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C18 Taiyi

He was very happy today because that damnable Pu Leezi was finally dead and no one would come to extort him again. However, he felt sad when he thought about it. After all, Pu Leezi had always been taking care of him and had even risked his life to save him a few times.

It was a strange feeling that his thoughts were always simple. It was probably due to his successful foundation establishment, his intelligence also increased a lot. His thoughts also increased, and he couldn't help but feel a lot more troubled.

Patting his head, he gave a silly smile and returned to normal, preparing for today's driving life.

Seeing a white-clothed youth standing at the intersection, Han Yu hastily stopped the car. "Senior, where do you want to go?"

"Aha, so soon did you forget about me, Hailey?" Jian Xingyu laughed.

"So it's senior. Please excuse me." "Senior, please quickly come in. I still need to thank Senior for his Spirit Pill. Last night, I only practiced for a few hours and already felt that the effect was wonderful, my cultivation has increased by quite a bit."

"Hehe, there's no need to say anymore. Bring me to have a look."

"What do you think? Do you want to see it from the north or do you want to see it from the south? "

"Hmm? The North and South Paragons? What, is there two in the Grand Xia? "

"That's not it, Senior. Originally, the people from the First Great Monastery lived in the Northern City. However, some of them moved to the Southern City and established the Grand Southern Monastery without anyone knowing what happened inside the city. "In truth, it is still a great view."

"Oh, then let's take a look at the Peking University."


A moment later, the spirit carriage stopped in front of an old and simple Taoist temple.

The temple gate was not considered big and tall. On the door of the elm was a signboard with the words "Supreme One Monastery" written in bold and powerful characters. It was also ethereal and exuded a mysterious mood. The seemingly old Daoist temple seemed so natural within the three words' Concept ', the nature of heaven and earth seemed so natural.

In front of the door, two blue-clothed youths were sitting cross-legged on a prayer mat. Their eyes were closed as they cultivated, and they didn't pay attention to their surroundings or hear any music.

After giving some Spirit Stone s to the King's Fish, Jian Xingyu got off the car and walked towards Tai Qing. His white robe fluttered in the wind, giving him the natural elegance of a cultivator.

When they were ten feet away, the two blue-clothed youths immediately stood up and went up to greet them.

"Senior, welcome to the First Monastery. My master has been waiting for you for quite some time." The blue-clothed youth on the left saluted.

Jian Xingyu was stunned. Aha, knowing that I've come is really amazing. He had often seen these scenes when he was young in the Celestial Realm and legends that no one else had ever told him. There must be a profound mystery behind it, their master's cultivation must be quite high as well.

Jian Xingyu smiled, "Thank you, both of you. Lead the way." He then took out two jade bottles and gifted it to them. The two of them took it and uncorked it, and a burst of Spirit Pill fragrance assaulted their nostrils, causing them to feel extremely comfortable. This was the Superior Grade Spirit Pill that the two of them broke through to the Foundation Establishment Stage.

To be able to receive such benefits from this senior, Master has treated us quite well. Although this senior is a bit young, he is also truly a generous senior. The two of them became even more respectful and intimate with Jian Xingyu. Along the way, they introduced him to many stories and stories about the One Monastery. They waited until Jian Xingyu reached his destination before bowing and leaving.

Seeing the happy figures of the two leaving, Jian Xingyu smiled faintly. He hadn't been this happy in a long time.

Shaking his head, he dispelled the mist in his eyes and entered the pavilion. He looked at the tea Spirit Fruit and did not care about whether the master invited it or not. Since it was placed here to entertain him, there was no need to be courteous anymore.

Thinking that, he started brewing some good tea and savored a few of the various Spirit Fruit s on the plate.

Absorbing the spiritual energy of Spirit Fruit s? No, that would lose the taste of the tea and fresh fruit, so Jian Xingyu didn't waste any time to refine the spiritual energy in his body and let it swim or disperse. Enjoy the taste and mood first.

The nature of tea was clear, the Spirit Fruit was sweet and sour, and it also made Jian Xingyu think of the concept of entering the signboard of the Supreme One Monastery. It was actually so similar. This feeling of being elusive, yet unfathomable, was extremely unpleasant. Zhang Xuan decided to put it down. However, he was unable to suppress the desire in his heart and continued to search for it.

He willed his will to follow the sword concept, one move at a time, completely in the state of nature. He willed his consciousness to fade away, no longer dancing the sword, but the intent to dance followed his will and sword intent.

He was like a fairy, a fan of dancing clouds and mist.

"Wonderful!" "How wonderful!" Jian Xingyu laughed out loud. Some of the sword moves he used in the past had naturally opened up at this moment, and his cultivation level had also risen to a whole new level.

Every move from the Spirit Sword did not contain any spirit energy or true essence. The sword danced like a crescent moon and it looked very natural. Wonderful! "How wonderful!" A blue robed daoist held a horsetail whisk in his hand as his long beard fluttered in the wind. His demeanor was elegant and refined as he stood in the distance and praised, "Fellow Taoist's sword art is so mysterious, so natural, so beautiful!"

The《 Bright Moon Sword Canon》 had 32 moves, and each of the six moves were closed. Jian Xingyu kept his sword and smiled to the Taoist, "Thank you Fellow Taoist as well."

"Hahaha, you're welcome. You're welcome. I'm Zhen Xuanzi. Fellow Taoist, please sit down and we will talk. "

"Zi Skywhite, please!"

The two of them sat down and Zhen Xuanzi poured a cup of tea for Jian Xingyu, "This tea is the collection of my junior brother Zhen Xian, and I only managed to get some of the honorable guests today. Speaking of which, I am the one who has taken over Fellow Taoist."

"Hur hur."

"Senior!" Where's my tea!? " From far away, a person had arrived following the scent of tea. His hair was covered in green grass, his cloth shoes were stained with mud, and he was wearing a coarse blue daoist robe. He looked just like a Daoist that had just finished his work in the countryside.

"Aiya! My tea, Senior Brother you!? " The Daoist man was immediately angered, and when he saw Jian Xingyu standing to the side, he said, "So there's an important guest. I'm sorry, but my senior brother stole my tea because he had something to do."

Jian Xingyu laughed apologetically as he glared angrily at Zhen Xuanzi. He repeated himself several times and the three of them burst out laughing.

"This is my junior apprentice-brother, true idler."

"There's no need for you to explain. Back then, Master saw that I enjoyed handling flowers and plants. Firstly, it was not because of alchemy, and secondly, he was lazy to practice Tao techniques. That's why he gave me a casual word." "Although my fellow brothers often laugh at me, this calligraphy is really my favorite."

Her true nature had always been liked by the eccentric Sword Cultivator.

"I also have some good tea. Jadeite Immortal Tea, both Fellow Taoist give it a try." This Jadeite Immortal Tea was not cultivated and collected by a single person in the past. It was a genuine tea in the middle of an immortal grade item, and its subtleties were hard to describe.

Seeing that the two who were immersed in the Jadeite Immortal Tea had finally woken up, their cultivation level soared and their face revealed joy: "Thank you Fellow Taoist."

"It's just a formality. Let's return to the main topic at hand. I've come here for the ancient teleportation circle to see if I can fix it and leave this place. "

Zhen Xuanzi glanced at Zhen Xian Zi, and Zhen Xian Zi stared back, "This has nothing to do with me, stop looking at me. "Right, Brother Hao Bai, do you have any more, that …"

Jian Xingyu smiled and took out three jade boxes. Inside the boxes, there were three jade-green tea seedlings.

"I'll give it to you."

"How?" Zhen Xuanzi was aware that this jade-green tea tree was a genuine item.

"Ah!" Baby. "Since you've already given it to me, you are not allowed to go back on your words. You are not allowed to go back on your words!" Rakshasi grabbed the three jade boxes and disappeared in front of everyone. Jian Xingyu smiled embarrassedly.

"This junior of mine, Fellow Taoist must be joking. The ancient teleportation circle is in the forbidden grounds of our sect, Fellow Taoist, please follow me. "

"It's fine, please."

Along the way, the disciples of the audience saw the Sect Leader and the white-clothed youth conversing side by side. They couldn't help but be envious of them; this youth was so young, yet he was able to walk at the same cultivation level as the Sect Leader.

The comparison of people to each other was infuriating. However, a monstrous character who surpassed unfathomable levels of power could only cause people to look up in admiration.

On this point, the disciples of the Great Firmament Chapter naturally gained a deeper understanding. Their cultivation was normal as usual, and they did not worry about other matters.

The forest breeze blew gently. There were no fallen leaves on the stone steps. The sound of bamboo leaves rustling filled the air. A spirit bird was playing with a human.

After several array formations, they finally arrived in front of a huge stone forest.

"Fellow Taoist, you should be careful here. This large stone forest array was the thirteen illusionary killing array that the founder of our sect had set up. The four illusions, three symbols, and the thirteen transformations all combined into one. Once caught in the array, it would be extremely difficult to find the only way out. Our sect once had an ancestor of the Spirit Separating Stage who fell within. "

Jian Xingyu nodded.

"Enter the array. Fellow Taoist, be careful. Follow my footwork."

Zhen Xuanzi and Jian Xingyu entered the array in a flash. Every forty-nine steps, Zhen Xuanzi would stop and take out the Array Splitter to check the direction and position. At the same time, he would mumble something, roughly calculating something.

"This way." He pointed in a direction with his finger and carried on walking with Jian Xingyu.

The Array Divider was a new instrument developed ten thousand years ago by a great array master with the combination of the Eight Trigrams Compass, the Spirit Measuring Compass, the Formation Orb, and the Positioning Device. It also increased the accuracy and practicality of the instrument.

The stone forest was shrouded in mist, and in the distance, there would occasionally be beautiful and smiling figures. Occasionally, there would be a spirit beast flashing by, or there would be a spirit grass or lingzhi root growing within.

After another ten miles, the two of them suddenly entered an ancient town. The people of the ancient town came and went, and they all wore all kinds of headscarves. They were all wearing large clothing, and they were no different from the people of ancient times. The peddlers on both sides of the street shouted in unison. There were actually demonic beasts in the crowd that came and went, and there were even demon fox beauties who threw dazzled eyes of enchantment at the two of them.

Seeing this, Jian Xingyu frowned.

When the fox beauty saw that the two of them were not moving, she glared and retreated in embarrassment.

"Not good, we've fallen into a formation." Zhen Xuanzi continuously checked and calculated the direction of the array, but he didn't see any direction that the array splitter could point to.

"Two immortal masters!" Do you need this old man's help? " An old man ran over and pulled Jian Xingyu's sleeve.

"Don't talk to him." Zhen Xuanzi immediately transmitted his voice.

Eh? Jian Xingyu looked at the old man in confusion and didn't say a word.

The old man asked several times, but Jian Xingyu still didn't say anything. The old man couldn't help but say, "This young man is really rude." He said angrily and left.

"Brother, save me! Brother, save me! " The 12-13 year old little girl collapsed on the street, blood gushing out from her severed hand, forming a huge pool of blood. The tanned, short-sleeved man held a dagger in his hand, kicking the girl while cursing her.

Zhen Xuanzi turned a blind eye to Jian Xingyu and quickly pulled him away.

"Here, don't say a word. Ignore everyone, these are all illusions. Once we are implicated by these illusions, we will be implicated in the cause and effect of these illusions. "

"Got it." Jian Xingyu nodded and replied.

Unfortunately, the heavens did not obey. An old woman suddenly rushed over and fell in front of Jian Xingyu. Fresh blood flowed out of her mouth and she was twitching uncontrollably.

"Murder!" "Murder!" People on the street exclaimed. Almost at the same time, the people on the street surrounded Zhen Xuanzi and Jian Xingyu.

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