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C15 Gale Gate

The wind blew, the air was desolate; the rain washed, the blood washed miserable. The fire had died down, and it was hard to describe the scene of despair.

"What's going on?" Jian Xingyu saw the ruins of the village littered with corpses. Several wild dogs were looking for corpses.

Damn it! Fury ignited in his heart. The red crescent moon flashed like lightning. The wild dog was torn into pieces, and its blood stained the mud.

"Hiss!" "Awoo!" Xiao Jin threw himself into a corner and howled at a corpse. Tears fell from his eyes as he condensed his blood into a pearl.

Ah! Jian Xingyu flashed by and picked up the corpse. It was the beautiful young girl who had saved him before. Now, she was like a withered flower, devoid of any light.

"Ah ~ ~" For the first time, Jian Xingyu cried. Tears fell from his eyes.

The young girl had a smile on her face, as if she was sleeping soundly. Jian Xingyu helped her slowly organize her hair into a mess of long bangs.

A jade bead exuded a faint white light as it floated above the young girl's head.

He carefully placed the jade pearl on the young girl's chest and set up a small formation. Then, he gently picked up the young girl and carried her into the mountain.

"I'll come back and see you."

He looked at Xiao Jin, who was only equivalent to a cultivator at the 5th level of the Qi Cultivating Stage. "How about I enlighten you?"

Xiao Jin looked at the youth in front of him and seemed to have understood something as he nodded.

A little white light shot into Xiao Jin's eyes. Xiao Jin was in unbearable pain as his huge body was being hit all over the place. Jian Xingyu hurriedly restricted his body and used his Spiritual Qi to ease his pain.

After a short moment, Xiao Jin calmed down as if he had fallen into a deep sleep. Seeing this, Jian Xingyu felt slightly relieved. He withdrew his Spiritual Qi and closed his eyes to adjust his breathing.

"You're awake?"

Xiao Jin nodded.

"This [Yang Sword Manual] is for you to train in. After each level is completed, you can enter the next level. I hope that you can protect this place well." I will place the Sword Formation here and tell you how to control the flow of people in and out. The center is where she sleeps, so you don't need to go in. I will avenge her, and you can just stay here. "

A few days later, Jian Xingyu left behind a few layers of Sword Formation and a celestial sword as the base. Only then did he feel at ease and leave.

Jian Xingyu flew thousands of miles in the ancient lands on his flying sword every day. When he found the village, he stopped to explore it. Finally, half a month later, he found out that there was a big city abandoned by the night.

"Three days later, the bright white moon appeared in the sky above the Forsaken Night City. The white light was strange and ever-changing, and one's spiritual sense was hard to predict. However, there was a hint of blood that exuded an endless killing intent, indicating that it did not come with good intentions." What is Fellow Taoist doing here? " A blue light flew out from the city to meet the bright white moon.

"Hand over Guan Fengyun." Haoyue's tone was cold and gloomy, without a doubt.

"Guan Fengyun?" There is no one in this city. "


A trace of hesitation caused Haoyue's killing intent to rise, and before the killing intent reached him, the white light had already arrived. The blue light was caught off guard. The spirit light protecting his body had been broken, revealing his real body. It was a blue-clothed Taoist in the appearance of a gentleman.

"I'll give you one more chance. "Speak!"

"Don't go too far!"

Haoyue Fluorescence, unfathomable.

The blue-robed Daoist hovered there in midair, stunned. "You …"

"When you slaughter those mortals, you will have no hope of living." The sound was very soft, and all the cultivators in the city were shocked.

"Come out!"

"Senior, Senior!" A deep blue robed cultivator immediately flew out of the house. This person was sitting with the blue robed cultivator. When he heard the voice, he was terrified.

"Where's Guan Fengyun?"

"Fellow Taoist is a Guardian of Yunyuan City, we can reach there from the north."


The voice faded away, and the bright white moon disappeared without a trace.

"Master!" The middle-aged cultivator hugged the separated blue-clothed Taoist and sobbed silently.

On the night of the second day, the bright white moon appeared within the Cloud Lake City. Haoyue appeared from time to time in the clouds, but his killing intent didn't fluctuate in the slightest.

"Who are you?"

"Hand over Guan Fengyun."

"Heh heh, since your imposing manner is so oppressing, do you think that there's no one in our Cloud Lake City?"

"Then let's give it a try."

Haoyue glows, sparkling from the frost. The moonlight was like water, the water had frost crystals, and as the light flowed, the beautiful scene was mesmerizing.

And this beautiful scenery was filled with endless killing intent. In the air, dark blue shadows were forced out, and then countless frost sword energies turned into sword energies. The sword energies turned into a rain of moonlight, shooting towards the dark blue shadows!

The deep blue silhouette struggled for a moment. The surrounding space was immobilized by a murderous aura; a slight movement could lead to death.

Not daring to be negligent, the deep blue light cast down more than thirty enchantments. Another small blue shield suddenly appeared, instantly enclosing the figure. Now that the moonlight rain had arrived, the sound of metal clashing could be heard throughout Cloud Lake City. The sound of the clashing was also heard by the strange cloud, sending the cultivators searching in all directions.

It had been a long time since a Nascent Soul stage battle, and this one would definitely break the silence of the ancient land.

Moments later, the blue shield's radiance gradually dimmed. The deep blue light seemed to be fearful of it as the light grew brighter and the blue shield also began to shine!

"Humph!" With a cold snort, the light of Haoyue in the sky greatly increased, and countless arrows rained down.

In the blink of an eye, the blue shield was broken and the thirty-odd enchantments barriers were instantly broken as well. The rain of swords passed through the deep blue lights as fresh blood sprinkled across the night sky.

The deep blue light faded away, revealing a shattered paper talisman. The paper talismans were drifting about and about to merge together, but they were helplessly exhausted. It was difficult to reunite with them and they turned into ashes in the air.

On the other hand, a middle-aged man in white appeared from thousands of feet away. His face was pale and blood was trickling from the corner of his mouth. It seemed that he had been severely injured.

"Heavenly Spirit Shadowshape Talisman." Haoyue said softly, somewhat amazed. Rumor has it that the Heavenly Spirit Shadowshape Talisman was one of the most precious treasures of the Dao's Symbol Dao. It could transform into the original body and had the same cultivation base. It could confuse powerful enemies and kill him in the most dangerous situation. The path of cultivation was long and endless, with countless calamities occurring everywhere. If one were to gain an extra life, then the path of cultivation would also increase by several levels. From this, it could be seen that this talisman was very useful. There was nothing more important than one's life. If he lost his life, he would lose everything.

However, the materials needed to create this talisman were extremely rare and difficult to obtain. Rumor had it that the Thousand Symbol Sect only had three talismans. Many sects had long since lost their methods of making this talisman. Even more sad was that very few cultivators were lucky enough to obtain this talisman. Those who didn't know of it were either discarded them or left them behind in some remote outpost.

After the white-clothed cultivator revealed himself, he knew that it would be hard to escape, so he didn't put up any defenses. It was as if he was prepared to take a gamble. If they were to run for their lives, they would definitely not be able to escape from Sword Cultivator of the same level with their speed.

"Please wait, Fellow Taoist." The white-robed cultivator said hurriedly.

Haoyue, whose radiance had greatly increased, slightly restrained himself, "Oh?" Why didn't you run away? Could there be some last words? "

"Fellow Taoist must be joking. If I continue to run away like this, I'm afraid I won't be able to match up to Fellow Taoist."

"You know what to do."

"Fellow Taoist came here only for Guan Fengyun. Our Yunyuan City need not make enemies with Fellow Taoist for him."

Seeing the white-clothed cultivator circling around, Haoyue understood his intentions, "Okay, inform this person of where we are going and the people of the Slaughter Village, and Yunyuan City will be fine."

"Guan Fengyun's abode is on the Cloud Rain Peak in the northwest of the Cloud Lake City. However, the Cloud Rain Peak is the place where the Gale Sect resides and Guan Fengyun is also their Sect Elder. There were even more clan elders with Spirit Separating Stage in the Gale Sect, so it was best for Fellow Taoist to be careful. As for the massacre of the village, it was Guan Fengyun's doing in the secular world at Huinan City as a spectator. "

"Thank you very much."

The moonlight dissipated, and Haoyue disappeared.

When the white-clothed cultivator saw Haoyue leave, he immediately turned back into a light blue shadow and returned to his cave. He was lucky to have escaped this time.

However, since he had left the Gale Sect, he wouldn't be able to stay in the Cloud Abyss City anymore. He had to make preparations in advance.

The white and bright moon appeared outside the Cloud Rain Peak.

"Which Fellow Taoist is coming?" Guan Fengyun had the demeanor of a celestial. He appeared outside the Cloud Rain Peak.

"Ah ha, what a coincidence."

The moonlight was misty. Guan Fengyun was caught off guard by the moonlight.


Guan Fengyun was greatly shocked, and involuntarily was imprisoned under Haoyue.

"Do you know me?"

The moment the light appeared, Guan Fengyun was so shocked that he didn't know what to do. "It's you …" He didn't know when this young man had become a cultivator of Nascent Infant Stage. The level of his cultivation was astonishing.

"Then you will have no regrets even if you die, right?"




With three orders to stop, three imposing auras enveloped Haoyue. Two middle-aged male cultivators, one female cultivator and two middle-aged male cultivators were in the middle phase of the Nascent Soul Stage, while the female cultivator was in the late stage.

"Master, save me!" Guan Fengyun shouted.

Zhuang Xianzi, Feng Qi Zi, Yun Xia Zi's protective aura greatly increased, and their might was awe-inspiring.

"Why do you want to stop? You want to cover up for the crime of massacring mortals? "

"Naturally, my Gale Sect will deal with the Gale Sect's matters, it's not the place for outsiders to handle it." The woman dressed in imperial robes, Yun Xia Zi, had a domineering aura, a mere middle level Nascent Soul stage cultivator was not even in her eyes.

"Aha, the Gale Sect is actually still a protective person like you?"

"Fellow Taoist, please do not be angry. Please tell me the reason first. " Zhuang Xianzi said.

"Eh?" Yunxia Zi glanced at Zhuang Xianzi, who retreated in fear.

"Aha, so the Stellar Wind Sect was implying Yin and Yang. I had no choice. "

"Hmph. Hand over Guan Fengyun and I can spare your life. Of course, I will punish him severely."

"Severe punishment? Hahaha! No need to laugh, die! "

While they were chatting, Guan Fengyun floated towards the three people of the Gale Sect in fear. The moonlight was like a blooming lotus, glowing strangely.

"Yun'er!" Yun Xia cried out in alarm, and a giant hand appeared in the sky, grabbing at Guan Fengyun. On the other side, a silver mirror appeared above Haoyue.

Screams could be heard repeatedly. When Guan Fengyun was grabbed by the big hand, the sword qi raged and flew into the sky. Guan Fengyun was shattered into pieces and even his primordial spirit dissipated. The giant hand was dripping with blood. It was unknown whether it was the sword qi or Guan Fengyun's blood.

The giant hand grabbing Guan Fengyun dissipated, and the silver mirror stopped. Haoyue also teleported to another area. At the same time, several sword energies shot towards the silver mirror. Three beams of light shot out from the silver mirror, and the sky exploded.

In the distance, the Gale Sect had also set up a great protective formation, and the shadows of the formation were floating as they watched the great battle in the sky.

"Clouds move, swaying in the wind and rain!" Guan Fengyun was the son of Yun Xia, and her son was killed. Yun Xia had gone crazy on the spot.

The sea of clouds moved, lightning flashed, and an endless green light flew towards Haoyue to encircle him.

"Haoyue Fluorescent Charm!" The supreme technique displayed in the Cloud Lake City reappeared, and the endless sword qi shot back.

Green, yellow, and flying all around. For a moment, Zhuang Xianzi and Feng Qi Zi had to back off, not daring to help. It was clear that the night sky was full of raging spiritual energy and was filled with endless danger. At the same time, the two of them were amazed by the mysterious Haoyue. This person did not use a treasure imprint, but used an endless amount of Sword Qi to fight the enemy, thus his identity could only be described as Sword Cultivator. A middle stage Nascent Soul stage Sword Cultivator was actually able to fight equally with a Great Cultivator, it was truly terrifying.

Although there was no Sword Cultivator's Gate in the Ancient Land, the records that were passed down said that among the Cultivation World outside, once the rare Sword Cultivator s reached the Nascent Infant Stage, their might was not something that ordinary cultivators of the same level could look down upon.

The remnant force of the two ultimate skills repelled Yun Xia Zi by a few miles. Her face paled slightly and her steps became unstable. Haoyue also retreated a few miles and the moonlight dimmed, revealing a graceful and beautiful youth. It was Jian Xingyu.

"Aha, what a powerful cultivator. "Pfft!" Jian Xingyu's face turned pale as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Give me your life!" Yun Xia's face was full of anger. She then activated her life force, wanting to use her powerful magic treasure to kill the young man in front of her in one fell swoop!

"Hahaha, you've been hit by my sword technique. Are you still able to use your life's true essence so easily?" Jian Xingyu didn't seem to be worried at all.

The Heaven and Earth Vital Energy moved layer after layer as they gathered together. Another silver mirror appeared in front of Yunxia Zi, and endless Essence was also gathered in the mirror.

Jian Xingyu didn't dare to be careless when he saw Yun Xia use such a huge spell without regard for her damage.

The fifth form of the [Bright Moon Sword Canon] was originally something that could be used for cultivation purposes, but now, Jian Xingyu could not care less. The life Sword Essence converged into the Spirit Sword s in his hands from the Nascent Soul stage sword, and danced with the moon. "The bright moon rose into the sky, shining brightly like the sea. The moonlight illuminated the entire night.

"Pfft!" A mouthful of blood spurted out, and Yun Xia's blood sprayed onto the silver mirror. The light emitted from the mirror grew brighter, and the speed at which the Heaven and Earth Vital Energy was absorbed increased by several fold. The price he had to pay for this was the sword Qi around his body moving slightly. Fresh blood gushed out from his pores, dripping down bit by bit.

"The mirror has the ability to destroy the heavens!"

Several mouthfuls of blood sprayed onto the silver mirror. From the silver mirror, strong gales were being blown towards Jian Xingyu like illusory clouds.

Pointing his sword, Haoyue brought along the moonlight from the vast and endless ocean to float towards the heavenly halo.

Life and death, victory and loss, at this moment, were about to reveal themselves.

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