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C13 Epilogue

Life is fragile, whether to a cultivator or a mortal, or to an immortal god, because you are still in the midst of this reality. There was no absolute in everything, and luck was a good reversal every once in a while.

A dignified Nascent Infant Stage that was about to perish in the hands of a mere Psionic Mortal Realm cultivator; one had to say that it was extremely useless and absolutely cowardly. Oh, nothing is absolute, but a given judgment can be absolute.

Guan Fengyun laughed complacently, crazily and crazily. In a split-second, he became shocked and terrified.

An invisible sword force shot out from Jian Xingyu's forehead. A blue sword shadow flashed. Guan Fengyun's flying sword could not withstand the pressure of the blue sword. With a wail, it shattered into countless pieces.

Guan Fengyun's body trembled as he spat out a mouthful of vital blood. In shock, he turned around and tried to escape. However, the shadow passed through his body and Guan Fengyun froze in the air before turning into dust and drifting away.

The blue sword phantom floated in the air, circled around once, and then dissipated into nothingness.

He rubbed his eyes. It was blue in the sky and green in the grass.

I'm still alive? Not bad, not bad. Jian Xingyu checked himself in satisfaction. Compared to when he first came here, his condition was slightly better and the damage wasn't too severe.

After circling a few rounds, he stepped on a soft object. Lowering his head, he saw that it was a grey Storage Bag.

"Interesting." Picking up the Storage Bag, he actually didn't die? Jian Xingyu smiled, he turned his sword consciousness and broke the seal on the Storage Bag. Take them out one by one. Look at them, throw them away, throw them away, take them out and look at them … What is this? It was a simple piece of iron with a rusty appearance. When he probed it with his sword consciousness, he couldn't find anything. Suddenly, an astonishing scene appeared. The rusted iron shined with a blue light and shot straight into the sky, causing a faint sword intent to fluctuate for a moment. Jian Xingyu was in a trance and opened his eyes, but the rusted iron piece in his hand didn't change.

He took a step forward, "Pu!" After spitting out a mouthful of blood, Jian Xingyu patted his chest and disappeared into the distance.

"A god who falls to the heavens, a god who is happy to know of a happy ending!"

There was always a need for cultivators with strange appearances. For example, this person was a cripple with an eccentric personality.

"I am happy to know that the wind and rain are carefree and unrestrained. When the rain and wind are laughter, there is wine to be had!"

Taoist Tianyu drank in one gulp as he headed towards the Saint Mortal City. The once in six hundred years session convention was about to begin.

The mountains stretched across the clouds for tens of thousands of kilometers. In the middle of all the soaring peaks of the clouds, Saint Mortal City stood tall atop the sea of clouds.

"It's so troublesome. This Saint Mortal City is so high and yet you want people to walk up there. It's really troublesome."

Why were these words so familiar? Sorry, this wasn't Jian Xingyu, but Handsome Young Master. However, the two lackeys weren't behind him.

Good stuff. Handsome Young Master was staring at the wine gourd at the waist of Taoist Qi Yuan and Taoist Qi Yuan.

Suddenly, Adept Maddox disappeared. Handsome Young Master was shocked, he looked around but did not see anyone.

A hand lightly patted Handsome Young Master's shoulder. Handsome Young Master's body trembled. He turned around and looked at this strange old man in a flattering manner — — "Senior, is there anything I can help you with?"

"Kid, you're quite quick-witted." "Adept Dun, on the other hand, had an ugly smile on his face." Hand it over! "

"Senior, what are you talking about? This junior does not know. "

Taoist Master Daiyuan lightly patted Handsome Young Master a few times. Handsome Young Master was covered in cold sweat, "Senior, what is it exactly? Please give me some pointers. If junior has the time, please offer both of your hands."

"Brat, you're wise. Hand over that probing treasure." He didn't say this directly, but used a secret technique to send a telepathic message.

Handsome Young Master's body trembled as he took out an item and handed it over. This object was an emerald green leaf. The veins of the leaf were like gold and jade, and they shone with rainbow colored light.

By pouring spiritual energy into it, one could feel a mysterious connection. As he followed the mysterious directions, the first and strongest point he felt was actually the gourd at his waist. This gourd had been in his own gourd for many years. The wine in this gourd would become extremely delicious. He had studied it many times but had no clue. The leaf was pointing straight at the bottle gourd. Could it really be a high level spiritual weapon or immortal equipment? Thinking of this, Adept Primordius was instantly overjoyed.

After drinking a mouthful of wine, he also reached out to grab Handsome Young Master's hand, "Brat, you're sensible. I'll return the leaf to you, but how about you take me as your master? "

"I will, I will. To pay respect to Senior as your Master is simply the fortune of three lifetimes. " Handsome Young Master immediately received the green leaf and put it away. He then kneeled on the ground and kowtowed nine times. This speed lasted only a second. It was as if he was afraid that Taoist Tianyu would go back on his word.

The Madman was momentarily stunned, wondering who had gotten the upper hand.

"Let's go, let's go up the mountain." The pedestrians looked at the weirdo who had become master and disciple without even introducing himself.

At the top of the Thousand Li Mountain, the colorful lights were everywhere. Under the mysterious space ban formation, 64 white robed cultivators were standing on top of the transfer array to receive cultivators one by one. There were a total of thirty-two transfer stages, each capable of delivering twenty people. Next to each transfer stage, there was a huge stone pillar carved with many mysterious monsters and cultivators.

"Go!" "Don't be sneaky." Daoist Master Dian Yuan kicked Handsome Young Master, who was still in a daze. Looking towards Handsome Young Master's direction, an extremely beautiful figure flashed on the teleportation platform and was sent away.

"So powerful." This Adept actually almost said that as well. " Looking at Handsome Young Master who was still in a daze, the Spiritual Qi Condensation Needle in his hand was pressed into his acupuncture point. The pain pierced his heart and his heart, and Handsome Young Master woke up from the pain.

"Thank you master, thank you master."

"Hmph, quickly leave."

With a flash of light, the starlight became chaotic. After a moment of dizziness, Handsome Young Master and Adept Kuang Yuan stood on top of a huge plaza. The square was surrounded by numerous stone pillars, some high and some low. The square had a radius of ten thousand miles, while the center of the square was a ten-zhang high platform.

"Good boy!" So big. I'm afraid that we should be able to sit down with hundreds of thousands of cultivators at the same time. " Handsome Young Master exclaimed.

"Those in front, hurry up. Don't block our way."

Without waiting for Handsome Young Master to turn around, Taoist Tuan immediately teleported away with Handsome Young Master. They stopped beside a stone pillar at the eastern edge of the plaza. Taoist Tuan had already appeared on top of the tallest stone pillar in the eastern part of the plaza.

"Master, you're up there. What should I do?"

"Just sit down below and meditate."

The spirit energy in the plaza was extremely dense, and Handsome Young Master wasn't willing to give up such a good opportunity, so he casually found a praying mat and sat down to cultivate.

Taoist Qi glanced at Handsome Young Master who was in a meditative state. He touched his wine gourd and pondered over something.

There were still ten days until the convention. On the plaza, there were more and more cultivators on the stone pillars. There were cultivators from the East, mages, Devil Clan, beasts, demons, martial cultivators, priests, and so on.

"Get out of the way." Black robes covered his face, and a powerful aura began to surge towards Adept Demented. Taoist Tianyu's eyes were hazy with drunkenness as he took a sip of wine. "What?" What did you say? This old one did not hear clearly. "

He spat on the masked man's face. This slobber that contained alcohol was smelly and dirty, moreover, it was not simple, it could actually break through the black masked man's invisible protective spiritual energy so easily.

The masked man in black couldn't vent his anger. He suppressed it with great effort and apologized to Adept Essence for his actions as he sat down on a lower level stone pillar.

Just like this, a few more waves of people came, and under the annoyance of the Madman, no one dared to disturb them anymore after killing a Late Period of the Transcendency Stage Ranker. After a period of peace, they could continue drinking his wine.

"Ugly old man, get out of my way!" This person was dressed in a brocade robe and had a crystal ball in his hand. The space in the crystal ball was so vast that it couldn't be detected.

Adept Essence ignored him, continuing to hug the wine and sleep. The spectators on the other stone pillars all had expressions of pity and reverence on their faces as they stared at the figure hovering in the air.

And the cultivators that recognized this person were inexplicably shocked, they left far away to watch.

"Emperor of the Underworld!" A few cultivators secretly sent a sound transmission, and those who heard this were completely shocked.

The Emperor of the Underworld saw that Taoist Master Kuang continued to ignore him, and his hand of nothingness reached up to grab at Taoist Master Kuang. Adept Essence flipped over and lifted his foot to meet the blow.

Wherever his feet went, the giant palm disappeared. With a groan, the Emperor of the Underworld shot the crystal ball with a black light. Adept Primordius leapt into the air, launching a counterattack. Wherever the palm energy passed, black cracks would appear. The drop of wine in his palm was murky, and the strange true essence was concentrated to an unimaginably terrifying degree.

Wherever the black light passed by, it absorbed the power of light and darkness, causing it to turn darker and darker. When it met with the palm aura, the sky and earth became silent. A little dark light and a drop of turbid wine could not hold each other in the sky.

The Emperor of the Underworld coldly snorted and shouted, "Black Star Dot!" Fifteen black dots suddenly appeared and formed a strange formation, enveloping the area.

Taoist Ming did not dare to underestimate him. He took out a Long Sword with an extremely strong holy aura and threw it over as he shouted, "Explode!"

A high-grade spiritual weapon was destroyed just like that. Some of the people from the Holy Church were dumbstruck. They were furious but didn't dare to express anything. A powerhouse like him could crush them to death with a single hand.

The Long Sword that was emitting the holy light self-destructed, and in an instant, the holy light illuminated half of the sky, and then instantly shrank back. The sixteen black dots also disappeared without a trace after absorbing the holy light.

Daoist Master Yuan was just about to retaliate after detonating his Spirit Treasure when a meteor streaked across the sky!

"Both of you, stop!" A middle-aged Daoist appeared beside the two of them. Who was this Daoist? This was the name of Saint Mortal City's two stars at the end of the day. It was said that in the last year, he was already one of the most influential figures on the continent. Then, in the year before he went into seclusion, he appeared again to be unfathomably powerful.

"Last name!"

"Last name!"

In the end, he smiled. Since the two of you know who I am, please give me some face.

"Oh? I'm afraid that's not appropriate, no? " Emperor of the Underworld said indifferently.

"That's easy. The main seat of the south is empty. " In the end, the last one was still chatting and laughing, causing a mysterious cultivator on the main seat in the south to leave empty space. The mysterious cultivator had turned into a butterfly and was shrouded in spiritual light. His figure was concealed and it was hard to detect with divine sense. Seemingly well aware of its last resort, the Spirit Light Butterfly landed on a tall pillar beside the main seat in the south. Without saying a word, it flashed with light and immediately attacked the cultivators on the pillar, taking them for itself.

"Goodbye, thank you!" Emperor of the Underworld transformed into a black fog and landed on the main seat of the south. After seeing that this matter was over, he waved his hand to wipe away the spacial rifts and left with a bow.

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