Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C16 Sword Spirit Restoration Pill
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Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C16 Sword Spirit Restoration Pill
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C16 Sword Spirit Restoration Pill

The wind and clouds changed, lightning flashed, and countless sword lights exploded in the violent clouds.

At the same time, the Zephyr Guild's protective formation was also flickering with colorful lights. The elders of the Zephyr Guild were filling up the bases of the various array formations with Spirit Stone s. Dozens of middle-tier Spirit Stone s were thrown down, leaving the protection disciples dumbstruck. However, a moment later, a pile of gray rock was taken out. The consumption rate of Spirit Stone s in this protective formation was astonishingly huge. If one array base could have so many Spirit Stone s, how much would it cost to have so many array bases? At the same time, it could be seen how terrifying the battle between these two great cultivators was. Just the remaining power alone was enough to consume so much energy. If they were to attack the formation directly, how terrifying would it be?

"The bright moon is boundless, the sky above the sea!"

"The mirror has the ability to destroy the heavens!"

The two ultimate techniques had almost annihilated the entire Gale Sect. In that moment, the sky collapsed and the earth split, the void became chaotic, several mountains collapsed, and lava gushed out. The stronghold of the Gale Sect was in chaos, a lot of energy had broken into the Gale Sect's grand formation, crushing hundreds of Gale Sect disciples.

In the void of chaos, a beam of white light suddenly escaped. It paused for a moment, spat out a mouthful of blood, and then escaped like a streak of light. On the other side, Yun Xianzi coughed up blood as the silver mirror in her hand began to crack again. It gradually expanded and then shattered into pieces. The poor great cultivator spat out blood again.

Looking around, Jian Xingyu had already fled far away. Sword Cultivator's speed was fast enough.

"Aaah!" How could it not be fast? Damn old granny, your Late Period of the Nascent Infant Stage is already so strong, I am not going to fight you to the death, using sword skills at a higher realm is too tragic. Jian Xingyu looked at the Nascent Soul Stage Argent White Sword, it was not condensed and solid, but had consumed too much energy. Jian Xingyu carried the last few layers of Sword Essence and entered the depths of the Cloud Abyss Mountain Range. In this world, there were bound to be high-level demon beasts in the depths of the mountain range. Even though it was extremely dangerous, there was bound to be a place of safety.

A few months later, Jian Xingyu opened his eyes wide and looked at the five elixirs in his hands. How was that possible? In the past, as long as one pellet, his or her cultivation would be restored, and he or she would be able to grow stronger. He had used up almost all of his storage to return to the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage. What was going on? Jian Xingyu had searched his body countless times, but he couldn't find the location of the Immortal pill that he didn't manage to absorb.

"How troublesome!" Jian Xingyu had preserved the five elixir pills, so he had to use them sparingly in the future.

Huinan City had been very peaceful for three months, and this made the three elders from the Gale Sect somewhat impatient. Logically speaking, Jian Xingyu should have arrived. However, why hadn't he come yet? In this mortal world, the spiritual energy was sparse and boring, which made the three elders extremely unhappy.

Night. Quietly, the black clouds covered the moonlight and the stars. Suddenly, the clouds parted and the moon appeared. A full moon suddenly appeared above Wynan City. While the people of Huinan were marveling at the spectacle, the smell of blood began to emanate from it.

Without a sound, the moonlight fell and enveloped the disciples of the Guan Family. Any cultivator that had a sliver of darkness and was above Qi Disciple level 5 had all died.

Among the three elders, one of them was at the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Stage, while the other two were at the late stage of the Aurous Core Stage.

Run? Facing Sword Cultivator, if he did not have a high level escape technique, he would not be able to make it in time.

He had no choice but to run. The three cyan winds ran in three different directions, and in the blink of an eye, it was already thirty miles away.

At this time, Haoyue's radiance spread out, and three white sword shadows pursued him from three directions. As soon as the two Aurous Core stage cultivators activated their defensive magic treasures, their sword energy and their magic treasures were instantly destroyed, both in body and spirit.

The middle level Nascent Soul stage cultivator from the Gale Sect took out a silver mirror and clashed with the sword qi, causing a loud explosion. The middle level Nascent Soul stage cultivator took out a silver mirror and clashed with the sword qi, and it exploded with a loud bang.

Haoyue spun a few rounds in the air, sighing, "What an exquisite escape technique."

No need to worry, now that everything was over, there was no need to fight with the Gale Sect anymore. Now it was time to think of a way to leave, this ancient land was really not a good place.

Moonlight covered the ground, and the bright moon in the sky suddenly disappeared.

The central city of the Primordial Lands had over a million cultivators and nearly a hundred million mortals.

Jian Xingyu only arrived at the city after flying on the sword for five months. It was rumored that there was an ancient transportation formation that could lead to the outside world.

"Stop!" "Entering the city, 3 ancient coins." The city guards stopped the handsome young man, Jian Xingyu, in front of them.

Ancient currency, the currency used by mortals in the ancient lands, it was like one yuan now.

Casually digging around, Zhang Xuan threw three ancient coins to the guards and entered the city. At this moment, the five crystal beads beside the city guard lit up. The guard immediately bowed to Jian Xingyu in apology and returned the ancient coins. If all five crystal beads were lit up, it meant that the cultivator in front of him was at least in the late Foundation Establishment stage. This was a true Immortal in the eyes of mortals.

"Sir, cultivators need not pay when they enter the city, I was rude earlier."

"No need, no need. Take it yourself. " "Wait, my lord." If a cultivator enters the city, he will need to leave behind a trace, otherwise, he will be attacked by the magic formations within the city. "

"Oh, there's such a thing."

"Master, please wait."

The guard turned around and took out a painting scroll and opened it up for Jian Xingyu. With a flash of white light, Jian Xingyu's figure was left on the painting. He was extraordinarily handsome and his aura was concealed. He did not dare to probe further.

"It's done?"

"Sir, aren't you going to leave your name?"

Hmm. Jian Xingyu pondered for a moment before leaving behind three words, "Zi Hao Hao bai".

"Gone. "Hahaha." Jian Xingyu laughed as he entered the city.

The city guard looked at Jian Xingyu who was walking away and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He smiled and said, "This lord's temper is really good."

"That's right, that's right …" The guard at the side wanted to say something, but he kept his mouth shut with fear in his heart. The rest of the people had the same thought, so they didn't say anything more.

The main streets of the city were divided into the cultivators' path and the mortals' path, as well as the cultivators' path. The main reason why mortals were separated was to provide convenience to cultivators, while at the same time, protecting mortals.

There were all sorts of spirit carriages on the path for cultivators to travel to the city. Naturally, the speed of a cultivator was astonishing, far surpassing 80 yards or so. If a mortal accidentally entered this passageway and was wiped down by a spirit carriage, they would probably have no chance of survival.

"To the cultivator's inn." Jian Xingyu stopped a hearse at random.

"Senior, please." The driver was a middle-aged man with a thick beard. His appearance was honest and honest, with an early Foundation Establishment cultivation base.

"Why are you still driving a spirit carriage with your Foundation Establishment cultivation?" Jian Xingyu was very curious about this place and was curious about why a Foundation Establishment cultivator would waste such a great amount of time on cultivation but only rode a spirit carriage here.

"Senior, you might not know this, but junior has only recently reached Foundation Establishment." And the opportunity for Foundation Establishment was also the Foundation Establishment Pill that was obtained for a senior to train the carriage not long ago. "

"Aha, Foundation Establishment Pill. That Fellow Taoist is really generous, your luck is really not bad. " Jian Xingyu smiled. This guy really had an honest appearance. A Foundation Establishment cultivator, ah ha, but to be able to do it so naturally, I don't know if he is as honest as he looks.

"Heh heh, senior, please excuse my ridicule. It's all thanks to my good luck."

Jian Xingyu smiled without saying anything.

"Senior, we have arrived. "This Wanhua Tower is the best cultivator inn in the city."

Wanhua Tower seemed to be an ordinary building with only three floors. However, one could faintly see the flow of spiritual energy within the protective array. Naturally, the Heavenly Passage would also be extraordinary.

"En, not bad. This bottle of pill is for you. " Qing Shui casually took out a jade bottle. It was left behind by Jian Xingyu, who had found some spiritual herbs and elixirs in the depths of the Cloud Abyss Mountain Range after the battle at Huinnan City.

He only had five immortal pellets left. If he was poor, then he would change his mind. If he got hurt again in the future, without the help of pill, he would really die.

"This is for the Foundation Establishment stage, it's useless for me to keep it."

"Thank you, senior!" After sending Jian Xingyu off, they saw Jian Xingyu alight from the hearse. The cultivators of the Wanhua Restaurant had already come to greet him.

"Senior, please!"

Jian Xingyu nodded and followed the grey robed cultivator into the building.

"Greetings, Senior. Hurry and serve tea to senior. " The female cultivator at the counter smiled and bowed to Jian Xingyu.

"Come to a middle grade guest room. You can stay for three months."

"Room B, fifteen pieces of middle ranked Spirit Stone."

After handing over the Spirit Stone, Jian Xingyu followed another gray-clothed cultivator and arrived at the B Company's building. With the door plate in hand, he inserted a spirit art into the runes on the door and entered the room.

He took out a few Spirit Fruit s from his storage ring and enjoyed himself.

Pill refining. I, a dignified Sword Cultivator, am actually concocting pills, a future sword immortal! Trouble, a headache.

First, he set up a painting Heaven and Earth array in the room. Then, Jian Xingyu took out his pill furnace and took out a bunch of spirit materials, placing them one by one.

He rubbed his fingers, and a small ball of white flame appeared at the tip of his finger.

"Go!" The bright white flame flew into the furnace, and in a split-second, the fire inside the furnace surged, as if it was filled with joy.

"Sword spirit Origin Returning Pill."

"Grass in the sky, Origin Returning Flower, Rain Spirits Stone …" Pills and herbs were thrown into the furnace one by one. Under Jian Xingyu's control, they all turned into spirit juice and circulated in the furnace according to a strange pattern.

At this moment, the three magical Spiritual Beads flashed within the pill furnace and flew around, harmonizing the spiritual energy in the furnace.

Suddenly, his eyebrows twitched and the spirit art in his hand stopped. However, there was a loud bang and the furnace exploded. A batch of pill was destroyed just like that.

Everything had gone smoothly, but someone had barged into the house and triggered the painting's Heaven and Earth array, creating a lot of noise. Just at that moment, the spirit art became so sluggish that the pill was destroyed.


One must know that the refinement process of the Sword Spirit Returning Pill must not stop at all, and there must not be even the slightest mistake. Otherwise, the pill would be destroyed, and if the pill furnace was not good enough, the sword qi from the explosion of the spiritual energy in the pill furnace would also heavily injure the pill refiner.

Fortunately, this pill furnace was left behind by his grandfather. It had three days of virtual light, and was an unknown grade pill furnace. Otherwise, he would definitely be injured.

How infuriating!

With the use of his spiritual incantation, he had completely activated the painting's Heaven and Earth array, changing it into a killing array! Countless sword Qis shot out from the illusionary calligraphy towards the cultivators trapped in the formation.

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