Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C24 Mystic Skypalace Lunar Flowing Light Sword Formation
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Bright Moon Sword Immortal/C24 Mystic Skypalace Lunar Flowing Light Sword Formation
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C24 Mystic Skypalace Lunar Flowing Light Sword Formation

Green fields, moonlight, misty and foggy, like a silent serenade, caressing the soul.

Jian Xingyu didn't have the time to appreciate the beautiful scenery right now. He had more important things to do, such as arranging the Mystic Skypalace Twisted Moon and Flowing Light Sword Formation. As a result, Jian Xingyu could be seen flying around in the distance. He jumped up and down, and quickly left and right.

"Cough, cough." Jian Xingyu coughed twice and threw out a stream of sword qi into the air.

I awkwardly revealed myself. "Bro, how have you been?"

"Scurry up and down? Try it? You think I'm a monkey? " Jian Xingyu's expression sunk.

"A brushstroke, a brushstroke, it's all a brushstroke. Don't you look like you're so busy?"

"Aha?" Jian Xingyu's brows twitched, "Is that true?" Haoyue lit up, and a swift sword qi appeared in front of me. I knew that things weren't going well when he raised his eyebrows. With a wave of his brush, the word "transform" appeared and a purple shadow appeared in front of me. This brat was too evil. If he stayed, he would suffer as much as before.

"You're ruthless!" Jian Xingyu glared at the empty space again.

"Treat each other courteously, haha. "Quick, set up the formation. The moonlight today is not bad."

Jian Xingyu was helpless and could only continue to lay down the array.

Setting up the formation, especially the formation to protect the mountain, was extremely troublesome and would take extremely long time, not to mention the Mystic Skyrm Moon Flowing Sword Formation that needed to be set up according to the time of the day.

Seeing Hao Yue about to reach his peak, Jian Xingyu couldn't help but speed up his calculations. The Mystical Celestial Curved Moon and Sword Formation had to first determine the location of the formation array on the planet's surface. They had to base it on geomagnetism and the flow of wind in the four seasons to calculate the approximate weather pattern of the formation point.

For example, geomagnetism needs to measure the magnetic core at both ends of the planet, and then determine the location of two magnetic dots. After calculating, Jian Xingyu quickly inserted a small black flag at each of the two points. Generally speaking, the magnetic points of a formation were located in the mountain Yin, while the mountain sun was set on its own. Then, he would use these two points to find the base point of each formation, forming a triangle with a purple flag to mark the place. These small flags were different from ordinary array flags. They were practical magic tools for testing and laying down large arrays.

After integrating the four seasons' flow of wind and weather patterns and confirming that the Sword Formation was fake, Jian Xingyu quickly planted four small flags around four o'clock.

The next step was to calculate the positions of the heavenly stars. The moon is influenced by the planets and stars, so the first thing you have to do is determine the position of your planet and draw a diagram of how the planet, your brother, and your star will flow. For example, Jian Xingyu's planet had six brothers planets and one star, so according to the distance and proximity of the planets, the six stars and one star, they had to follow the six stars and one star to determine the eight Mysterious Sky Array Points.

Holding his breath, he released his consciousness and once again carefully probed the distribution of spirit veins in the Hao Baifeng. According to the galaxy diagram that he had recorded for a long time, he set up a adjusting array point for the flow of spirit energy and put down a small yellow flag as a symbol.

With this, the first step of the Mystical Heaven Bow Moon Flowing Sword Formation was almost completed.

The moonlight was gentle and beautiful like the skin of a fairy. The full moon had finally risen into the sky. Jian Xingyu no longer hesitated and flew to the top of the mountain. Standing in the air, the Argent White Sword released a faint moonlight that revolved around Jian Xingyu's body.

He took out a cyan jade flute from his sleeves; this was one of the many immortal artifacts left behind in the Universe Celestial Rings by many people. The end of the flute was engraved with a small seal: "Green Flute, White and White".

《 Yue Qu》 was a musical manual that was recorded from《 Elementary Sword Cultivator s Speak》 and《 Mystic Skypalace Moonlight Sword Formation》. It was extremely profound and agile. However, using the first chapter of the Nine Chapters of the Green Flute 's secret technique to play the zither, the effects within were wonderful. Even if one played it for three months, it would still be difficult to express the heavenly music.

The melodious melody was ethereal and ethereal. Drunk do not know the way, forget the dream Yao pool swim. The moonlight sank to the bottom of the lake, and the sound of a phoenix melding with broken pieces of jade could be heard. One could not help but think of the poem ghost Li He's praises: "Mount Kong is a decadent cloud, Mount Kun is a shattered phoenix, hibiscus is a fragrant orchid laugh. The cold light melted in front of the gate of twelve, and the twenty-three strands of light moved the Violet Emperor. "Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuw[email protected]@ "In the place where Nuwa had refined the stone to repair the Heavens, the stone had shattered the heavens and shocked the earth as it toyed with the autumn rain."

Once the song was released, hundreds of special small flags' spiritual energy began to circulate, forming a simple and elegant picture of the moonlight. Although it was still relatively thin, a faint sword light could be seen moving about, concealing itself in the bright moonlight.

Yue Qu gradually entered her body, and many of the shortcomings of the simple Mystical Celestial Curve Moon Flowing Sword Formation that was set up with a special small flag were gradually revealed. Jian Xingyu memorized them one by one so that he could lay down a few void formation points and auxiliary formation points later to adjust the entire array.

The melody of immortality spread far and wide. Mr. Yanyun, who was also busy setting up arrays, was attracted. He was surprised by the Mystical Heaven Qu Yue Guang, and was intoxicated by the music of the immortal green flute and moon.

After a night of work, Jian Xingyu finally confirmed the adjustment points of the Sword Formation. After that, he used thirty-six high-grade Spirit Sword as the base of the formation. After three months, he had finally completed the entire Mystic Skyrm Moon Flowing Light Sword Formation.

Looking at the complete Sword Formation, Jian Xingyu smiled in his heart. He invited Mr. Yunyan to take a look and then went back into closed door training to recover.

One month later, Jian Xingyu opened his eyes and frowned. Another visitor had arrived. He didn't seem friendly at all, as he had actually broken the demarcation line.

Trouble! With a sigh, Jian Xingyu turned into a white light and flew to the border. Two miles away, there were three to five hundred people in a grandiose manner. Hm, it would be more accurate to say that there were four hundred and sixty people here. Jian Xingyu glanced again. Looking at the sect's clothing, it should be the Three Yin Sect of the evil sects.

In that case, the three people leading should be the intermediate stage Luo Zixiao, the great Late Period of the Nascent Infant Stage cultivator Duan Li Sha, and the middle stage Nascent Soul stage Feng Wu Chou.

Luo Zixiao had a long, white hair and a good goatee. He had always been proud of Luo Zixiao. Such a beautiful image had added to his righteous temperament. Although Luo Zixiao is a member of the evil faction, he still likes to be praised for his righteous image.

Duan Li Chou had long hair and a long robe. There was a long knife scar on his face. His broken face made him look even more ferocious. His cold figure seemed to be filled with killing intent.

Feng Wu Chou was handsome and elegant. He held a fan in his hand, and as he waved the fan, he happened to see the word "Universe". It seemed like this was a copy of the Cosmic Fan.

"How many of the Three Yin Sect's main peaks do you want to choose? Are you the owner of this place?" Luo Zixiao was very direct and very rude.

"Aha." Jian Xingyu smiled, and tens of thousands of Argent White Sword lights suddenly appeared and attacked the group of people. The Argent White Sword light made those with low cultivation directly narrow their eyes, and faced death.

Luo Zixiao and the other two were shocked, they were his disciples and disciples behind him, if they were to let the sword qi attack them, I am afraid that the juniors without Nascent Infant Stage would suffer a large number of deaths and injuries.

At a very close distance, there wasn't enough time for everyone to activate their magic treasures and defend against the sword-ki at an extremely high speed. Luo Zixiao, Duan Li, and Feng Wu Chou simultaneously revolved their Quintessential Essence to form a shield to block the myriad of sword Qis. Although it was only a thousandth of a breath, the pressure and threat to their lives had never been greater.

Feng Wu Chou's cultivation level was lower, but he was ambushed by a cultivator of the same cultivation level. He was momentarily caught off guard, and with the hundred sword Qis gone, his protective Qi barrier was broken, the sword qi entered his body, it was dark, cold and painful as he faked the spiritual weapon's heaven and earth fan to protect his vital parts, otherwise his physical body would have been crippled. The sword qi entered his body, corroding his meridians' origin soul. Feng Wu Chou was seriously injured.

"Third brother!" As the sword qi passed through his body, Luo Zixiao saw Feng Wu Chou's body was bleeding and on the verge of collapse. He shouted loudly as he held Feng Wu Chou.

Furthermore, they were so close to the dangerous Sword Cultivator. Although Luo Zixiao and the other two had resisted with all their might, the hundreds of disciples behind them could not take care of them all, more than thirty of them died, seventy of them were directly injured.

Only a single breath of time had passed.

"Damn it!" Luo Zixiao turned around with the intention to kill Jian Xingyu, but what he saw was an astonishing flying sword flying at extreme speed. Jian Xingyu had long since become a dot in the distant sky. The speed of the Sword Cultivator was too terrifying and too exaggerated. If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed that the speed of the Imperial Sword Technique could compare to the speed of the Nascent Soul stage flying sword. Seeing him today, that was indeed the case.

The two streaks of black light chased after the sword light, followed by the other Three Yin Sect disciples.

"Aha, I am not such an easy person to bully." My grandfather, this' 10,000 Mile Hao Yue 'consumed too much true essence, it directly consumed 30% of my true essence. I have to be careful in the future and use it, but letting the Three Yin Sect suffer such a good meal is not a loss. Outgoing stage, hehe, in front of me still cannot eat good, I will not fight you directly. "Hahaha."

Thinking of that, the Argent White Sword beneath Jian Xingyu's feet increased its speed by three levels, and after a while, it returned to the Hao Baifeng. It entered the large formation and with a flash of the jade plate in its hand, the Mysterious Heaven Burst and Moon Flowing Sword Formation activated completely, waiting for the people from the Three Yin Sects to enter the formation.

Once the Sword Formation was activated, the clouds and mist outside the Hao Baifeng gradually dimmed, and a flowing light flashed. Jian Xingyu stepped on the Argent White Sword and stood on a thin layer of clouds.

After a few breaths of time, Luo Zixiao and Duan Li had arrived outside the formation and were facing each other across the sky. Wu Tie's sword qi was simply too fast. If he were to rush over and get ambushed by this kid again, he would really be displeased.

Luo Zixiao glanced at the bloodstains on his right sleeve. Not only did he fail to protect his disciples that instant, he even sustained some injuries and lost face. Today's face, Jian Xingyu's life, he must take it all back. This brat's nascent soul would also be refined after ten thousand torments.

"Kid, why aren't you running anymore?" Luo Zixiao said gloomily.

"Aha, the two of you are guests. There is a good jade tea here, many Spirit Fruit, Fellow Taoist, do you want some? " Jian Xingyu did not answer his question. Instead, he took out a small table and placed it in front of him. There were several plates of fruits, several fresh Spirit Fruit and a jasper cup of tea. No matter how the two of them reacted, Jian Xingyu began to savor the taste of the dishes.

He was really cocky. Luo Zixiao's beautiful beard stood on end as his anger rose. Duan Li Sha roared, a blood-red evil demon blade in his hand, a thick red infernal energy like boiling lava.

"Kill!" Duan Li Sha disappeared and rushed towards Jian Xingyu. Luo Zixiao's body was covered by a black glow as he rushed towards Jian Xingyu as well.

Normally, a Nascent Soul cultivator could go up by himself, but this Sword Cultivator was different. There was a saying in the Cultivation World that for cultivators below the Nascent Soul Stage, Sword Cultivator had no chance of winning against other cultivators who were using their treasures to attack them from the front. However, after entering the Nascent Infant Stage, the Sword Cultivator relied on his powerful flesh, his speed far surpassing cultivators of the same level. Once they reached the Spirit Separating Stage, a high ranking Sword Cultivator would be even more terrifying. Under normal circumstances, as long as there were no problems, no one would be willing to offend those weird Sword Cultivator s with Nascent Infant Stage above.

Other than the speed of the Sword Cultivator's sword technique and movement technique, the main reason why cultivators did not want to provoke the Sword Cultivator was because, "They are all crazy, abnormal, crazy." This was the evaluation that the Heavenly Dao Sect's Senior, who was at the Large Success Stage, once gave his disciple about the Sword Cultivator s. This was also what Cultivation World and the righteous path of devils agreed on. It was rumored that the once flourishing Heaven Devil Sect, Sect Master accidentally broke a Mr. Sword Cultivator's flower, causing the entire Devil Dao Sect to be torn apart by this Mr. Sword Cultivator, while his Sect Master's eyebrows were shaved off by the Sword Qi, unable to grow back for a hundred years. Fortunately, he showed mercy and did not kill anyone from the Devil Dao Sect. Otherwise, the existence of the Devil Dao Sect would still be a problem. The grand master of the Heaven's Path Sect was this Mr. Sword Cultivator's good friend. Once, he asked about the reason with a smile, and Mr. Sword Cultivator said seriously, "Because I love flowers, and love them deeply."

Sword Cultivator was truly a strange being among strange beings, a strange being. The person in front of him was no exception. He could kill him as he pleased without any hesitation. It was also due to his negligence that he did not know that Jian Xingyu was a Sword Cultivator, allowing him to come so close. His unkind words allowed him to attack directly, resulting in the Three Yin Sect to suffer a heavy loss. Luo Zixiao blamed himself, he was furious!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. Luo Zixiao's killing intent increased even more within the black stream of light.

Suddenly, the nearby Jian Xingyu disappeared and the scenery around him changed. Daylight turned into night, the starry sky was vast and the moon was bright and full. Moonlight flowed, and a flowing light flashed. It was a beautiful picture of the moon.

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