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C22 Starburst

"Senior, we are disciples of the Shadow Immortal School, I am Ling Xiaoyu and this junior is Luo Xin." Junior Brother Luo Xin still has less Red Cloud Pavilion than Pavilion Lord. "

"Red Cloud Pavilion?" Jian Xingyu slightly frowned. Back then, the Red Cloud Pavilion wanted his life, then...

Not good. Ling Xiaoyu nervously held Luo Xin as he prepared to escape.

Haoyue lit up, and as soon as the sword light appeared, Ling Xiaoyu looked at Jian Xingyu in shock, "The sword …" "Cultivate!"

His head was separated from his body, blood splattered, and his two primordial spirits ran out in fear. They wanted to escape, but they screamed in fear and were torn apart by the sword energy, disappearing into nothingness.

A green light flew out from Luo Xin's body. Several sword Qis chased after him and intercepted his attack.

Jian Xingyu stretched out his hand and checked it with his soul consciousness. Then, he frowned again. The green light in his hand turned into specks of light and disappeared.

Jian Xingyu landed on the ground and picked up the Storage Bag s of the two. He took the Spirit Stone s, the materials, the pill s, the treasures, and so on. Until now, he had already obtained three fragments, but it was unknown how many more he had to collect before he could gather them all.

Jian Xingyu's appearance lasted only a few seconds before he killed the two Immortals' Core Formation Cultivators. Hu Wenyu laid on the ground with his mouth wide open in shock. Core Formation Stage Cultivator could be considered the Cultivation World's High Grade Cultivator, but compared to the Nascent Infant Stage Cultivators, the difference was so huge. Just a moment ago, he had been in a desperate situation, but in the blink of an eye, he was squished to death like an ant.

The white glow of the sword qi was so fast that Hu Wenyu couldn't help but to touch his neck. It felt a little cold, but he might not be able to clearly see the speed of the sword even if he died. Sword Cultivator was simply too terrifying, maybe this was the reason why Sword Cultivator only cultivated the sword, not treasures. With such a speed, even if he encountered a higher level existence, he would still be able to fight. Even if he failed, he would still be able to escape.

For a moment, he forgot about the existence of a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, and in his heart, he yearned to cultivate the Dao. "Becoming a Nascent Soul Cultivator, entering a higher realm, and becoming one of those legendary existences … The more determined one's heart of cultivation was, the more eager they became to pursue power.

"What's your name?" After Jian Xingyu finished collecting the spoils of the battle, he glanced at Hu Wenyu.

"Junior Hu Wenyu, Eastern Su Prefecture's Yang Dan Hu family member. This junior thanks senior for saving my life. If I have the chance in the future, I will definitely repay you. " Hu Wenyu was extremely respectful, in case he angered the senior, then the sword qi would not just be nice to look at. As for whether or not to return the favour, such a powerful Sword Cultivator would still need the help of a mere middle stage Core Formation cultivator. Thinking about this, Hu Wenyu didn't know that Jian Xingyu would actually look for him a few decades later, so Hu Wenyu paid a huge price for it.

"Which refining sect has anything to do with you?"

"Reporting to senior, our ancestor was once a deacon elder in the pavilion." The Sky Pavilion was one of the three major refining sects in the world today, and had a very important position in the world of cultivators. Its sect was located in the southern parts of the Saint Mortal Continent. During this disaster, the Sky Pavilion relied on their powerful sect's formation to save a lot of celestial treasures.

"Yes." You understand what happened today, right? "

"Junior did not see anything today."

"Mm, you can go." Jian Xingyu turned around and looked at the two corpses on the ground. He flicked his middle finger and a bright white flower of fire fell down. In the blink of an eye, the two corpses were turned into air. The grass and trees on the ground were still as before, not burned in the slightest by the flames.

Jian Xingyu waved his hand and the white flames scattered in all directions, burning all the traces left behind by the battle into nothingness. Only then did it dissipate into the air.

This method greatly surprised Hu Wenyu, who had come from smithing. The bright white flame was not a natural fire, nor was it a fire from smithing, and it was also very different from the three true flames. There was actually such a strong sword intent within the fire, which made it hard for him to tell if this was fire or sword qi.

What surprised him even more was that this senior did not cherish the flame and did not retract it from his body. Instead, he allowed it to dissipate into the air. What a waste, a huge waste! Whether it was cultivators refining pills or refining treasures, they all treated fire like life. Every time they finished refining pills, they would take it back. It had to be known how difficult it was to cultivate these flames, and how painful would the process be? Some Refining Faction disciples, because they were not satisfied with the fire in their bodies, forcefully refined some of the stronger flames. They either endured the pain of being devoured by ten thousand flames or they turned to ashes in the midst of playing with the fire.

Jian Xingyu held his chin in his hand and pondered for a few seconds. Then, he grabbed Hu Wenyu's sword and fled into the distance, disappearing into the horizon.

Not long after Jian Xingyu and Hu Wenyu had disappeared, several beams of light stopped at the location of the battle before disappearing into the distance. The fluctuation of spiritual energy just now indicated that there had been battles between the Core Formation cultivators nearby, but the traces had disappeared so cleanly, so there must have been some higher level cultivators involved. If he couldn't see any traces of it, then the cultivators he interfered with would be at the same level as him, or at a higher level. If that was the case, then it was better for him to leave this dangerous place as soon as possible.

Three days later, a red and a black streak of light stopped here.

Inside the red light was a middle-aged cultivator wearing a Dark Fire Qilin pattern, his face was thin, his eyes were gloomy and fierce, this man was the current owner of the northern Red Cloud Pavilion, his Early Period of the Spirit Separating Stage cultivation was at the level of an expert.

The other one was the expert from the Shadow Immortal School, Xiaoliang Zhongli. He was dressed in a long robe with the outline of a Shadow Unicorn. The surface of the robe was like a watery illusion. From afar, it looked as if Xiaoshong Li was actually hiding in space. The treasures worn by the Shadow Immortal Sect were indeed extraordinary. It was clear to him that Wu Zhongli had reached the level of perfection in the Early Period of the Spirit Separating Stage.

"Xin Er will die here." Both of them spoke coldly, their faces expressionless and without a trace of sadness. It was as if the one who had died was not his own son. As for why Luo Xin's surname was Luo, it was because his wife died when she gave birth to Luo Xin. Both of them used his wife's surname as their last name in memory of their wife. This was a distant story of the injury, and was also the story of Dumson's transformation from the righteous path into the demonic path. Thus, there was no need to describe it any further.

"My disciple, Ling Xiaoyu, also died here." Xiaoshong Li is not sad or happy.

"The method of destroying a corpse is very ingenious." Dazzling Spring swept his gaze in all directions, "Sword Qi."

"Sword Cultivator."

"Sword Cultivator, only a few have appeared in the Cultivation World a year ago. After the great calamity, so many Sword Cultivator have appeared. Could it be that the Sovereigns of this Star Region have changed again?"

"The Immortal Divinity of the Upper Realms isn't something we know."

"Whoever it is, my son must be avenged!" No matter who! I will make him pay an endless price! "AHH!" "Howl …

With a loud roar, its power spread in all directions. The low level cultivators thousands of miles away all felt their souls tremble as well as the terrifying killing intent in its might. They all retreated far away, taking a detour.

Just at this moment, the earth shook and the heavenly fire lightning fell. The ground under their feet caved in and several huge ravines appeared. Several mountains protruded and in the distance, sea water rushed over. In the blink of an eye, this place had become a river.

The vicissitudes of life, the power of nature, they were all revered!

At the northwest border of Star Sand Continent, black clouds surged and a baleful aura filled the sky. Amidst the clouds, the Kka Human Clan and the hidden Devil Clan army of five thousand people who had crossed over from the other world were advancing towards the Star Sand Continent in a formidable array.

"Ebasik, the last time you let that Human Clan cultivator slip into our clan's base camp and get him to flee, you must have suffered a lot. Fortunately, you have the care of the Third Elder, Lord Abacus. Otherwise, you would not have the chance to make amends now. " The bald, black-colored monster spoke to the three-pronged halberd wielding beast beside it.

"Hmph, that kid appeared out of thin air with extremely fast speed. Otherwise, I wouldn't have let him escape." What's even more hateful is that his sword Qis are a great threat to us Kaka people. To stop him, I lost five brothers. Ka Jin, if I meet him again, I will definitely not let him off! "

Ka quietly did not seem to care, "You should be careful, he can break the big space formation you have set up, he's a terrifying figure. I heard that in this world, he belongs to the extremely terrifying category, Sword Cultivator. Sword Cultivator's speed is even faster than those monsters in the Devil Clan. "

"Don't talk about those disgusting things. If it wasn't for the marshal's order, I really don't want to be together with these things."

"Lower your voice. After all, we are still an alliance." Ka silently stopped Ebasik's complaints.

Right now, our protagonist, Jian Xingyu, has taken over a decent high quality spirit vein and set up a demarcation array in a thousand miles radius, indicating that this foreign cultivator has an owner." While he was feeling pleased with himself, he didn't know that he had already been hated by the two great enemies.

In the past few months, this thousand li of land had long since been planted with flying birds. Under the irrigation of the heavens, the grass and trees were all over the land, and the ground was covered in a pleasant green color; it was extremely beautiful.

Within a thousand miles, there were hundreds of different sized mountains. Among them, six of the main peaks were above three thousand meters in height. Jian Xingyu monopolized three main peaks and named them the Floating Peak, Hao Baifeng, and Hundred Herb Peak. These three main peaks were very close, Feng Shui was also good, and there were even many Spirit Spring Springs, so this was a very good place to cultivate.

As for the other mountains, he would give them to the cultivators he could interact with. He didn't need that many, and if he couldn't protect them, he wouldn't be able to afford it. Of course, how was he supposed to get along with the cultivators who wanted to stay here? It would be best if he could have a fight with them first. There was no other way. Breaking through his own cultivation realm was more important. If he was just meditating on it painstakingly, who knew when he would be able to comprehend the advanced stage.

Jian Xingyu had once called himself Zi Haobai, and had named himself a mountain peak because of Haoyue, so this Hao Baifeng naturally became the location of his cave abode. In the belly of the mountain, there were several spacious stone rooms. There were halls, pill rooms, storerooms, and even training rooms. The cultivation room was a rare treasure. The eyes of the spirit spring and the snow-white spirit water gurgled as white mist rose. The density of spirit energy in the entire cultivation room had reached an astonishing level. Jian Xingyu looked at the opened Spirit Spring Eyes awkwardly and immediately set up a spirit locking array around him to reduce the leakage of spiritual energy.

Jian Xingyu habitually wanted to lay down the Sunset Sword Formation here, but after thinking about it for a while, he felt that it was not appropriate. Not good. This Star Sand Continent is too close to the Equator.

Intermediate Nascent Soul stage can set up formations, suitable for wood type Sword Cultivator, metal type, earth type, water type, wind type … Uh, which department do I belong to? Jian Xingyu scratched the back of his head and suddenly did not know what kind of Sword Cultivator he belonged to. This Elementary Sword Cultivator Writing is bullshit, it can't even find the corresponding information on my attributes, Jian Xingyu frowned.

"Ah ha, Mystic Skypalace Moon Flowing Light Sword Formation. With the help of the Moon Melody, the power of the Sword Formation could be increased by several times, and with the help of the moonlight, the power of the formation could be increased as well. This is really fitting for me! " Jian Xingyu was overjoyed. Aha, looks like this Beginner Sword Cultivator's Psalm is not without its merits.

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