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C23 Mr Yam

In the first battle, his opponent was an overseas cultivator.

This person was refined, with the appearance of a mister. He carried a scroll in his hand and carried a gentleman's sword on his back. His bearing was extraordinary and he was nicknamed Mr. Yunyan.

Mr. Yunyan bowed and said: "I am Mr. Yunyan, also called Mr. Yanyun, from overseas. I want to find a mountain in Fellow Taoist to open my cave abode, is it possible for Fellow Taoist?"

"Sure, sure. My name is Jian Xingyu, as long as you spar with me once, you can open up a cave here."

"Fellow Taoist, this?" Mr. Yunyan's expression did not change, but a few thoughts passed through his mind. This young man was at the great circle of the middle Nascent Soul stage. He was about the same level as himself, and his sword intent, along with his intense fighting spirit, was Sword Cultivator. Only the Sword Cultivator would be able to trigger the fighting intent of the Wu Tie Sword, so the young man in front of him would definitely want to make use of the battle to improve his comprehension. This was truly a headache, the Sword Cultivator felt helpless. The Sword Cultivator loved to fight. Only by battling endlessly would he be able to gain more insights and help himself to improve.

Mr. Yunyan's appearance was like a Mister Confucianism Sect, refined and refined. At first glance, he looked like a beast race within the Sword Cultivator, not easy to fight with. But since they were both from Sword Cultivator, and Yanyun's fighting spirit was ignited by the other party's Argent White Sword, this battle had also become his most anticipated one.

"Don't hesitate to attack. "Watch out." Jian Xingyu slowly pulled out the nameless Spirit Sword from his back, enveloping Mr. Yunyan with boundless killing intent, "Sword, Nameless!"

Mr. Yunyan knew that he had no choice but to fight. Although his expression was serious, his excitement turned into endless sword intent in the corner of his eyes. He pulled out the Superior Grade Spirit Sword from his back — the Cloud Sword of the Gentlemen.

"A gentleman comes out of the clouds, this way!"

"Please!" Jian Xingyu attacked first, sword like flowing light, blooming blue lotus flowers, faint fragrance drifting towards Mr. Yunyan.

The blue lotus flowers seemed to be floating over slowly, but in reality, as the green lotus was floating, thousands of sword Qis had already arrived in front of Mr. Yunyan.

Mr. Yunyan did not dare to be negligent. As soon as the green lotus appeared, he brandished the Eunuch Cloud Sword slightly and quickly retreated a few miles away. The myriad of sword Qis formed a curtain in front of him and as the concentrated sword Qi exploded, the green lotuses came closer.

"Swallow pass the clouds!" "Mr. Yunyan, the gentleman who was dashing out of the cloud like a goose, turned into a goose shadow and attacked back. His sword struck the azure lotus and after a few crisp sounds, it shattered into pieces.

The Blue Lotus Sword Art, the legendary "Azure Lotus Sword Art" in the Sword Cultivator. This young man actually knew the sword art, it was not simple at all, he had no choice but to make the first move, in case he suffered a huge loss.

"Fellow Taoist is paying attention, Yan Jingyun!" Mr. Yunyan warned, but the sword in his hand did not stop. Seeing the clouds gathering and the clouds moving, the huge shadow of the Yunyan's Sword locked onto Jian Xingyu.

"Good job!" Jian Xingyu praised him, "Rainfall of the Fleeting Time."

Jian Xingyu changed his sword move. His method of sword also changed from the Blue Lotus Sword Art to the Clear Wind Sword Art. Strong gales rose, startling the rain, sword energy transformed into rain, and thunder hid within the rain. Sword qi swirled in the air, shattering the soul of the flying bird.

The sword qi of heaven and earth flew around in the sky and exploded one after another. In just one breath, Jian Xingyu and Mr. Yunyan had exchanged sword attacks thousands of times. The two leaves were finally blown away by the immense power produced by the battle.

"Good sword art of the Sword Fellow Taoist!" Mr. Yunyan praised and felt his heart churn. Who the hell was this kid? The Green Lotus Sword Spell was not used in the blink of an eye and was replaced with another unknown sword Spell. The transition was so smooth and amazing.

"Fellow Taoist Yun is not bad either. "Be careful, the warm-up is over. It's time for dinner." Jian Xingyu's sword was like water, the water moved, the fluorescent moon, and the Bright Moon Sword Tactic appeared once again. The Argent White Sword flew out of his body, and the bright moonlight shone brightly. Jian Xingyu then transformed into the bright moon, radiating sword qi that hovered in the air.

"The first stance, Clear Sky's Moon Fluorescence!" The bright moon was shining brightly in the sky. A huge crescent moon was formed in the middle of Jian Xingyu's sword, "Go!"

Mr. Yunyan waited solemnly. Yanyun's sword was out of his body, the wind was howling, and his body was a thousand feet long. Yunyan was letting out a long cackling sound that shook the nine heavens. A loud shout rang out: "Jing Yan Wuying!"

The giant goose rapidly flew away, disappearing without a trace. Haoyue seemed to be having a hard time finding his target, turning into moonlight and disappearing in all directions.

Moonlight, wind, light and shadow, another round of formless battles. After a long time, Haoyue Yunyan passed by, appearing and disappearing, Jian Xingyu's figure once again appeared in the air, and Mr. Yunyan also appeared at the other end.

Not even one percent of a breath had passed before green leaves began falling from the sky. It was as if the leaves were fixed in the air. Jian Xingyu and Mr. Yunyan, who were on each side of the leaves, looked at each other.

Jian Xingyu swept his sword in all directions as his body turned invisible, "Second move, Formless Moon's Sword Shadow!"

Moon, at the very first line, the sky turned dark without any light, and this sliver of moonlight was the strongest sword qi of the invisible moon. Countless sword shadows formed a dark moon screen, hiding the sword qi of the strongest killing move, thus killing the enemy.

"Yan Xing, thousand miles away, Jade Clouds!" Mr. Yunyan no longer hesitated and released an even more powerful sword move. His body transformed into a stream of light, and the geese and moon images intersected with each other. The sword images were boundless. Clouds and mist surged between the heaven and earth, and there was no one to be seen.

Another series of explosions rang out. Jian Xingyu fell onto the ground like a meteor, creating a deep crater as he bit onto weeds, looking extremely miserable.

The green grass in the air shattered and stopped in midair for a few seconds. If it was a skilled swordsman, they would have been able to see that there were still countless sword Qis shuttling around. In the blink of an eye, the grass shattered and disappeared, leaving behind the fragrance of grass and mud.

Mr. Yunyan's blue robe was missing a section of its sleeve, and a high-quality protective suit was just half destroyed. His old face turned green and red, and the corners of his mouth twitched. It was unknown if it was because his robe was damaged, or because it was affected by Jian Xingyu's sword qi.

However, Jian Xingyu felt that the aura around Mr. Yunyan was not right and a stronger sword pressure gradually gathered. He knew that the situation was not good. This old fellow was really vicious and had hidden his strength well.

"Fellow Taoist, you're so awesome. I admit defeat, I admit defeat, you can choose a treasure land to become my cave. We'll spar again in the future, haha. "

Mr. Yunyan's mouth couldn't help but twitch when he heard Jian Xingyu call for him to stop. Just as he was prepared to teach this kid a lesson, he actually admitted defeat. Although this battle was extremely satisfying, and the pitiful Biyun Treasure Robe on his body was destroyed just like that, there was still that wave of Bright Moon Sword Qi left within the chilliness, and it truly made one feel uncomfortable.

Mr. Yunyan's expression was extremely unnatural, he still cupped his fists and bowed: "Fellow Taoist has let you win." The fierce wind around his body dissipated and he turned into a clear light, returning to his body.

Jian Xingyu jumped out of the hole and shook it, removing all the mud and weeds on his body. He took out a jade slip and gave it to Mr. Yunyan, "Fellow Taoist, please choose your own cave. The middle section indicates that Hao Baifeng is where I will stay.

Mr. Yunyan took the jade slip and looked at it, his expression slightly relaxed. He then saw Jian Xingyu deliver a jade bottle with a jade-like pill in it. Just by smelling the pill fragrance, he felt extremely comfortable, and the restlessness of the Sword Essence also quieted down. If he ingested it, this pill would definitely be of great help to his cultivation.

"Fellow Taoist is so generous, I have no choice but to take out a treasure, otherwise I would appear stingy."

Mr. Yunyan was helpless. Why? His straightforward nature allowed him to speak quickly and grandiosely, yet he didn't know what to send out. This left him with no choice but to feel embarrassed. A sword technique. This kid definitely did not lack it. He had used so many high grade sword techniques in a fight with him. It was truly amazing. Magic Treasures, they were both Sword Cultivator s. Magic Treasures were basically useless to him, so even if he had them, he would usually leave them in his spatial storage and forget to use them. pill, such a good pill, was casually given out. It could be seen that he was either rich or was proficient in alchemy. Techniques, treasures, pill, and cultivation could not be used. He could not think of anything else to give as a headache! After thinking about it, Mr. Yunyan took out a long dark brown jade box from his storage ring. The spiritual jade used to make this box was high quality Sea Soul Jade. No one could think of any other heavenly materials that needed Sea Soul Jade to preserve.

When he opened the box, he found a blue and empty Starfish Soul inside. The Starfish Soul was surrounded by flickering runes that absorbed the spiritual energy from the Sea Soul Jade and the air, nourishing the Starfish Soul.

"This is?" Jian Xingyu looked at the strange Starfish Soul and touched a corner of the Starfish Soul with his fingertips. Just what was this? To be honest, Jian Xingyu, who had been staying on the land, had never seen him before.

"Three thousand years of the Starfish's soul. From what I see, Fellow Taoist seems to be well versed in the dao of alchemy. Giving the Starfish's soul to Fellow Taoist would definitely be of great use." Mr. Yunyan smiled.

"En, alright. I will accept it." Go back and see what kind of pill you can refine, and after that you will definitely gift a portion to Fellow Taoist. "

"I still have to go and open up my cave abode. Farewell, please!"


Mr. Yunyan turned into a ray of light and headed towards an unnamed main peak.

There were many strange rocks on the main peak, and the boulders on the peak were shaped like geese rising out of the clouds. Mr. Yunyan was even more pleased when he saw this. He simply named the main peak as the 'Yunyan Peak'.

Jian Xingyu stood on the spot and kept the box back into his Universe Celestial Ring. His gaze lingered on the ring for a few seconds before a faint light flashed and the ring disappeared.

Raising his head to look at the sky, he held in his hand the cool breeze, the wind, the marks of wind, the wind sword, the goose, the Yunyan's wing, and the Yunyan's wind.

Jian Xingyu stretched out his right hand, and a bright moonlight flew out from his hand, capturing the remnant sword intent on the battlefield. The geese had left marks, the green lotuses had scattered; the geese had shocked the clouds, and the rain had stopped.

The Clear Wind Sword Technique's mind moved. Colourless sword threads appeared in the moonlight in his right hand. Without the moonlight as a background, it would be difficult to detect them. The Colourless Sword Thread swam left and right, agile and ethereal, trapping the remnant sword intent and comprehending its profoundness.

The crescent moon was shaped like a wild goose, and looked like a gentle breeze without a trace. However, the geese were tangible, the wind was scarred, the moonlight was visible, the moonlight was invisible, there was a shadow, there was a shadow … Wind, Moon, Moon, Wind, Moon, Moon, Aha! What a headache …

"Aha, the clear wind and the bright moon Wu Liangyou!" No matter how he thought about it, he could not think of many clues. Jian Xingyu had dispersed the bright moonlight in his hands. The formless sword threads and the remnant sword intent also scattered with the wind.

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