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The enormous plaza was filled with over a hundred thousand cultivators, all of them above the Core Formation stage, and the six thousand stone pillars surrounding the plaza were also filled with cultivators. The four main pillars of East, South, West, and North were respectively Taoist Master Aoyuan, Emperor of the Underworld, devil ancestor, and the Dharma God Evenus. On the high platform in the center, the last remaining participants were Tian Ya, Venerable Sir, Spiritual Master Xuanqing, and Xiao Luozui. Amongst them, sixteen people were the leader of the group, and sixteen people were representatives of various sects.

A blue-robed daoist rose into the air and used a simple sound amplifying technique to transmit his deep voice across the entire plaza.

"This humble one is the first member of the East Branch of the Saint Mortal, An Ran. According to the laws of the past, this is the sixth great calamity. Two thousand four hundred years ago, four thousand two hundred years ago, seven thousand two hundred years ago, nine thousand and six hundred years ago, twelve thousand and four hundred years ago, fourteen thousand and four hundred years ago and so on. The great calamity of fourteen thousand years ago caused four thousand years ago, when the world was on the verge of destruction. And now, it is a great calamity in the sixties. Not only will there be natural disasters, there will also be powerful foreign invaders. So, not only will there be preparations for this conference, there will also be the sect's legacy and the alliance head's elections. "

The square was in an uproar, even the surrounding stone pillars were discussing. To form an alliance; this was an alliance that happened every six hundred years. The various sects would form an alliance with the earth, sea, nation, and region as their base. On the continent of Holy Light, Saint Mortal took the lead and formed a large alliance. This was also something that many cultivators were used to. The alliance masters of the small alliances had basically agreed upon this beforehand. However, in the face of the sect's inheritance, the various sects had their own doubts. However, after this great calamity, the existence of the sect was still a problem. So, they had to consider the sect's heritage.

"Everyone, please calm down."

"Sects' inheritance is the most important matter among the various sects, and it is also a taboo that the various sects talk about. However, for the sake of our descendants, we must carefully arrange this great calamity." Then, my Saint Mortal City will open a secret space, which will allow the various sects to store their secret manuals, and the future generations will be able to come with proof from the various sects to obtain the inheritance. This is just a suggestion. The various sects and clans can also arrange for this matter to be carried out in their own alliances. "

"Okay, the most important thing is to choose the Alliance Master of the continent of Holy Light this time. Heaven Mirror! "

Twelve white clothed elders of Saint Mortal City appeared in a thirty meter radius at the center of the plaza. They were the mysterious array formation of the Nine Palaces, and each held a spirit mirror as they sat cross-legged. Then, "Heaven's Mirror!" The twelve beams of spiritual light converged in the sky. In an instant, thunder billowed, and white clouds surged. The dazzling sunlight covered the entire sky, and then, in the blink of an eye, they gathered into a shimmering mirror of the Void.

The water light in the mirror moved, reflecting the stars, the wilderness, the mountains, the mortals, the cities, and so on.

In the purple robe, a red-faced Daoist walked out from the high platform and started chanting an obscure incantation. The spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth began to fluctuate as the Daoist waved his hand, releasing an endless spiritual pressure without dispersing. From this, it could be seen how high the Daoist's cultivation base was. It was impossible to detect.

Handsome Young Master looked around with his eyes wide open. Don't look around, the old man's name is Ouyang Lei Huo. "If you cultivate honestly, you will reach this level sooner or later."

"Please, Alliance Head!" The Daoist man formed a seal with his hands and pressed it upwards. The profound seal struck into the Heaven Mirror and the Heaven Mirror immediately started to shake violently, the scenes within constantly changing, until it finally stopped at the Saint Mortal City Plaza. The scene inside the mirror gradually expanded, and under the gaze of tens of thousands of people, it was fixed onto the mysterious Spirit Light Butterfly that was seated at the side of the main seat in the south.

The mysterious spiritual light butterfly's spirit light instantly brightened and dimmed, the Heaven's Mirror seemed to have difficulty reflecting her real body. The rude actions of the mysterious spiritual butterfly seemed to anger the Heaven Mirror, suddenly a bunch of golden light shot out from the mirror onto the body of the mysterious spiritual butterfly, the butterfly's radiance became extremely bright for a moment, multi-colored dazzling light covered the entire plaza, the cultivators were blinded by the light, they could not help but close their eyes. In that one thousandth of a second, the figure of a blue-robed elegant youth appeared. In the blink of an eye, he was once again enveloped by the spiritual light and turned into a butterfly. When the Heaven Mirror revealed the real body of the mysterious butterfly of light, it withdrew its golden light.

"Golden light appears!"

"So it's him."

Even though the majority of the cultivators had not seen the real body of the mysterious spiritual light butterfly, there were still several experts who had seen it clearly.

"Please, Alliance Head!"

The mysterious butterfly didn't refuse. With a flash of inspiration, she flew to the seat of the chief, "I am the Five Dazzling Soul-Butterfly. I am lucky to be the chief and have chosen this mission."

At this moment, Ouyang Lei Huo, who was sitting in the lotus position, stood up once more. He formed a seal and shouted, "Three Sword Envoys!"

"Left and right!"

The Heaven Mirror sparkled, and the figures of two Sword Cultivator s appeared in the Heaven Mirror.

One was the elegant and beautiful white-clothed phoenix coronet lady, while the other was a cold and chilling white-haired youth. The green and black birthmark on his right cheek added a great deal of terror to his image.


The Heaven mirror fluctuated. It was sometimes violent, sometimes quiet. After a long time, it was completely silent. It was difficult to find Heaven Mirror for a long time, and it seemed to be angry. Inside the mirror, the sky and earth changed color, and heavenly fire lightning descended for a long time without stopping, causing all the cultivators to feel a chill run down their spines.

Beneath the continuous barrage of Heaven Fire Thunder Tribulation, a crack appeared in the dusky sky. At the vines in the dense forest, a mysterious cave appeared vaguely. Under the bright sword light, Jian Xingyu's figure was faintly discernable, with a frown on his forehead as if he was at a critical moment.

Another bolt of lightning fell straight on Jian Xingyu. Everyone was on tenterhooks as the ripples from the mysterious cloud concealed the lightning and closed the gray fog barrier. The mirror exploded. Ouyang Lei Huo controlled it and took the brunt of the blast. His hands formed a seal and exploded, sending a mist of blood flying everywhere. Ouyang Lei Huo coughed out a mouthful of blood. His face was pale as he fell off the stage.

The bodies of the twelve white robed elders exploded, the dust had all cleared, the elders spat out blood, and their white robes were stained with blood. Cracks also appeared on the Spirit Mirror in his hands.

In the blink of an eye. The plaza went into an uproar, and all the cultivators were shocked. It had to be known that these twelve white clothed elders were all one star experts from Saint Mortal City, and Ouyang Lei Huo was a mysterious three star master.

As he left the stage, he supported Ouyang Lei Huo and fed him the Spirit Pill. Ouyang Lei Huo's complexion was a bit rosy, and his new hands had also grown back.

"Fellow Taoist, can you still direct the Heaven Mirror?"

"It doesn't matter. We can still support the last moment. "

"Take this Restoration Yuan Dan first."

"High Rank Ninth Order, thank you Fellow Taoist."

Half a moment later, Ouyang Lei Huo and the 12 white clothed Elders once again opened their Heaven Mirror. With the Heaven Mirror, they invited 72 alliance deacon elders, including the law enforcement elders, main affairs elders, and many other types of elders.

"How could it be him?" The old man under the dark, cold black robe looked towards the high platform as he coldly said.

"Master, please forgive us. Back then disciple had indeed beaten him to death. How could he have survived? " The middle-aged man, man in black, knelt on the ground as he was drenched in cold sweat.

"I'll let you off this once, who knows where that brat is, some other time …"

"Thank you, Master, for your forgiveness!"

"Patriarch Baldy, why are you so angry?" "Come, come, drink a bit of wine and calm your anger. Tell me, perhaps this old Taoist can help you solve this problem!"

"Humph!" Crazy old man, hurry up and leave! Don't provoke me! "

"Tsk tsk tsk, green eyebrows, this old man was just joking!" He could feel the surrounding temperature plummeting. "It's fine if we don't drink." With a flash of light, Adept Tuan once again fell asleep on the seat of honor in the East.

After the distribution of personnel from each department, Saint Mortal City held a grand Heaven's Sacrifice Ceremony, which was followed by a discussion on the dao, trade fairs, and so forth. The event continued for half a month, and Saint Mortal City's Great Assembly came to a successful end.

There were only seven months left before the great tribulation arrived.

.......................................................................................................................................................................... Rain began to fall in the ancient lands. The rain was especially heavy, pouring down and leaking out. The lake expanded and moved mountains and rivers.

Jian Xingyu, who had recuperated for three months, finally woke up. He walked out of the cave and stood in the rain with a faint smile on his face.

"The wind blows and the rain shakes the river, the soup goes down the mountain and rocks crumble." He then turned around and looked at the cave for three months before turning into a beam of sword light and disappearing into the rain.

The day he fought with Guan Fengyun, he traveled a thousand miles. This Jian Xingyu, who had a poor sense of direction due to his injuries, was truly a difficult problem.

However, there was something else that always puzzled Jian Xingyu. The effects of the immortal pills his grandfather left behind were getting worse and worse. Normally, it would take at least a few minutes or at most two to three days to recover. Last time, it took him half a month, but this time, it took him three months. Seeing that he was only at the early Core Formation stage, Jian Xingyu felt a little pressured.

Eh? The swordsman stopped his sword light and looked down.

One serpent, one leopard, one bear. The giant serpent was Xiao Jin. The leopard had the golden-scaled armor, while the bear had the momentum of a mountain.

The snake hissed at the bear and the leopard roared. There seemed to be a negotiation going on, but the negotiation failed. The bear leopard made his move. Oh, no, its claws had been moved.

The bear's claws smacked against the mountain, lightning flashed in the shape of a leopard, and Xiao Jin sat in a meditative pose.

After a short while, Xiao Jin was deposed to the left and right. He suffered a few lashes from the Gold Scaled Leopard and his movements became sluggish.

In the rain, a bright white light flashed as the head of the leopard separated from its body and the gigantic bear lost its grip.

"Roar!" The pain of the bear breaking its palm penetrated his heart, causing his blood to drip out.

Jian Xingyu frowned, he did not recover his Nascent Infant Stage so moving the Sword Essence was very uncomfortable.

The giant bear raised its head and saw a round, white crescent moon hanging in the rain. It was extremely beautiful, and the Sword Power s amongst them were astonishing.

With a low growl, the giant bear raised its severed arm and slowly retreated.

"Looks like this isn't a stupid bear." The crescent moon descended, revealing Jian Xingyu's figure.

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