Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C20 The Great Change of the Holy Fan Continent
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Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C20 The Great Change of the Holy Fan Continent
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C20 The Great Change of the Holy Fan Continent

The sky and the earth were overcast. Strong gales rolled the sand and rocks. A heavy summer rain was coming.

Suddenly, a ray of light passed through the dark clouds. A young man in white appeared. It was Jian Xingyu, who had just been transferred. The pressure in the teleportation space fluctuated between great and small. By the time the teleportation ended, Jian Xingyu was already drowsy.

A bolt of lightning struck down, catching Jian Xingyu off guard as he was struck in the air and fell to the ground.

"It hurts!" Jian Xingyu screamed miserably as he got up. His whole body was scorched black and his hair stood on end. His head was like a big hedgehog. A handsome face? Aha, it's pitch black now, sorry, sorry.

Jian Xingyu glanced at the empty space angrily, "Aaah!" "He rubbed his nose, he did not expect a mid Nascent Soul stage cultivator to sneeze.

Doubtful, the heavy rain, the black drowned chicken Jian Xingyu was born.

Leaving the ancient lands could be considered as a bad luck, and it was even more fortunate. If not for those secret manuals of cultivation and those odd fragments of saint treasures, he would probably be trapped inside the Thirteen Illusionary Killing Arrays of the Stone Forest forever, just like the cultivators in the ancient lands, unless he could one day raise his Celestial Realm.

The day after Jian Xingyu left, the experts of the Gale Sect came to the Great Prairie. The Great Prairie was quite straightforward, the person entered the Thirteen Illusionary Killing Array, if they wanted someone, they had to find him.

The expert of the Gale Wind Gate didn't dare to enter the array. He had been guarding outside the array for several years, but no one came out.

Coincidentally, fortunately, Jian Xingyu finally came out.

After flying for a few kilometers, they finally confirmed that this was the Katrine Mountain Range of the Saint Mortal Continent, which was the deepest part of the mountain range that ordinary cultivators were afraid of.

The weird thing was that the entire mountain range had been cut into three parts. Two unfathomable canyons had been cut in half from the middle. The canyon was overflowing with evil Qi. All sorts of creatures that had never been seen before would flash up from time to time and busy themselves.

The aura of the great demon within the mountain range had long since disappeared, leaving everyone puzzled.

"How troublesome!" Jian Xingyu sighed and then disappeared into thin air.

"Surround the four directions! Find that human cultivator! " With a loud roar, the sound echoed in all directions.

As the black humanoid monster gave the order, the group of humanoid monsters scattered in all directions. Each of them took out a stone platform and sealed up the space within a radius of twenty miles.

Suddenly, countless black lines filled the sky. They were fast and subtle. Jian Xingyu turned into a sword and weaved through the black lines.

When the black humanoid cultivator saw that the black lines were not coming out, he became enraged and formed a seal, "My Lord! "Zhixi!" Grey Sky Network, seamless daylight! My Lord! "Zhixi!" The insect of redemption has been turned into ashes! "

A strange curse that brought along a strange black light caused the space to fluctuate for a moment. Jian Xingyu appeared after dodging a burst of black light.

With a flash of his body, a ray of light shot out, dispersing the three beams of black light.

The bright moon turned into six parts, separating them into six parts to escape.

"Stop him!" The six blue haired humanoid monsters flew out to intercept Jian Xingyu.

Secretly praising, six rays of Bright Moon Sword flew past. The six blue haired spirit beasts formed six pitch-black trident. After waving them three times, the three black lights clashed with the Bright Moon Sword light and exploded. It was a draw.

Jian Xingyu was surprised. Troublesome. These six monsters were all at the early Nascent Soul stage. However, with the support of a strange cultivation method and array formation, they were actually able to tie with him. This was truly troublesome.

Six rounds of Haoyue suddenly became one, Jian Xingyu was ready to break out of the encirclement.

"Zenith Light Flying Flower Rain!" Pure white sword flowers bloomed one after another. Flowers were falling and the moonlight was shining as it drifted down to the northeast.

The blue haired beast waved its trident again and again, and countless black lights welcomed them. The sword flowers withered, but the petals did not dissipate, and they continued to float forward, the blue haired beast instantly sensed that something was wrong, but it was too late. Countless petals, the sword flowers broke through the black light protecting his body, passing through, only to see black blood flying everywhere.

A good chance! Jian Xingyu waved his sword six times and blocked the attack. Then, he used the force of the explosion to escape to the northeast.

The nameless Spirit Sword on his back came out of its scabbard and released a rain of sword beams, pressuring everyone.

The Sword Essence in his body revolved at great speed, and as it entered the Spirit Sword's body, a bright layer of Haoyue light emitted from it.

"Void Shattering Sword!" A void sword descended. This sword move was the fifth form of the《 Immortal Sword Sect's Twelve Sword Arts》. It was extremely powerful and had extraordinary might when used to break large formations.

The illusory sword slashed onto the base of the formation at the north-east corner. It did not hear a sound, but the protective shield of the north-east array base suddenly shattered. The two blue-haired monsters guarding the base were also severely injured, and a few cracks instantly appeared as the formation operated.

The opportunity must not be lost, never lost again. Haoyue's Three Transformations rushed towards the three cracks, and at the same time, the light from Haoyue's three rounds of cracks expanded the formation even more.

"Kid!" "Look at the magical equipment!" It was the black monster that had been in the main formation. With a wild roar, a blood-red sledgehammer fell on Haoyue. Impressive, imposing, and imprisoning, Haoyue had no choice but to stop under the blood-red hammer. Ten thousand rays of Haoyue shot out, welcoming the blood-red hammer.

With several loud bangs, the blood-red hammer broke through the Bright Moon Sword's energy, smashing down towards Haoyue with the momentum of a mountain splitting.

Right at this time, Haoyue split into two, one became four, and the other became eight, fleeing in all directions.

The blood-red hammer did not know which one it should chase, so it could only retract it.

At the same time, several blue-haired monsters blocked the other two full moons. The fierce battle continuously shook the heavens and shook the earth.

Just as the monsters thought that they could stop Jian Xingyu, Haoyue's shining Argent White Sword suddenly appeared in the air, shuttling through the cracks in the formation, and Haoyue, who was encircled by everyone, also disappeared in a split-second. Only a single breath of time had passed.

"Quickly chase!" The black monster angrily made the crowd of monsters look at the white speck in the sky, but after a short moment, it disappeared.

The group of monsters were dumbstruck, and the black monster was even more furious. Not only was he broken into the base camp by the Human Clan cultivators, he was also allowed to kill a few of its subordinates.

Thinking of the cold deacons of the Hall of Law, the black-haired monster broke out in a cold sweat.

Jian Xingyu, who had escaped, cursed in his mind. Not long after he was teleported out, he was struck by lightning and was then drenched by the rainstorm. Not long after he was sent flying, he was inexplicably besieged and nearly lost his life.

Trouble, could it be that this sword immortal's life was in danger today? Jian Xingyu, who was fleeing, couldn't help but think so.

After flying for three days and one night, Jian Xingyu finally got out of Katrine. He slowed down and planned to find a city in the mortal world or a cultivator's market and find out what happened.

However, on the way, he met a few large cities near the Katrine Mountains that had become empty cities. There were no mortals, no cultivators, not even a few hundred beasts.

Within the city, the desolate wind was gloomy. It did not have the slightest trace of damage, nor did it have any trace of blood. The silence made people feel a chill in their hearts.

Ye Zichen frowned. It seemed like it was really going to be troublesome.

Finally, they found a small town with people smoking. In the middle of the town, there was a large tree under a large tree where many commoners gathered, including nobles, merchants, children, and old people. A gentleman in the middle held a paper fan in his hand as he walked back and forth elegantly, talking about something.

After the light faded away, he turned into an ordinary swordsman of the martial world. Jian Xingyu wore a bamboo hat and stood in the crowd, listening to this storyteller's story.

When he was young, he would occasionally not bring Jian Xingyu out of the mountains with him. At that time, Little Xingyu loved to run over to Mr. Liushu's place and listen to all sorts of anecdotes about the mortal world. If he couldn't find Little Xingyu, he would be able to find him at the place where the storyteller stayed.

"Speaking of which, the calamity that struck our Saint Mortal Continent was the greatest one. Not to mention the fact that the continent had split into two sides, with the Heavenly Calamity Sea in the center and the Star Sand Islands in the southeast, the ocean had disappeared and changed into land, which was called Star Sand Continent. To the northeast, there was a tsunami that surged. Several island countries had suffered greatly, and the people that survived barely talked about it. The most sorrowful of all was the fact that the countries of the South Islands had been completely swallowed up by the sea. Furthermore, two mysterious canyons have appeared in the Katrine Mountain Range in the southern region of Saint Mortal. They are named after the Kika Canyon and the Dark Demon Canyon. The moment the two monster hordes appeared, they swept across the cities around Catelyn Mountain Range and were instantly annihilated, what a pity! "

Saying that, Mr. Book drank a cup of tea, waved his fan, and continued: "When the great calamity approached, the Divine Ranked Rankers of the Glory Alliance stepped forward and fought a great battle with the Kirkat and the Dark Devil Clan for several months, in time to save millions of citizens. The poor heroes of the Glory Alliance also paid a huge price. The 1-Star Alliance's main leader, Yuan Fu, and the Kaka's general, Fis, had both perished, thus preventing the expansion of the Kka people and their hidden Devil Clan. Otherwise, I won't have such a small life here telling you all a story. "

Everyone began to laugh.

"Furthermore, the great army of the Saint Mortal City of the north is present and is stationed in various places to protect the common people of the mortal world from disasters and calamities. Alright, this is the latest news from the continent. "Let's continue with 'The Story of Excalibur'. Last time, we talked about how the orphan Excalibur found the nest of the evil peddlers and slaughtered their leader …"

"Good kill!" Everyone cheered.

Jian Xingyu left the crowd. It seemed like the great calamity had already occurred. He had originally agreed to participate in the Saint Mortal City Assembly, but because he was trapped in the primordial region, he had failed to keep his promise. However, he still had to give Saint Mortal City an explanation. Jian Xingyu really didn't like the word "broken faith".

After making up his mind, Jian Xingyu flew up with his sword and headed towards the north.

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