Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C19 Stone Forest Magic Killing Array
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Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C19 Stone Forest Magic Killing Array
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C19 Stone Forest Magic Killing Array

The power of the masses is immense, whether illusory or real.

Facing the layers and layers of light pressure formed by his gaze, Jian Xingyu felt extremely uncomfortable. Threads of sword intent left his body, surrounding him with the pressure of the sword. However, the commoners only paused for a moment before breaking through and continuing forward.

Eh? Not good! Jian Xingyu's body emitted a bright light, turning into a bright moon and carrying Zhen Xuanzi into the sky. Several strange airflows flew over, and Haoyue continuously dodged them.

Helpless, more and more strange air currents appeared, and Haoyue's radiance greatly increased, as countless sword energy fused with the moonlight to meet the strange air currents. After bursts of explosions, the flow of strange air kept increasing, becoming more and more rapid. Haoyue's light suddenly increased greatly, exploding again and again, and Haoyue disappeared. In the sky, not a single person could be seen, as if he was completely engulfed by this strange air.

When the people on the ground saw this scene, the dead, the wounded, or even the ones crying, all looked up at the sky, revealed an evil smile, and then disappeared one by one.

Thus, the entire town became empty, quiet, almost void.

There were stalls, there were goods, but no merchants or passers-by; there were carriages, but no drivers or passengers; there were beautiful clothes, but no one came to admire them; the food was still warm, but no one was there.

The blood was no longer there, the pool of blood had disappeared, and the noise seemed to only exist in his dreams.

It was a silent little town.

After a while, the little town also gradually disappeared into the distance.

A full moon suddenly appeared in the sky, and as the light dissipated, Jian Xingyu and Zhen Xuanzi appeared.

After wiping away the blood from the corner of his mouth, Jian Xingyu smiled awkwardly, "This formation is so powerful." He took out a few Spirit Pill s and consumed them to temporarily regulate his breathing while Wu Tie guarded his left and right side.

The surroundings had become a flat land, filled with a vast expanse of fragrant grass that stretched as far as the eye could see. A hundred flowers adorned its surface, shining like the stars in the sky.

The eagle flew across the clouds with its sharp eyes. It nearly pierced through the two men's protective qi.

Haoyue glinted, and a trace of white sword qi assaulted back, piercing the male eagle. The eagle let out a wail, and flesh and blood were sent flying. As it fell, all of it disintegrated into a weird void of spiritual energy.

Several more sword Qis cut into the ground. With a few "pu pu" sounds, a few strange black streams of air came out from the ground, turned into strange spiritual energy, and disappeared.

"Just what is this?"

Zhen Xuanzi formed a hand seal and scattered a few strands of spiritual energy, "Little Brother, this is about 13 strands of Yin Qi. It is very difficult to absorb the spiritual energy from a cultivator's Nascent Soul."

Thirteen Yin Qi was the strange spirit energy formed when the Thirteen Illusionary Killing Array in the stone forest had been in operation for thousands of years. It was considered yin within the yin, and Jian Xingyu's Bright Moon Sword Qi was the yang within the yin, just right for it. Although Zhen Xuanzi had Late Period of the Nascent Infant Stage, it was difficult for him to fully utilize his cultivation in this strange spiritual energy, and he was restrained everywhere. If that was the case, he would have to rely on Jian Xingyu again, suddenly upgrading from Fellow Taoist to Brother Er, regardless of whether Jian Xingyu was willing or not.

More and more streams of black gas started to form into various kinds of strange beasts, which started to attack Shi Mu from all sides.

After resisting for an unknown period of time, the primeval essence in Jian Xingyu's body started to dissipate. Jian Xingyu frowned; this was going to be troublesome.

"Eh? "Sword Intent!"

"Brother Zhen Xuanzi, help me hold them off for a while, then break out of the encirclement for 30 miles to the north."

"Alright!" Zhen Xuanzi agreed without any hesitation. At the same time, he took out a black cover, "Sky Fire Barrier!"

The [Sky Fire Barrier] expanded with the wind. Countless dark red flames covered the [Sky Fire Barrier], blocking the black Qi flow's attack.

After a while, he immediately threw a pill into his mouth to replenish his spiritual energy. It seemed that this Heavenly Fire Barrier was really not simple, or else he would not let a great cultivator rely on the pill for support.

"Bro Hao Bai, how much longer do we have left?"

As soon as Zhen Xuanzi opened his mouth to speak, the Sky Fire Mantle trembled, revealing a short gap. A few streams of gray gas rushed in, shocking Zhen Xuanzi. He formed a few hand signs to defend himself and exploded, causing the grey gas to dissipate and making Zhen Xuanzi's shield slightly thinner. After the scare, Zhen Xuanzi did not dare to get distracted anymore. He focused all of his attention on controlling the Sky Fire Barrier to defend.

The Argent White Sword slowly grew out from Jian Xingyu's right palm. With a "Zheng", the Spirit Sword flew out from his back and held it in his left hand.

"Fit!" The Argent White Sword s fused with the Spirit Sword s, causing their bodies to sway. It seemed that this secret technique would not be of much use in the future.

"Purple Qi Shift, Qianxing Movement, Phantom Sword of the Heavens and Earth, Autumn Frost!"

Haoyue light, crystal clear frost, sparkling flowing light, a ray of brilliance spread over a distance of 30 miles, condensing into a path, the strange air kept far away, Jian Xingyu's face turned pale.

"Quick, collect the magical equipment!"

As soon as Wu Tie released his mnemonic chant, the Skyfire Mantle was sucked into his sleeve. Jian Xingyu turned back into Haoyue, bringing Zhen Xuanzi along with him as they flew 30 miles along the path of Haoyue's brilliant frost crystal.

As soon as the flash of light stopped, the thirty miles' worth of moonlight and frost crystal road disappeared under the impact of the strange airflow.

Jian Xingyu, who was pale, revealed his figure. He grabbed at the air and a brown metal piece fell into his hand. The metal piece shot out colorful lights in all directions and flew into the horizon.

It's actually a fragment of a saint treasure. Why would it appear here?" Without time to think, he saw the black Qi around him dissipating as if it was its nemesis, as if it had met with a fierce fire. The strange Qi also disappeared, and the Hundred Beasts, Hundred Flowers, Prairie, and distant mountains all dissipated. Everything returned to normal. Jian Xingyu and Zhen Xuanzi were standing under a huge stone pillar. There were a few bones underneath the stone pillar, a few flying swords, and a few Storage Bag.

"This is the disappeared Spirit Separating Stage Ancestor, the Dao Child, I never thought that he would die here." Zhen Xuanzi looked at the dark brown identity token and lamented, "It's all thanks to Little Brother. Otherwise, I wonder what we would have done."

Jian Xingyu smiled bitterly, separated the Argent White Sword and Spirit Sword, sat down cross-legged and swallowed a few Spirit Pill, recovering on the spot. The Argent White Sword dimmed and circled Jian Xingyu endlessly, protecting Jian Xingyu while at the same time absorbing the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth to replenish his.

"Sword Cultivator is indeed extraordinary." Zhen Xuanzi praised them and put away the remains one by one. Then, he placed the rest of the remains on the other side.

Finished. He checked his condition and found that it was still alright. However, he had exhausted too much energy in using the secret technique.

Seeing that Jian Xingyu had woken up, Zhen Xuanzi's face was filled with joy, "Thank you very much, young brother. You've helped us too much to find the remains of the Dao Ancestor. Among them, there are a few lost arts. This time, our sect has recovered its former prosperity. "

"Hehe, I also have to thank elder brother for protecting me."

"These are the remnants of other ancestors. Here, I'll give them to you." "Everyone can see that. I've already gotten the remains of our sect's founder, so it's only right for me to give the rest to little brother."

"Big Bro is too polite." Jian Xingyu kept the three Spirit Sword's on the ground. "Zhong Yin", "Weixing", "Bitter Trail", these three Spirit Sword's were all top quality goods.

There were several tens of thousands of Spirit Stone among the three Storage Bag, as well as a few top grade Spirit Stone. There were thousands of rare materials, but some of them failed because they had been left unmaintained for a thousand years. There were hundreds of jade slip, there were legends and anecdotes, there were cultivation techniques and insights etc.

With a turn of his hand, a celestial ring flashed and collected all of the Spirit Stone and spirit materials. The immortal ring also disappeared without a trace.

"Let's keep walking."

Zhen Xuanzi took out the Array Splitter and continued to calculate. This time, there were no mistakes. After six hours, the two of them walked out of the Thirteen Illusionary Arrays and arrived in front of a stone door.

"Right here." Zhen Xuanzi inserted a cyan incantation into the stone door. A rumbling sound rang out and the stone door, which had not been opened for thousands of years, finally opened once again.

After entering the cave and walking for a few miles, they arrived at a stone chamber. Inside the stone chamber, there were six dilapidated transmission arrays, but they were dim and had nothing to do with each other. Fortunately, there were many dust removal beads on the ceiling of the stone chamber. The broken transmission array was not stained with even a speck of dust.

After exchanging several pearls of light, the dark stone room once again became as bright as day.

"Lil 'Bro, take a look. Maybe you have some ideas."

Jian Xingyu went up to observe for a few hours while Zhen Xuanzi studied on the side for a few hours. The name of this ancient transmission array truly wasn't fake. The thinking of the ancient people made it difficult for people to imitate it. It was hard to imagine.

If the formation diagrams of these transfer arrays appeared before the eyes of a modern cultivator and they knew a bit about formations, they would be able to tell at a glance that these transfer arrays were absolutely randomly drawn. The nodes of this set a virtual point, the nodes of this set a virtual point of nothing. There were also many other combinations of array formations that didn't even exist. The five elements of yin and yang were in chaos; it was simply unbearable.

Trouble, Jian Xingyu thought as he scratched the back of his head. He hadn't seen such a headache in a long time.

After researching for three days, he was unable to discern anything. Without any other choice, he took out the formation's explanation and looked through them one by one. Finally, he found a portion of the transfer array diagrams, and a few of them were extremely similar to the six fragments.

After researching for another half a month, he finally found some clues. After checking the ring to see if there were any materials that could mend the formation, he happily took them out and slowly added them to restore one of the ancient transportation formations.

Surprisingly, there was actually such a prodigy in the current Cultivation World. A Sword Cultivator actually had such high attainments in the Dao of formations. The incomprehensible abilities of the Sword Cultivator, who was either a genius or a freak, were still underestimated.

Actually, how could he be a genius? It was just that he had a lot of treasures in his hands, so he could imitate the formation diagram.

Unexpectedly, three days later, an ancient transportation formation was finally restored. Jian Xingyu looked at the transfer array happily. He was just one step away from activating it.

"Little brother is really a genius." Zhen Xuanzi exclaimed.

"It's not completed. It's not completed."

Jian Xingyu squatted down and inserted several high grade Spirit Stone into the stone trenches one by one. He inserted a set of incantations and a light flashed in the formation. The teleportation tool also responded.

"Success!" "It's a success!"


The joy of success, the joy from the heart, and the joy didn't last for long. With an explosive sound, the teleportation array exploded. Shards flew everywhere, and the spiritual energy that exploded at the same time shattered the nearby three dilapidated teleportation formations.

After a cloud of dust billowed, the battered Jian Xingyu helplessly looked at the battered Zhen Xuanzi and said, "Sorry for the trouble."

There were only two teleportation arrays left. After checking for a long time, he finally found out the reason. At the same time, the old formation base was already too weak and could not withstand the enormous pressure of the spiritual energy, which eventually led to the explosion of the transportation formation.

Now that he knew what the problem was, everything was resolved.

However, after half a day, another transfer array was repaired. Jian Xingyu still had a lot of materials left, so he might as well finish repairing the last transfer array.

"Aha, it's finally done." Jian Xingyu clapped his hands.

"Little Brother is a genius, the cultivators of the ancient land have all benefited from you."

"Hur hur. You're too polite. There's no mistake this time. Since the teleportation array has been repaired, it's time for me to leave. "Thank you brother for taking care of me these days."

"Bro, I'm really sorry, but I'm tired and won't be able to go back and rest for a few more days."

"No need. That's right, the Great Stone Forest Array … "

"Don't worry, little brother. I found a detailed formation diagram from the clan's jade slip. Moreover, I found out that the fall of the clan leader wasn't caused by a formation, but was caused by the destruction of the enemy's jade."

"So that's how it is. "So it's like this. Brother, farewell."

Seeing that Jian Xingyu was determined to return, Zhen Xuanzi did not keep him any longer.

The ancient transfer array was filled with spirit energy, and the boundless spirit energy gave off a great pressure. It was shocking; the wisdom of the ancient cultivators was indeed amazing.

"Brother, we'll meet again in the future!"

With a huge flash of light, Jian Xingyu's figure disappeared from the teleportation circle.

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