short period of time, they had completely searched all three major districts in the east, south and north. They did not know what secret methods they used to search, but unexpectedly, they did not alarm the Sin Capital's many experts.

Just as they were about to head to the west side of the city, the streets suddenly became a mess.

A loud roar shook the sky, "Which bastard bullied my son? Come out!"

It's a giant Human Clan, but it's scary to see this giant wearing a giant bear skin, a wind-tiger skirt, and a huge mace. He also has a body full of black hair.

The middle-aged man and woman in black looked at each other and prepared to dodge. However, the hateful giant picked up his mace and swung it towards them.

When one's Sin Capital reached a certain level, strength was one's right.

This Giant Human Clan expert could be considered a three star elite, and with the addition of the enormous power bestowed upon him by his race, he was even more extraordinary.

A cold light flashed in the eyes of the black robed middle-aged man as he brought the black robed woman to dodge out of the way.

"Eh?" It was as though he did not see the meat patties he had expected. The giant was even more furious and chased after him with his spiked mace!

The huge Human Clan was just so unreasonable, and actually, it was not their fault. They had lived in such a harsh environment for many years that they had no choice but to do this, and because of this, even though they were extremely well-off in the powerful races, they would occasionally offend some terrifying experts, causing them to suffer tragedies. If this vicious cycle continued, the giant Human Clan would become worse and worse every day and would become extinct.

The black-robed man was enraged, but he was afraid that his actions would cause the people chasing him to be alerted. He could not help but dodge once again.

Unable to bear it any longer, a dark aura appeared in the palm of the man in black robes, and he suddenly made his move. With a loud boom, the giant warrior was sent flying.

"If you miss my chance, I will wipe out your entire clan!" The black-robed man and the woman disappeared from the street.

The giant's right hand was numb and in pain. He felt stuffy. Just what kind of person was this? How could he have messed with such a powerful individual? He put away his mace and quickly left. The black-robed man's words caused him to feel very worried. Family extermination, such a disaster had occurred many times in the history of the giant Human Clan, he never thought that it would happen to him today. He had to go back and make preparations.

In this strange and wonderful battle, several mortals had died. Kapar watched from a distance and didn't try to stop them. He was puzzled by the appearance of these two new experts.

The giant warrior's name was Babague, and he was a pitiful person. Kapar shook his head and sighed.

"Time is of the essence, my actions will definitely arouse his vigilance. We'll split up and search the western part of the city. "

"Yes, milord." The two mysterious black robed men immediately hidden themselves and separated from each other, searching.

At this time, Handsome Young Master brought his two lackeys to the entrance of Kapar Academy. Just as he was about to sneak in to look at the beauties, Handsome Young Master suddenly stopped and asked curiously, "Such a familiar aura. Not good! It's them. "

Looking left and right, he saw Xingyu Ge. It was said that the formation would trap people for three days, so they would be safe if they didn't do any random actions. Without hesitating anymore, he immediately jumped and entered the Sunset Sword Formation.

"Big brother, where are you going?" Pei Zi Yun entered with the tincture of greed.

The passersby on the street shook their heads. They were such boring people again. Fortunately, Jian Xingyu had already shut down the killing array of the Sword Formation, otherwise, Handsome Young Master would be out of luck again.

As if their eyes were blurring, two mysterious black robed men appeared outside Xingyu's pavilion.

"Lord, it was here that he disappeared."

"Right." The middle-aged man looked around. Although Kapar Academy was protected by a powerful magic array, they were still a little lacking in secrecy. Looking at Wu Tie Pavilion again, he was shocked when he almost devoured Kapar's spiritual will.

"Sir, are you alright?"

"No worries, it should be here." The black robed middle-aged man muttered to himself for a while, "The owner of this place should come out soon."

Sure enough, Xingyu Pavilion's door opened, and a handsome young man walked out. He wore a faint smile, and the pressure of a Spirit Sword wrapped in blue cloth on his back was faint.

"How troublesome." Jian Xingyu shook his head, as if he didn't see the two people in front of him, "What is it that you are looking for me for? However, it seems to be very impolite to cover your face with black robes. "

"The appearance of a young man as a hero is indeed true." We came here to look for a person, but he hid in your place, so please hand it over. " The black-cloaked middle-aged man's rare courtesy caused Mei Ji to feel slightly surprised.

"You are too courteous." There are no people in my place that you want, but there are three people in the formation. "

"Big brother, please don't tell me, I'm begging you." As long as you can save this little brother, this little brother will definitely give you great benefits. " Handsome Young Master, who was in the formation, cried as if he was crying.

"A great benefit? "What benefits?" Jian Xingyu's consciousness returned.

"Please have a look." Handsome Young Master took out an object and exposed a corner, releasing a shocking brilliance. Although the Sunset Sword Formation was skilled, it could not stop it, and a trace of its brilliance was revealed. Handsome Young Master didn't know, but he immediately hid the treasure's brilliance.

Seeing the light, the two mysterious black robed men trembled, their eyes filled with anxiety.

"You fool, the treasure has already escaped from the formation and is already known to the people outside. Sigh, I can't protect you any longer."

"Big Brother, Big Brother, you can't!"

The black robed middle aged man was in the early stages of cultivation while the black robed female was in Late Period of the Nascent Infant Stage. He didn't know if he could beat it yet.

"Please wait a moment, I will move them out of the formation."

Jian Xingyu's hand formed a sword sign and the array door opened wide. The three people in the array felt dizzy and the scenery changed as they appeared on the main street.

"Take a look and see if these three are what you want?"

"Aiya!" Oh no! " Handsome Young Master rolled his eyes and hid behind Jian Xingyu, "This is my big brother! It was also he who allowed me to hide within the formation. "

"Hmm? "Is that so?"

Jian Xingyu smiled without saying a word.

"Then let's kill them together!" The middle-aged man in black immediately made his move, leaving behind only his shadow behind as his black palm appeared. Actually, it didn't matter if Jian Xingyu was an accomplice or not, since he knew about the family's sacred treasure, he couldn't let it go.

Sword Cultivator specializes in speed and sharpness of sword Qi. Now that Jian Xingyu is at the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Stage, coupled with the Immortal Sword Technique, he is even more extraordinary.

Jian Xingyu felt his whole body tighten as he quickly controlled the Sword Essence. The sword Nascent Soul left his body and released a white sword light that covered the sky.

With a hard clash, Jian Xingyu used the opportunity of him loosening up to bring the three of them back into the array, and activated the Sunset Sword Formation's killing array at the same time.

He looked at his palm, and a drop of fresh blood dripped down, "Such a powerful kid, to actually be Sword Cultivator."

"Lord, what should we do now?" Mei Ji stepped forward and said.


"Yes sir!"

The two of them disappeared.

Jian Xingyu arranged the three of them and immediately started meditating in the middle of the formation to heal his injuries.

The difference in realm was indeed huge. If not for the fact that he was a Sword Cultivator and the powerful sword arts he cultivated, he would have died a long time ago. The abominable Devil Dao cultivators truly did not follow common sense. This was going to be really troublesome!

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