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C21 Three Evil Spirit Rings

Lonely ah, just like the shadow in the mirror, swaying back and forth, silent.

Handsome Young Master looked at his Master, who was fast asleep. This Adept Yuan Yuan really did not look good in bed. He didn't dare to say anything. His saliva alone formed a small lake at the head of his bed, as well as his whiskers and beard that would occasionally flutter about. It was truly a cool breeze lifting a willow tree over a blue wave. He vomited and vomited, but no one knew where his spiritual sense was located.

With such a cheap master, is this all I, Handsome Young Master, can get? The pitiful Handsome Young Masterqiang endured the signs of rebellion in his stomach, closing his eyes and starting to cultivate.

In the past few days, Handsome Young Master had been carried around by the old man like a chick, making a few rounds around the entire Saint Mortal Continent. He had even gone to the Eastern Continent, but he really didn't understand what the old man wanted to do.

Their destination this time was the newly appeared Star Sand Continent, a new continent which had undergone great changes. As long as it was a new continent, there would be many spirit veins. Spirit veins, as the name implies, were the source of spirit energy. If one was lucky, they could find a few spirit springs. Not to mention ascending in the Dao, just the cultivation base in front of his eyes required spiritual energy. This spiritual energy was like the food of the common mortal people; it was indispensable, it was a matter of life and death. It was because of this that a huge battle for the spirit vein was bound to occur.

Daoist Master Yuan, who was sleeping soundly, suddenly woke up. He rubbed his eyes and wiped away the saliva at the corner of his mouth.

"Hehe, that kid has finally appeared. Get down here!"

Jian Xingyu, who was riding a sword in the sky, was in a happy mood. He was humming a tune as he tried to figure out the origins of that piece of sacred treasure.

All of a sudden, Jian Xingyu felt his entire body being restrained. A giant hand materialized out of Yuan Qi and grabbed him, pulling him down like a meteor.

He tried his best to twitch his Sword Essence, but couldn't muster up any energy, so the Argent White Sword couldn't move either.

Troublesome. With a long sigh, Jian Xingyu didn't resist at all.

"Hehe, kid, open your eyes."

Opening his eyes, he saw the slovenly old man, Adept Tantai Yuan, squatting in front of him. His tiny eyes, messy beard, and a large amount of saliva were all stained, as well as that disgusting smell.

Jian Xingyu's first reaction was to vomit. When Taoist Master Kuang saw this scene, he patted Jian Xingyu's head in disdain.

"Kid, be more honest. To think that I would be so rude to an old man."

"Old geezer, you..." His lungs were sore and sore, and his stomach was churning. He wanted to vomit, but he couldn't.

"Forget it, I won't play with you anymore. How boring." With a shake of his body, a middle-aged Daoist Master Xu, whose sleeves were fluttering in the wind, appeared in front of Jian Xingyu.

If Handsome Young Master, who had his senses shut, were to wake up, he would definitely be surprised to see the appearance of the Madman. He would not know how to express his shock, and his expression would definitely be very wonderful.

"Don't look at me like that. I will be embarrassed." He patted Jian Xingyu's head again, regardless of whether he was willing or not, "Brat, stop staring, no matter how much more you glare, it's useless."

Jian Xingyu lowered his head helplessly. He really didn't understand what this weird old man was trying to do.

After a long discussion, Jian Xingyu came to a conclusion about this geezer: weird, lonely, and godlike narcissism.

"Kid, you should talk too." Seeing that Jian Xingyu had remained silent, "The old man finally stopped his long narration."

"Unseal my seal first."

Taoist Qi was also straightforward and directly struck a ray of clear light on Jian Xingyu's body, removing his restrictions. Jian Xingyu stretched out his feet. The feeling of not being bound was pretty good.

"Speak, old man, why are you looking for me?" He grabbed the Spirit Fruit on the table and started to eat. Jian Xingyu had not eaten since he came out of the ancient land, so seeing that there was a high quality Spirit Fruit on the table, he decided to not be polite.

"Good boy."

"Aha, thank you." After several more Spirit Fruit entered his stomach, Jian Xingyu immediately felt refreshed.



"You brat!" Adept Primordius had once more returned to his slovenly appearance, and a foul stench slowly drifted towards him.

"You, you …" Jian Xingyu quickly threw away the Spirit Fruit and covered his mouth and nose, "You should return to your previous appearance."

"Hmph. You brat, you really dare to anger me." The corner of his mouth twitched a little. Presumably, these Spirit Fruit were also extraordinary, this brat could really eat them ah, deranged Primal Daoist's heart is bleeding, it is better for him to finish the proper business quickly, "This is your investigator token, on the Saint Mortal Continent, you have the authority to mobilize the cultivators of the continent's alliance to fight against the invasion of the evil beings."

"Ah?" "Hah." Jian Xingyu received the token, the token was made from training a rare Spirit Stone, it had three ancient famous sword images carved on it, and the three words, 'Inspector', had a mysterious Heavenly Dao aura.

Scratching the back of his head, Jian Xingyu sighed dejectedly, "Big trouble!"

"Heh heh, kid, there are times when you have an honest headache. This is the mission that Skymirror gave you. There's still a lot of headaches for you later. "

Jian Xingyu had the urge to throw the token away. He seemed to have noticed the enmity. The investigator token released a golden light and cut Jian Xingyu's right hand. Blood flowed out and was absorbed by the token in a breath.

It was too late to throw the token now. With a flash of light, the Patrol Officer directly drilled into Jian Xingyu's body.

"How could this be?" Jian Xingyu made a hand sign and brandished his sword. After tossing and turning for a long time, he wanted to come up with a patrol order, but it just wouldn't come out.

Damn it, once the Argent White Sword disintegrated into nothingness, it released countless sword threads in pursuit of the Patrol Order, flanking the left and right sides, and when it saw danger, the Patrol Order would immediately flee into the vast Sea of Consciousness and hide.

After tormenting himself for a long time, Jian Xingyu let out a long sigh: "I can't think about it anymore."

"Heh heh, kid, you're busy. You don't need to go to Saint Mortal City, you can come find me if there's anything you need to do. Oh, right, I am an eccentric person, you can report my name if you want to bully me, hahaha. " As the sound of the voice faded, Adept Adept Adept Adept and Handsome Young Master both disappeared. In the sky, poor Handsome Young Master became a chicken in his hands.

After finishing the Spirit Fruit in his plate, Jian Xingyu flew towards the southeast on his sword.

There were many spirit veins in the new continent, and taking one for himself could attract many competitors. It was a good opportunity to find someone to fight with him, and he might even be able to break through his current cultivation level.

The breakthrough of Sword Cultivator was not something that could be achieved simply by meditating and sitting down.

After a few days, Jian Xingyu finally arrived at the edge of Star Sand Continent and stopped his sword aura.

Hundreds of kilometers away, the Spiritual Qi fluctuated violently. It seemed that some cultivators were fighting over some good thing. According to the fluctuations of Spiritual Qi, the cultivators fighting were all around the Aurous Core stage.

Generally speaking, Jian Xingyu had no interest in such battles. However, things that Jian Xingyu was interested in were different.

The familiar sword intent, the amiable sword intent, the fragment of the saint treasure.

With a turn of the sword light, Jian Xingyu arrived near the fight and hid himself. He had to look at everything first.

Aha, three against one, not three against one.

"Hu Wenyu, hand over the treasure. Maybe we can let you off when we think about brotherly feelings." The cultivator wearing the white jade armor had a contemptible smile on his face.

"Fang Wen Cheng, don't think that just because you've found a backer for the Immortal Shadow Sect that you're strong! If they really fight for you, I'll risk my life and drag you down with me!" As Hu Wenyu spoke, the flying sword in his hand glowed with a yellow light and once again blocked Fang Wen Cheng's flying sword attack.

The two cultivators behind Fang Wen Cheng were probably the Immortal Shadow Sect cultivators that Hu Wenyu spoke of. With their black armor, the two of them stood by the side and watched the battle with a playful expression. They did not seem to have any intentions of fighting.

However, every time Hu Wenyu wanted to gain the upper hand, the two Immortals would form spiritual incantations to interfere with Hu Wenyu's movements, causing him to once again be at a disadvantage. At the same time, he moved left and right, cutting off Hu Wenyu's escape route. It was a cat and mouse game.

The battle seemed to have persisted for a period of time. It was fortunate that Hu Wenyu had an earth attribute cultivation technique and had excellent defensive abilities among cultivators of the same cultivation level, hence his endurance.

As the saying goes, the soil is thick and gentle. However, even though Hu Wenyu had a thick shield, his temper was explosive. Every time he was at a disadvantage, he would have to scold the three of them thoroughly.

Fang Wencheng initially replied back, but since he couldn't scold Hu Wenyu, he could only attack with his life on the line. The faces of the two Immortals from the Shadow Immortal Sect had long turned grim, but they endured it and continued to play with the cats and rats.

Jian Xingyu could clearly see from the shadows that this bearded cultivator, Hu Wenyu, was really interesting. He had the fiery temper of a fire attributed cultivator despite his earth cultivation level.

Once provoked, there would only be two outcomes. The first was to attack and defend, losing the square inch, giving the enemy an opportunity to take advantage of. If it wasn't serious injury, then it would be death. If it wasn't a cultivator in body transformation, who could resist such a powerful magical attack? The other type was extremely furious. Their cultivation base and realm attacks would both be raised by several times. When the enemy was caught off guard, they would be instantly killed.

It was obvious that Fang Wen Cheng did not have the ability to end up like this. After messing around, he would be killed. If not for the help of the two cultivators behind him, he would probably have been killed by Hu Wenyu.

"Junior brother Luo, let's not play anymore. More and more cultivators are entering the Star Sand Continent, who knows what kind of trouble this might be." The cultivator standing to the north said.

"Senior brother Ling, is there really such a little hair? If we play for a while longer, would we be afraid that he would run away?"

"Treasure snatching is more important! Do it! "

The two people activated their flying sword treasures and started attacking Hu Wenyu.

"Ha, ha, ha, you two have been secretly taking advantage of each other all day and now I'm afraid of you two." Hu Wenyu was also a ruthless person. He had countless treasures and all of them exploded on their own.

This kind of behavior left Jian Xingyu secretly speechless. This middle stage Jindan Stage cultivator was really wealthy, I'm afraid he's either an inner disciple of some refining sect or a rogue cultivator from the Cultivation World. I'm afraid no other cultivator would take out so many magic treasures to get their hands on. Jian Xingyu smiled awkwardly as he touched the Spirit Sword on his back. He didn't seem to have any other magical equipment besides a flying sword.

The magical equipment self-destructing would definitely take up some of his spiritual will, and Hu Wenyu was only slightly paler than before, so he didn't have much of a problem with it. This guy had probably prepared a magic treasure that was ready to explode against the enemy.

The explosion of the magic treasure had a powerful force. The three of them were caught off guard and suffered a loss. The flying sword cracked a bit. Fang Wencheng vomited a large mouthful of blood. His primordial spirit was damaged, and it was so severely damaged that he had no choice but to retreat to the periphery to replace it. Shixiong Ling from the Shadow Immortal School and Shixiong Luo only paled a little before they turned slightly better.

"You scoundrel, to be so vicious, you have caused me to suffer in secret. This time, I will definitely pull out your tendons and skin, and let your primordial spirit be burnt under the Hellfire for a hundred years before it becomes formless!" With a fierce roar, Junior Martial Brother Luo took out another treasure. This treasure was made up of three rings of light. The three lights from the rings surrounded Hu Wenyu.

"Three Evil Rings!" Hu Wenyu's expression finally changed. He seemed to be inexplicably afraid of magic treasures. The Three Evil Spirit Ring was a purple light that turned into a divine ring, blue light that turned into a spirit ring, and green light that turned into blood ring.

"Brat, you are ruthless enough!" Hu Wenyu did not hesitate. At the same time, he took out three magical equipment and spat out a mouthful of blood, "Go!"

The three treasures welcomed the three evil light screens, and three sounds in a row, "Explode!" Explode! "Explode!"

The huge power from the Three Treasures Explosion canceled out the three light screens. The Three Evil Spirit Rings trembled. However, under Brother Luo's control, they regained their stability and three faint light screens fell towards Hu Wenyu.

Hu Wenyu bit the tip of his tongue again and spat out another mouthful of blood. He then used another three magical equipment to self-destruct.

This time, the explosion canceled out three more layers of light. Hu Wenyu was covered in blood and fell to the ground due to the explosion. Junior Luo also spat out a mouthful of blood because of this, and could no longer hold on to the true essence consumption of the Three Evil Spirit Ring. The Three Evil Spirit Ring turned back into three steel rings and fell down.

"Brother Luo!" Senior Martial Brother Ling quickly flew over, supported the unsteady Junior Martial Brother Luo, and transferred primeval essence over.

"Quick, collect the magical equipment!" Although Junior Brother Luo was heavily injured, he did not forget his treasure as he anxiously asked.

Senior Martial Brother Ling waved his hand to retrieve his magic treasure, but a cultivator wearing indigo feathered clothes, who couldn't see his cultivation, grabbed the Three Evil Spirit Ring and began to play with it, curiously looking at it.

In his arms, Junior Brother Luo spat out another mouthful of blood. His pale face turned even more ashen, and it was as if the consciousness of the Three Evil Spirit Ring had been instantly dispersed. Junior Brother Luo's Earth Essence Spirit had suffered a heavy injury.

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