Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C11 Sant'bao Fragment
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Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C11 Sant'bao Fragment
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C11 Sant'bao Fragment

He was really unlucky! Jian Xingyu sighed bitterly in his heart. His consciousness was focused on the sword-shaped Nascent Soul — — Argent White Sword, repairing the tiny cracks on the Argent White Sword. Looking at it from the outside, Jian Xingyu was already sweating profusely with steam rising from his body. Her sword-like eyebrows were tightly knitted, as if she was in extreme pain.

The joke was too much. Jian Xingyu was sweating profusely. After stabilizing himself with great difficulty, he quickly took out his grandpa's life-saving immortal pill and ate one. The moment the immortal pill entered his mouth, it turned into a ball of immortal spirit energy that healed all the wounds on his body. In the time it took to boil a cup of tea, the flesh and blood vessels all over his body felt extremely comfortable. After he finished repairing the flesh and blood vessels, there were still many spirit qi rushing into his Dantian, wrapping the Argent White Sword, slowly revolving it, filling and repairing it. After a short while, the white light of the Argent White Sword increased and Jian Xingyu also felt that he had entered a wonderful realm and was immersed in it.

Three days later, Jian Xingyu walked out of the calligraphy and calligraphy formation and rushed into the bathroom to take a shower. After coming out, he was truly refreshed and relaxed. Every time he advanced, there would always be something that was excreted from the pores all over his body. The smell was extremely unpleasant, even Jian Xingyu was no exception.

It was a pity, I almost reached the Late Period of the Nascent Infant Stage. I don't know if it was because I was too heavily injured, or because there was a problem with my grandfather's elixir, but why did my cultivation increase by so little.

Looking at his Dantian, only the white light of the Argent White Sword was stronger, and there were no changes. Jian Xingyu, on the other hand, did not pay much attention. Within the inner circle of the white light, a similar light was hidden.

He used his divine sense to scan the outside of the Sin Capital, as though everything was calm, and the two mysterious black robed men had already disappeared. However, his intuition told him that the danger hadn't left. He just didn't know what kind of secret technique they were using to hide themselves. Jian Xingyu was certain that as long as he left the formation, he would definitely suffer a fatal attack.

"Forget it, I'll just be a cowardly turtle for now." With an embarrassed smile, Jian Xingyu walked towards the hall. "Hehe, Young Master, I'm not going out. Let's see what you can do."

Seeing Jian Xingyu coming over, Handsome Young Master's expression was very, very bright. In a blink of an eye, it turned gray and red.

I'm calling you f * cking b * stard this Young Master! "Who told you to scam this young master!"

When Jian Xingyu caught Handsome Young Master and beat him up, Handsome Young Master didn't dare to fight back and only screamed incessantly. It was a good thing that he did not use his sword Qi or his ten lives would have been lost.

Jian Xingyu was covered in sweat. He retracted his fist and kicked Handsome Young Master, who was swollen like a pig. "Get up, stop pretending."

"I told you not to slap your face!"

"What treasure is that? It's just for the first time." "You actually almost caused this young master to have a strange fight and almost lost his life."

"This, that." Handsome Young Master hesitated for a long time, but still took it out.

It was a piece of scrap iron in a strange shape. It was unknown what material it was made of, but it weighed nothing in his hand. He touched his hand, which was now as warm as jade, and felt as hot as fire. This piece of metal seemed to be a part of a particular sword. It seemed to contain a faint sword intent, but it was already extremely weak.

"Something strange." Jian Xingyu gave it back to Handsome Young Master.

"You, you don't want it?" Handsome Young Master stuttered and was stunned. This was the reason why he was hunted down in three continents.

"I wonder what scrap iron is used for?"

"Ah, ah? …" "Scrap iron?" Handsome Young Master trembled as he carefully kept the remaining iron.

Five or six days later, the outside of the Xingyu Pavilion was still and quiet, and Jian Xingyu was enjoying himself in the yard, watching the scenery, eating fruit, and enjoying himself.

It was a pity that the heavens did not obey his wishes.

The sound transmission came in from outside the formation: "Hand over the thing! Otherwise, this little girl will lose her life. "

It turned out to be Alice. After years of cultivating under the influence of the rich Spiritual Qi of Xingyu, she was now a rank 3 Magister. Her breakthrough into the Legend rank realm was just around the corner, and she was worthy of being called a genius on the continent. This day, she had come back from a long journey to the north and was about to enter Xingyu Ge when she was captured by the middle-aged man as a hostage.

Jian Xingyu patted the back of his head and said with a sigh, "Troublesome!"

"Kid, my time is limited. I will only wait for an incense stick to burn."

"So annoying. I know, I know."

"Don't play dead!" Jian Xingyu kicked Handsome Young Master, "Is this Broken Iron really that important?"

"It really is a treasure, and it's their holy treasure. For this, they chased us three continents!" It is said that this sacred treasure is related to a huge secret, which is related to this broken universe. "

His eyes turned cold. "What level of cultivation are you at?"

"This, this big brother, in short, I'm not as powerful as you."

"Is that so?" As the sword qi appeared, it locked Handsome Young Master under its pressure. Handsome Young Master was drenched in cold sweat and his clothes were soaked. He felt as if countless sharp swords were wrapping around him.

"Really, big brother, it's just that little brother has more time to escape in secret."

"Is that so? "That guy is very good at it."

"Big Brother, I really told you everything." Handsome Young Master was close to tears.

"Sigh, this is troublesome." The Sword Young Master kicked Handsome Young Master, "Hand it over!"

"This, big brother!"

"Hand it over!"

Handsome Young Master looked at Jian Xingyu with a sullen face.

"Hand it over!" Jian Xingyu frowned, "It's already difficult for this young master to save your lives, and you still want me to accompany an innocent person?"

Handsome Young Master had no choice but to hand over the scrap metal.

Jian Xingyu took the remaining iron and the Argent White Sword and flew out of the array. The two black robed men were already waiting for them. Alice was still in Mei Ji's hands, unconscious.

Jian Xingyu took out the scrap iron and placed it in his hand, "This is what you guys want, right?"

The black robed middle-aged man glanced at Mei Ji, and Mei Ji immediately took out a spirit disc to activate it. The broken metal plate immediately emitted a bright light. After the spirit tablet was retracted, the remaining metallic luster dimmed and once again, the spirit tablet became a real piece of scrap metal.

"Brat, hand it over!"

"Let him go first, then I'll give it to you."

"Do you think there is still room to bargain with me?"

"Alright, I believe a senior expert like you would not be like this." Jian Xingyu threw the broken iron over, while Mei Ji did the same to Alice.

His figure disappeared and a white sword light flashed. Jian Xingyu took away Alice and was ready to return to the formation. Right at this moment, the huge palm above him was surrounded by black air and was grabbing towards him. Luckily he was already prepared, he threw Alice back into the array, and with his own body and sword becoming one, the Bright Moon Sword s started to form again.

"Formless Moon!"

Bang!! With a loud explosion, the sound resonated through the Sin Capital, an intense air current swept out in all four directions, and the sunset Sword Formation appeared faintly in the red light.

Not good, Jian Xingyu realized that his path of retreat had been sealed. He shifted horizontally and made a feint: "Sword Shadow Leaving the Wind!"

It was a bright white light, hidden in the shadows of the wind.

Sword Cultivator's power was extraordinary, even the black robed man did not dare to underestimate him. Previously, Jian Xingyu was able to injure him with his early Nascent Soul Stage strength when he was ambushed by him.

The middle-aged man raised his hand and summoned a black triangular shield to block the sword light. Then, he took half a step back. Looking at Jian Xingyu, there was only a ray of sword light in the distant sky. He glanced at the triangular shield in his hand and a shallow sword point appeared in the center of the shield.

"Return the sacred treasure to the clan, and I'll deal with those who know about this."

"Mei Ji follows your orders."

The black robed man's figure disappeared and turned into a black gust of wind as he chased after Liu Ming.

Due to the space under his feet being sealed, Jian Xingyu had become one with his sword. He had escaped hundreds of miles away and entered the depths of the mountain range.

"How troublesome." Jian Xingyu stopped. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and patted the back of his head. With a flash of light, three Jian Xingyu appeared in front of him and saluted.

"Three directions, speed."

"Sure." Three sword shadows, three different directions, quickly flew away. Jian Xingyu continued to run deeper into the mountain. I must beat that idiot up when I get back. Devil Dao people are really unreasonable. They kill people even after obtaining treasures. They are too greedy. If it wasn't for the fact that I haven't mastered my sword technique and lack of strength, I would definitely have killed you!

Jian Xingyu scolded as he escaped. Those damned old bastards had left me with some random sword manual. I can't even read a single one. What is the point of learning it? When he thought of this, he really wanted to throw away the messy sword manual. After thinking about it, he still had to keep it.

Just as Jian Xingyu was getting rid of his thoughts, he bumped into a thick wall of air in an attempt to stabilize himself. A huge suction force suddenly appeared and sucked Jian Xingyu into the darkness without any time to struggle.

Eh? The two paths out, the two paths into the depths of the mountain range. Boy, do you think you can escape like this? With a flick of his sleeve, three small black beasts appeared in front of him. The little beast's brain was like a monkey's, claws were like an eagle's, its body was like a cat's, and its two fangs were like a venomous snake, hiding beneath the black fur. Black light flashed in the eyes of the three little beasts. They seemed to be able to see through a lot of things, or even had a very powerful ability.

"Go!" With this order, the three small beasts began to pursue him. The black-cloaked middle-aged man chose the last route, which happened to be the direction in which Jian Xingyu was escaping in.

After chasing for the time it took for three incense sticks to burn, the three beasts used their spiritual voices to express that their three auras had become fainter and fainter and vanished without a trace. Hearing this, the black-clothed middle-aged man was slightly happy in his heart. Kid, let's see where you can escape to this time?

Moments later, the middle-aged man stopped not far away from Jian Xingyu.

"How is this possible? There is actually no trace at all. " After searching a few more times, he still couldn't find any traces of Jian Xingyu, and there weren't any traces of formations on the ground.

"You're lucky." The black-robed man turned around and decided to deal with Handsome Young Master first. However, when he returned to the Sin Capital, Handsome Young Master had already escaped without leaving behind any trace.

With a flash of the black light from the Storage Bag at his waist, the black robed man took out a jade slip. After taking a look, he saw Mei Ji's message: "The clan's grand ceremony is around the corner.

With no place to vent his anger, the black-robed, middle-aged man sneered. Sweeping the area with his consciousness, he arrived at the place where the giant Human Clan resided.

"You! Why is this happening? " The Giant Human Clan Divine Ranked Babag's body was covered in blood, and the Wolf Fanged Mace was also full of cracks.

"What I said wasn't a joke, exterminating your race is exterminating your race!" The black robed middle-aged man attacked again, Babaag seemed to be quietly waiting for death to come. Just before the huge palm was about to hit, Babagger roared and self-destructed!

Ah!" The middle-aged man's face was covered in blood. After pausing in midair for a moment, he turned into a black wind and fled far away.

In the distant mountains, Babaag's son, the new Patriarch and his clansmen of the Giant Human Clan were kneeling on the ground: "Ah! ~ ~ Father! I will definitely avenge you! "

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